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The UK seems to love a bit of Sega gaming


It seems that Sega has had quite a successful week in the UK All Formats Charts with not one, not four, but three games in the top 10.

Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games is still doing incredibly well, staying up at number 2 – beaten out by Gran Turismo 5: Prologue (much to my personal disgust – I hate the GT games).

Also despite some mixed reviews and opinions among fans/reviewers, Viking: Battle for Asgard is sitting a very respectable 7.

And just released, in Europe, is Condemned 2 – which jumps into the charts at a very cool fifth place.

But it doesn’t all end there Sega Nerds. While making the top 10 is the accolade companies like to aspire to, Sega has another 4 titles making it into the top 40.

Just outside the top 10 is Sega Superstars Tennis, hitting no. 12. Then creeping (slowly) up the charts is House of the Dead 2&3: Return at no. 17 – which was at 21 last week. At 21 we have Football Manager 2008 (Still hanging in there), then last and sort of least (in this case) we have the surprising, for me at least, appearance of Sonic and the Secret Rings!

Top 10 List:

(1) – 1 – Gran Turismo 5: Prologue SCE
(3) – 2 – Mario & Sonic At The Olympic Games SEGA
(2) – 3 – Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Vegas 2 Ubisoft
(4) – 4 – Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 Konami
(-) – 5 – Condemned 2 SEGA
(5) – 6 – Guitar Hero III: Legends Of Rock Activision
(8) – 7 – Viking: Battle For Asgard SEGA
(11) – 8 – Wii Play Nintendo
(10) – 9 – Dr Kawashima’s Brain Training Nintendo
(7) – 10 – Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Activision SCE

Let’s hope Sega can keep this trend of having several titles in the top 40 (preferably most in the top 10 though) and confirm themselves as being one of the great gaming companies once again.

(Damn, that last paragraph was almost bordering on fanboyism – Apologies)

[Source: Spong and Chart Track]

New Sonic Unleashed teaser


Well, that was… different.

Sega just released this short CGI teaser trailer for Sonic Unleashed and well… I’m still not exactly sure what to say about it. So what does it tell us? Well it confirms that Sonic will turn into an angry werewolf at night, It also hints at dodgy voice acting. Oh and it confirms Sonic has fingernails which I’m sure will be a hot topic on any Sonic forum I’ll never go to.

On the bright side, if the werewolf thing turns out to be crap at least the other half of the game looks awesome, the glass is half full.

Sega Australia offset the evil with a new Condemned 2 website


Sega Australia has created possibly one of the most disturbing websites ever.

The website has been made to help promote Condemned 2: Bloodshot. However unlike other Condemned sites, which contain dark settings, with scary monsters and brutal scenes of violence, Sega Australia has decided to go the other way and make a site using bright flowery meadows and pretty little pony’s all the colours of the rainbow. AHHH!

But seriously, this is all quite freaky really. You are treated to a pretty field with butterflies and lollipops, and “Percy the Pretty Pony.”

However the site has a darker, underlying purpose…

If you click on Percy, you are then treated to a wonderfully disturbing video (shown above), and then you play a game, whereby players need to move a large heart under the path of the ponies, as they try to jump across “the stream of smiles”, to get to a field of “heart flowers”. As you rescue the ponies they cry out “I love you!” and if you let them fall into the river, they shout out “It’s ok, I still love you!”

The game is basic, but there is a reason to the cute madness. As players help more and more ponies, and get higher scores, they unlock new items on the main page – like exclusive footage of Condemned 2 or a survey, asking how many hobos you have killed and whether you like to laugh at the finishing moves within the game.

Just by exploring the site you can find all sorts of random things, like a news article on some new Polar Bear Cubs or tickets to see Priscilla Queen of the Desert…

Check out the insanely brilliant website here.

[Source: Sega Blogs]

[Special Thanks: ShadiWulf]

Let’s go behind the scenes at Secret Level


In this fascinating behind-the-scenes video, Reeve Thompson, the vice president at Secret Level, and the rest of his team reveal some pretty interesting tidbits behind its newest title – Iron Man.

Thompson talks about Sega’s initial intentions when it purchased the once-independent company and several gameplay and design choices, most notably the fine tuning it has to do to get the flight, melee and ranged fighting down perfectly.

The more we see and hear about this game, the more I’m beginning to believe it might be one of the best licensed games to date.

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Alpha Protocol screens look sharp


Here are some nice looking screens for Sega and Obsidian’s upcoming video game, Alpha Protocol. This are the same screens that appeared in Game Informer’s April issue.

People on the forum have complained that the game looks generic. That’s a lame excuse to dismiss a game. I think the screens look nice and feature a nice amount of textures. To be honest, it has me interested, not because of the art design but because of what it promises.

[Thanks Yu Suzuki]

Hit the jump for the screens.

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See The Incredible Hulk in action


GameTrailers has the first video of developer Edge of Reality’s and publisher Sega’s upcoming The Incredible Hulk, based on the movie of the same name.

While the game is not a direct follow-up to the well-received Hulk: Ultimate Destruction, it looks to follow in the same vein of sandbox-style gameplay that is so popular in other superhero titles lately… Including another of Sega’s upcoming titles.

The game’s official site has also opened, so head on over for more info and all that fancy stuff. According to the site, Hulk will be destroying city landscape on practically every platform under the sun. Expect to see this one in stores around the same time the movie’s in theaters. (June 13 for those keeping track.)

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Condemned 2 players suffering on both platforms


Condemned 2 sound issues

Unfortunately I am not talking about “suffering” the frightening gameplay here.  It seems that Sega’s highly anticipated horror title, Condemned 2 has been experiencing a few technical issues, for both the Xbox 360 and PS3.

Firstly reports had been coming in, from various forums and gaming sites, that the Xbox 360 version was erasing save files for the game randomly.  (Though Chris who reviewed the 360 version, has not experienced this).   But now it seems the PlayStation 3 version has its own problems.

Reports coming from the Sega of America boards, speak of some sound issues, for the PS3 game.  It seems that sound is cutting out or “snapping” – predominantly on the first few levels.

This would be annoying for any game, but it is especially annoying for a game like Condemned, which uses the ambient sounds to help convey the suspense needed to make it a truly frightening experience.

A few months back, I previewed a late build (but not final version) of the PS3 version, and the sound seemed perfectly fine to me.  So I’m not sure what has gone wrong between then and the final code being released.

Sega is currently investigating the cause of the problem, but suggests that using a standard AV cable, instead of HDMI, should help for the time being.  Let’s hope that it is just a few dodgy copies that have slipped out of the factories and not thousands.

I also hope they can resolve it, and release a patch (or something), in time for the European release next month!

[Source: SoA Via Game|Life]

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Exclusive interview: Viking Battle for Asgard


Earlier this week we were lucky enough to be invited to a preview of the highly anticipated, upcoming game from The Creative Assembly, Viking: Battle for Asgard.

Held in an authentic Bavarian Beerhouse, in the heart of London, we were treated to an endless supply of beer, food and Viking battles, all served up by some very attractive (not to mention skantily-clad) German ladies.

As well as eating, drinking, staring at the barmaids and playing on the fantastic Viking game, Sega Nerds were able to grab one of the team from The Creative Assembly and coax some questions out of him regarding Battle for Asgard, and a little bit about Empire Total War.

If you are wanting to hear more about Viking: Battle for Asgard then don’t worry, we should have the full review up in the next day or two.  For now, enjoy the interview.


Valkyira Chronicles Character Profile: Largo


Sega has released another profile trailer from their new tactical RPG, Valkyria Chronicles. This time of the big hairy manly man character Largo.

Check out this guy. I’d love to fill you in on the details, but your guess is as good as mine. I don’t know any Japanese so instead of me yapping on about it, go ahead and watch the big guy do his stuff!

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Alpha Protocol Scans



We gave all you guys the details , now you will be able to read the 10 page exclusive for yourself. I have seen people knocking the character designs, so did I at first, but after seeing more screenshots of the game, I don’t mind it. It also says you can customize your agent. So it should be interesting.

The scans also include the ‘Top 10 weirdest games of all time’, like expected Sega dominated the list.

Click here to get the scans.

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