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MTV expanding into the virtual world space


MTV Online World
MTV will be expanding it’s growing video game empire with an all new “virtual world” game . . . or “multi-user 3D online world” to use their term.

10Tacle Studios is the developer and the hub world (not yet named) will be full of various mini-games you can play, presumably either alone or with groups of friends (though how many is still up in the air). MTV will be guiding the overall look and feel of the online space and it will contain the standard communication and gaming services that you’d come to expect in an online world, with the addition of archived music videos and other programs that only the MTV empire could provide.

Starting in 2008, the multi-user 3D online world will give Internet users access to, among other things, the classic content offered by the MTV Group, while offering a large number of online games. 10TACLE STUDIOS AG, a European developer and videogame producer, will handle the technical implementation and operation of the multi-user 3D online world. MTV, whose popular content is available on all platforms relevant to its target groups, such as TV, online, broadband and mobile, will be responsible for target group communication and the editorial preparation of the content.”

Sounds like an interesting experiment, hopefully MTV can nail it down cause it sounds like it could be pretty cool. — Via Kotaku

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Top 10 Online Virtual Worlds


The world of online virtual worlds (bad pun intended) keeps growing and growing. Some of them are extremely popular and well-known (such as World of Warcraft and Second Life) but there are a plethora of others, both new and old (some very old, like 90’s old) for users to discover.

In this list (who doesn’t love lists?) they take a look at the Top 10 Online Virtual Worlds (note that only one of these is a true actual “game” as in MMORPG).

1. Second Life - Internet virtual world started in 1999 and run by Linden Labs. There is no better place to create buy and sell products. The recent introduction of voice chat has helped stave off complaints on performance issues.

2. World of Warcraft - Multiplayer online roleplaying game created by Blizzard Entertainment in 2001. One of the most popular online games and the highest paid subscriber base. Leveling up is the ultimate goal. There has been a crackdown on trying to make money with this game by selling gold, characters, items, etc.

3. Kaneva - 2D and 3D social networking and virtual world created by Kaneva, Inc 2004. Quickly gaining popularity for game developers. Easily combine video, social networks, and 2D.

4. There - MTV Networks run Laguna Beach Style virtual world created by There Inc. in 2001

5. Active Worlds - Virtual Reality 3D World created by Active Worlds in 1997.

6. Meet Me - Opening in December this Japanese version will have excellent graphics. Created by Transcosmos, Inc. It will be based on Tokyo Japan and will be G rated with many rules such as no flying.
Meet Me Virtual World screenshot

7. My World - Secret Google Second Life Killer being tested by students at Arizona State University. Will integrate with all of Google’s other services making this the most useful of all the online virtual 3d Worlds. Alas it isn’t available yet.
My World Screenshot

8. HiPiHi - Developed in China and heavily censored by the government.
HiPiHi Screenshot - Chinese Virtual World

9. A World of My Own - Created by Sir Richard Branson with Virgin Games owning a 20 percent stake. Dedicated entirely to games and gamers.

10. Moove - German based virtual world created in 1994. Emphasis on 3d Chat and dating. Based on rooms instead of worlds.
Moove Screenshot — Via Second Life Update

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