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Wrath of the Lich King sells 3 million on day 1. WoW indeed as it becomes fastest selling PC game ever


Wrath of the Lich KingWorld of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King has become the best-selling PC game of all time, topping out at nearly 3 million copies sold in the first 24 hours worldwide (2.8 million is the exact number).

This, of course, proves how huge of a franchise World of Warcraft is. And how strong of a brand name Activision Blizzard have in their hands.

World of Warcraft - The Burning Crusade Expansion for PCThe previous record was held by the previous World of Warcraft Expansion Pack, World of Warcraft – The Burning Crusade which sold nearly 2.4 million copies on the day of it’s release.

“We’re grateful for the incredible support that players around the world have continued to show for World of Warcraft,” said Mike Morhaime, Blizzard’s CEO and co-founder. “Wrath of the Lich King contains some of the best content we’ve created for the game so far, and we look forward to seeing even more players log in to experience it in the days ahead.”

WoW’s subscriber base recently topped 11 million user worldwide and it looks like it’s not going to slow down anytime soon.


Sonic Rush Adventure leaderboards filling up



Sonic Rush Adventure hasn’t even officially been released on the Nintendo DS, but it appears people have already gotten their grubby mitts on the game. Not only have they been playing the game before the rest of us, they’ve also been uploading their scores to the Sonic Rush Adventure leaderboards.

A quick scan of the names reveal some people are probably Sega of Europe employees with names like SOE Plop and SOE-FRE. However, people from every major region are showing up on the leaderboards.

Looking at who’s the biggest badass who’s beaten the game and has the highest score shouldn’t surprise anyone – it’s Sonic, who beat Zone 7-2 in 36 seconds.

You can check them out here.

[Thanks for the tip, Diogo]

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New Ghost Squad screens feature training mode



With all the recent buzz surrounding Sega games getting delayed, the one game I rest assured that it will be released this holiday season is Ghost Squad, Sega’s first Wii shooter. That’s because AM2 only has to port the arcade build over to the Wii.

Not only will Ghost Squad have two versions – a standalone game and one packaged with the Wii Zapper, but it will also feature a training mode shown in these newly released screens.

070908ghost2.jpg 070908ghost3.jpg 070908ghost4.jpg

070908ghost5.jpg 070908ghost6.jpg 070908ghost7.jpg


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Sega Nerdcast 11: The Long Awaited Return



Holy crap, we’re back in action! But I gotta say, our time off has apparently done us good, because I honestly think this is the best show yet. Another Sega Nerdcast featuring your favorite Sega Nerds editors chatting about the most recent Sega happenings, which I’m sure you’re all dying to hear.

In this week’s episode, Nathan goes into detail about his trip to the Petroglyph studios where Sega Nerds was one of only a handful of sites from the United States to get invited, Graham talks about his HD discovery and I give some earth-shattering news that will shake the foundations of life as we now know it.

We also announced our winner from the Sound Byte in the Sega Nerdcast 10. Congrats to Rohan Black, you guessed that the sound clip was from Jet Set Radio, and you were right! You’re now the winner of a copy of Crush!

But in this episode, we’re upping the stakes! We’re giving away a brand-spanking new Locationfree Player to whomever can guess this week’s Sound Byte. If you have the cojones, enter.

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Be sure to click the jump to read the show notes to find out more about the Nerdcast!


The Sega Nerdcast hosts:
Chris assigned to Guam: Read my articles | Myspace
Graham assigned to England: Read his articles | Myspace
Nathan assigned to Texas: Read his articles | Personal blog

Show notes:

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Review: Alien Syndrome (PSP)



First off, let me apologize for this ridiculously late review. It seems the U.S. Air Force doesn’t quite share in the importance of Sega Nerds that we do as they sent me to South Korea for the last several weeks. I can’t reveal what I did there since it’s super secret Air Force stuff, but I’ll make sure to shed a little light during next week’s Nerdcast.

Now with that out of the way, let’s finally get on with this damn review.

As you may or may not know, Alien Syndrome is a remake of the classic ’80s coin-op. Released on the PSP in July, Alien Syndrome is yet another classic title that Sega’s handed the reigns to a small-time developer; this time it’s Totally Games’ turn. Poised with such a mighty task, do the little guys come through?

I’m not quite sure where to begin in this review. I equate it to when you were a kid and you had to clean your messy ass room – it was so damn dirty that you didn’t know what the hell to clean first. Yeah, Alien Syndrome isn’t the pinnacle of Sega gaming, let’s just get that out there.

But because this review is so tardy, I’ll do away with the pleasantries. Chances are, you’ve already read all the basic details from other sites that have reviewed it already anyway.

Instead, I’m going to just tell you what I liked and disliked about the game. Sadly, there are a few more negatives than positives.


First off, I’ll start with the bad news
- Alien Syndrome doesn’t have a tagline, but if it did, I’m sure this is what it’d be – Alien Syndrome: The Game That Will Never F**king End. I mean this game makes Lord of the Rings: Return of the King seem like a 15-minute Saturday morning cartoon in comparison.

I can distinctly remember at least seven or eight times where I was sure the game would wrap up and finally end only to be met with another load screen for a new level. In total, Alien Syndrome has about 40 levels, and it’ll take you a long time to complete it.

This would normally be a good thing if you’re, ya know, having fun playing the game, but like the time I watched From Justin to Kelly, I was just ready for it to end.

- I think Totally Games wanted to make the game feel more epic, which is why they included so many levels. But because you’re basically doing the same thing in each level – getting from Point A to Point B while killing all the baddies in your way – they could have easily sliced half of the levels from the game, and it’d have been much less torturous.

They do try to vary things up from time to time by adding in new objectives like setting bombs at certain key areas or killing a set number of enemies, but this is obviously just a failed attempt for justifying more levels.

- Alien Syndrome’s storyline seems to come straight from a B-rate sci fi movie. Totally Games attempts to throw a couple twists in there, but even these are predictable and pretty lame. The only time I was ever remotely surprised was at the very last boss fight, and when you have to wait until the end of a game to get any excitement, you know you’re in trouble.

Plus, to continue on with my previous complaint about so many levels – the storyline develops so slowly throughout the game, it’d have been much more compelling to tighten everything up and pick up the pace by cutting levels and making the story develop quicker.


- Each character specialty gets about four proficiencies, which help you to further customize your character. However, once you max out these proficiencies, which I did around level 35 or so, none of the others unlock for you to upgrade. So once you reach this limit, you basically just keep gaining useless proficiency points each time you gain a level. A true waste.

- The game’s voice acting is passable, but, due to some bad programming, the sound clips never completely finish before the scene ends. So you’re forced to try quickly read the subtitles before a character stops talking.

- Totally Games had a great opportunity to create a lovable and humorous character in SCARAB (Sentient Combat and Recycling Assembly Bot). Many RPGs have these little sidekicks who join you throughout your quests, but instead of making players actually like the SCARAB, Totally Games stripped it of any personality. Chances are, you’ll completely forget that SCARAB is even around.

- The framerate is generally good throughout the game, but when more than seven or eight characters appear on screen, you’ll get some noticeable slowdown. To top it off, the game’s last battle chugged along at a snail’s pace, making it almost impossible for me to do anything as enemies converged on me countless times.

- Throughout probably the first third of the game, you’ll encounter wave after wave of the same three or four enemy models with the only variance being different colors. Once you get further into the game, however, you’ll be greeted with a greater variety of enemies that can actually be pretty formidable.

- Items are given monetary value but since there’s literally no one you’ll encounter in the game who’s interested in buying any of your shit, that rating is pretty useless.


Okay, I could literally go on here all day long, but I think you guys get the gist of it. How’s about those positives now?

+ Although gamers will notice most levels look the same for the first half of the game, if you get past that huge mountain, you may actually be impressed with some pretty decent levels.

+ While some of the bosses are just larger versions of normal enemies, Alien Syndrome does pack in some pretty neat bosses from time to time. The last boss is rightfully the most impressive.

+ The controls are pretty spot on, and generally it’s pretty easy to navigate Aileen through tight tunnels or narrow ledges. Additionally, you can switch between melee and ranged weapons by pressing down on the d-pad, which is pretty handy, too.

+ Like most of the early portion of the game, the music is initially pretty rough, but once you get past that thick layer of fat, you’ll get some nice tunes that really accentuates the ever growing alien threat.

+ Graphically, I’d say Alien Syndrome is decent for a PSP game. However, it fails miserably in this area on the Wii. It won’t rival Metal Gear Solid or anything, but there’s a fair amount of detail put into the level design, and I appreciate that.


+ I haven’t gotten the chance to truly experience the game’s multiplayer features, but from what little I have played, it seems pretty interesting. It’s definitely a good way for Totally Games to extend the life of the game. Who knows, maybe it’ll be more fun to play this game with a friend. I guess it could make the “experience” a little more bearable.

+ Lastly, I’d have to give Alien Syndrome some props for sporting a Crush ad on the back of its manual. At least the game is finally getting some marketing.

In the end, Alien Syndrome just doesn’t live up to what I expect from Sega. With releases like this, I hope Sega realizes that getting small but cheap development teams to revamp an old-school franchise isn’t necessarily the answer.

Sega, you made these games. You are the ones who created what we loved, so it’s your responsibility to ensure these classics get the special treatment they deserve.

Alien Syndrome tries to do so many things right but it fails at just about all of them. With a little more time, I suppose it could have been made into a decent title, but in its current state, I wouldn’t suggest anyone to pick it up.


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New Golden Compass screens released



Sega has recently let slip a few new The Golden Compass gameplay screens for the PS3 and Wii. Apparently, judging from these images, you’ll be able to snowboard on a tree with an armored polar bear.

Wow, now I can cross that off my list of “things to do before I die.”

One thing you can notice, though, in the images with Lyra climbing the fence, there is a stark difference between the PS3 and Wii, from a graphical standpoint. Of course, this is to be expected, but I still thought it was interesting to see screens of the same game from the same viewpoint on the Wii and PS3.

Check out the images below in their original resolution.


070803golps32.jpg 070803golps33.jpg


070803golwii1.jpg 070803golwii2.jpg 070803golwii3.jpg


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Sega opens Mario and Sonic site



The official site for Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games has just gone live. At the site, you can see screenshots, the infamous gameplay trailer that Nathan loved so much, game information and chat on Sega’s official forums. Whoa, it’s almost like Sega’s trying to offer you everything we are!

However, there is one tidbit in the game information section that I can’t recall ever hearing before. Apparently, there will be “unlockable stages where familiar items from the world of Mario and Sonic enhance the challenge of each unique event.”

Hmmm, interesting. So I guess where you’d normally have a nice, clean track, you will be able to lay pipes with fire spitting plants, spiked pits and walking crabs.

Check out the site here.

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Unlock harder difficulty modes in Alien Syndrome


937289_82864_front.jpgWhile we’re still waiting on our Alien Syndrome review copies at Sega Nerds HQ, I’m sure everyone else is having the time of their lives with Sega’s alien shoot ‘em up.

But if you’ve already played and beaten the game and are looking for something else to do, I have some good news for you – by beating the game on a difficulty level, it will unlock the next harder level.

  • Unlock Extra Difficulties: Beat the game on the difficulty that corresponds with the unlockable difficulty in order to open it.
  • Unlock Expert Difficulty: Beat the game on Hard Difficulty.
  • Unlock Hard Difficulty: Beat the game on Normal Difficulty.

I know these are kinda lame considering most games come with these options from the get go, but hey, it’s better than nothing, right? Or is it?

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Sega releases latest Crazy Taxi trailer


With Crazy Taxi: Fare Wars releasing on the PSP Aug. 7, I’m pretty sure everything you see in this clip is from the final version. The graphics look pretty good, but there is some noticeable pop-ups at times, which may or may not matter to most of you.

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Xbox 360 passes 8 million sold worldwide



According to Nexgenwars, the Xbox 360 has sold over 8 million consoles worldwide. Just shy of the 10 million sold by the end of the year goal announced by Microsoft. Whether or not we can trust the numbers by Nexgenwars is at question also. Will they make it or will the warm reception of the Wii impact there potential sales?

One thing is certain, jumping through hoops or waiting in a line for endless hours to get a PlayStation 3 or a Wii isn’t what the average consumer is willing to do for a video game machine when they see that shiny white 360 display staring them in the face with an established library. After it’s all said and done availability not Gears of War will ultimately be the killer app.


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