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Tom Clancy’s EndWar review video


Tom Clancy's EndWar for PS32011 - 2014. The world enjoys an unprecedented era of peace as enhanced defense technology eliminates the threat of nuclear war. But can it last? 2020. Constant depletion of resources has international tensions at a breaking point. One spark will ignite what no one thought could happen… a third and final world war.

In Tom Clancy’s EndWar players represent one of three national armies (U.S. Russia or Europe) and participate in massive multiplayer battles. EndWar can be played almost entirely by voice command and also features a customizable army, as well as the ability to fight in various battlefields and cities around the world. Explore a full-scale land war between superpowers. While the narrative engrosses you in a massive global conflict, with battles taking place in American and European heartlands, on 40 real-life recognizable battlefields including Washington D.C., Paris and Moscow.

The latest Tom Clancy game executes a killer strategy that demands attention. Find out in this EndWar video review.

Game features include:
* Strategy for the next generation: Led by creative director Michael de Plater (Rome Total War), EndWar promises to redefine strategy gaming. Designed for next-gen consoles EndWar creates a theatre of war, immersing you in the drama of World War III in a way you never thought possible.
* Fight For Your Nation: Pick a side US, Europe, Russia - the fate of the world is in your hands. If you don’t step in to save your homeland, who will?
* Command Your Army: Grow your army into the most powerful force on the planet. Your army is completely customizable, and experience breeds strength - your units grow more powerful with every campaign you fight.
* Light Up The City of Lights: Tom Clancy’s World War III won’t be won by capturing remote deserts or grasslands but by striking countries in the heart. Paris, Moscow, Washington D.C. will all erupt in flames as you battle your way through the fully destructive playground.
* A Whole New Kind of Massive: EndWar is an online multiplayer experience unlike anything you’ve ever encountered. 16 player matchups? Try hundreds. 30 minute battles? Try persistent matchups lasting for months at a time. This isn’t a skirmish, it’s World War III.
* Talk Your Way to Victory: Put the controller aside and start shouting commands. EndWar can be played almost entirely via voice command.

To quote the GT video review: “EndWar is a polished, innovative game that does a great job pairing its impressive voice command feature with a focused, fast-paced design. It doesn’t flat-out require that you talk to your game system, but it does reward you for trying out a new way to play. The game essentially plays the same whether online or not, but the number of strategies and counter-strategies gives the game legs. EndWar is console strategy done uniquely, and done right.”

Story — 7.2
Design — 9.5
Gameplay — 9.1
Presentation — 8.8
Overall — 9.0

Tom Clancy’s EndWar coming to Nintendo DS


Ubisoft has confirmed in an interview with that the highly anticipated, Tom Clancy’s EndWar is currently being developed for both the Nintendo DS, and PSP handhelds.

Each campaign will boast 30 ’scenarios’, with conflict taking place in famous locales like London and Paris. You’ll be able to create your own missions for two-player games, if you wish, or play one of the existing missions.

The handheld adaptation of the 360, PS3, and PC versions of EndWar are being handled by Funatics. The interview goes on to confirm three different campaigns (US, Russia, Europe), over 20 different units per nation, and a turn-based style of gameplay.

Tom Clancy’s EndWar is slated for a winter 2008 release.

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No More Heroes sequel exclusive to Wii


Goichi Suda has suplexed platform speculation for No More Heroes 2.

Some dude at GamePro is reporting No More Heroes: Desperate Struggle will be a Wii exclusive in 2010.

Suda confirmed the news at this week’s Tokyo Game Show, but he also suggested other platforms were considered, specifically the 360.

“We wanted to do it for the Xbox 360, but the Wii’s motion-controlled interface feels the best,” says Suda.

The eccentric developer self-proclaimed Suda 51 also dismissed concern over the graphics potential of Wii and the ability of the system to adequately convey the visual style of his maniacal games.

“There’s still room for the Wii’s graphics to get better and better.”

No More Heroes released in Jan. 2008. It developed a passionate following thanks to its stylish presentation and immersive gameplay. IGN recently included the game in a list of the 20 best Wii games.

It has sold about 350,000 copies worldwide, according to VGChartz.

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Nintendo holds Charity Event for Starlight Foundation


What is the best thing that can happen on a slow rainy day in New York City? How about a charity event, decked out with the latest upcoming games for the Wii and the Nintendo DS at the Nintendo World Store in Rockefeller Center? That is exactly what happened on Friday September 12th, when Nintendo hosted a party for the Starlight Foundation a charity group determined to help lift the spirits of seriously ill children who are dealing with debilitating and depressing long term hospital stays.

Hit the jump for game impressions, pictures, and more information about the event.

The event was about raising money for the fundation through a silent auction of some somewhat rare Nitnendo accesories, as well as some bags, some rings, a signed copy of Nintendo Power and a 1,500$ electric guitar. In all the event raised a few thousand dollars and also recieved some very generous donations of special gaming centers that would be given to a hospitals around the area. Each center was fitted with a Nintendo Wii and a high definition flat screen for the kids to play with in their hospital rooms. The centers were donated by Nintendo Power, Gamecock, Konami, Ubisoft, CDV, and EA and were presented to the Starlight foundation by the publicist of Nintendo Power in sort of an impromptu press gathering during the middle of the party on the top floor of Nintendo World Store.

After all the donation and press pictures and photos the party returned back to full swing and people went back to playing some of the upcoming games for the Wii and the DS. The games featured at the event were Mushroom Men, Rayman Raving Rabbids 2, My Sims Kingdom, SimCity Creator, Elebits DS, Rock Revolution, Dance Dance Revolution Hottest Party 2 and Castlevania Judgment. Some of which I had to wait in line to play and or navigate through the party goers, like Cory from Cory in the House and Mark-Paul Gosselaar from Saved By The Bell. Enough about them though let us get straight to the games.

Rock Revolution - Konami
For a game that is suppose to be the response to Guitar Hero, and Rock Band the first thing that I noticed was odd was the game did not feature any sort of guitar peripheral nor any special add on at all. It was just a WiiMote and Nunchuck which could be used for Drums, Bass, and Guitar, which was the only instruments that I happened to notice while playing. The game features a basic streaming note GUI except it isn’t like Guitar Hero, or Rock Bands at all. The notes fall from the top of the screen down to the bottom and line up with a graphical bar. It is there that you either shake the remote the way it shows on the screen if you are playing drums, or hold down a certain button and waggle the WiiMote for it to register. Something that was actually interesting was the fact that you could jump in and join someone playing during the middle of the song, and not wait for a new song or have someone quit to a main menu. It should be noted that I couldn’t hear any of the music due to the DJ blasting a mixture of Rap and Rock throughout the party, so I don’t even know if the soundtrack was good.

Castlevania Judgment - Konami

As a hard core Castlevania fan and collector of the franchise I have to say I was very disappointed with the game play of the game. The game tries to be a fighting game but it comes off like it has no clue as to what it is actually doing. As you don’t even press buttons to attack and half to rely on waggling the remote and holding different buttons to pull of special attacks. Which seems to direcltly go against what Iga was trying to avoid as your arm will get more tired trying to flail it around to pull off a combo then actually do a normal whip combo in a game. The game was only playable with three characters Simon Belmont, Young Maria Renard, and Alucard. Each character when selected starts out with a selection of power and what sub weapon [Axe, Knife, Holy Water, and Cross] they would like to use.  The main problem with this game is the free roaming arena as you run around to avoid attacks and try to run up to your enemy to strike you seem to miss a lot. Since the game doesn’t have any type of automatically lock on which makes for frustraiting misses when trying to attack someone giving them an opening to attack you. I have to actually say that I hope Konami actually fixes this game up and that this will not be the final product otherwise I would suggest to avoid it. I’m sorry Iga, a fighting game a Castlevania does not make.

Dance Dance Revolution Hottest Party 2 - Konami

Dance Dance Revolution with Wii controls seems like a good idea until you hit the person next to you when you flail your arm to the right or left. When playing this game I accidently knocked into a server who was trying to sneak by me on the side. Lets just say it was a good thing that they were not carrying food, otherwise it would have been a mess. The game is your basic DDR game except it throws in some random steps or movements for you to do with your arms or legs. As they slowly pop up during the song in random intervals, which really tripped me up since I was used to just normal notes flying across the screen. However, if you have enough space this game could be really fun and challenging, although I can’t comment on the soundtrack since I couldn’t hear it, Thanks DJ!

Mushroom Men the Spore Wars - Gamecock

This was by far the best game at the event as a lot of people I talked to seemed to have liked it. However, the game is fun yet flawed as the camera has some very weird movement problems with the envirnment. After talking to the developer Shaun Norton about the game he said that there were a few problems with the camera due to the unique landscapes, but they were working on fixing it. Which I hope they due since this is a really fun game. Although, the Demo seemed to play pretty well with only a few problems here and there. The game plays almost like Zelda yet it really isn’t as it is more focused on jumping from place to place and collecting items to build new weapons. The story surrounding this series is split up into two game titles the first part of the story being released on the DS, and the second part on the Wii. As for connectivity between the two games I didn’t get a word on that, but I would have to say this was my favorite game out of the entire event.

Rayman Raving Rabbids 2 - Ubisoft

Rayman Raving Rabbids 2 continues with the same wacky mini games as the first one, however it is more focused around television and the themes of the channels. The Rabbids have advanced a little further in their conquest of the world and have taken over various Television channels like the MTV, Sports, or the News. So each set of mini game is set up to be played in certain ways do to this especially the sports channel. Where you can use the Wii Balance Board to actually play some of the games. Having playing the original game I would say that this one is a lot of fun to play but requires a lot more peripherals, so