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Why recent Sonic games lost their old running ways


Sonic's Super Speed is the reason we loved him!

If you are a fan of Sonic the Hedgehog, chances are that light has been dimming with each subsequent Sonic title, from Sonic Riders to the most recent Sonic Unleashed.

But turns out that there is a clear and deliberate reason why the development team, Sonic Team, keeps on doing what they are doing to “screw” up Sonic, for lack of a better term.

And that reason is actually pretty dry and simple . . . according to them, Sonic is simply so fast that if they made the game a pure running game (like everybody wants, classic Sonic speed), he would go so fast that they would need literally an ungodly amount of “miles” of terrain for him to traverse. So much so, that they have not even attempted to try it, because it would simply TAKE TOO LONG . . .

Very interesting indeed. You can read the exact quote over at indoorheroes.

* Thanks to VGFanArt for the Sonic Superspeed Artwork

Sonic edges by Mario as UK’s favorite mascot


He’s the fastest thing alive, and apparently, he’s also the favorite.

Or so say the Brits, at least.

SEGA’s Sonic the Hedgehog edged by Nintendo’s Super Mario as the United Kingdom’s favorite video games mascot. The speedy blue blur beat the iconic Italian plumber by a three percent margin of votes.

More than 500 UK gamers were polled to mark the launch of this week’s London Games Festival.

Four of the top 10 were Nintendo mascots — Donkey Kong, Link and Pikachu were also on the list.

The full top-ten list includes, in order: Sonic the Hedgehog, Super Mario, Lara Croft, Donkey Kong, Pac-Man, Link, Max Payne, Pikachu, Niko Belic (Grand Theft Auto) and Blanka (Street Fighter).

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Wii Shop Channel Monday – Wild West Guns, Splatterhouse 2, and Sonic the Hedgehog (again)


Wild West Guns WiiWare

It looks like even Capcom, Hudson, and SNK don’t know when Nintendo will put their games out for the Virtual Console. No Mega Man today and no Ys Book I & II or Samurai Shodown II either. Instead, we get the 8-bit Master System version of Sonic The Hedgehog (which was already available in a 16-bit Genesis format) and Splatterhouse 2. What is up with the Virtual Console? At least the new WiiWare game Wild West Guns looks like a fun Zapper light gun game!

Check out the full list after the break and let us know if you’re excited about any of these titles.

Wild West Guns - WiiWare – 1,000 Wii Points
Draw your revolver to see if youre the fastest gun in the West. Adjust your speed and precision as targets or enemies appear in front of you. Point and shoot to earn more points. You can aim at anything, so be sure to explore the environment for elements that will earn you more shooting points. Identify your enemies among the characters you encounter, but dont shoot at innocent citizens. Take part in an Old West-style train attack, or challenge your skills in a variety of increasingly difficult shooting challenges in other beautiful, classic and lively Western environments. As you progress through challenges, youll earn medals and rewards, making for nonstop, addictive action. Play in a two-player multiplayer mode where you and your partner can combine points, or play against each other to find out whos the fastest gun in the West.  [Published by GameLoft]

Sonic The Hedgehog- Master System – 1991 – 500 Wii Points
Based on the original Sega Genesis version, Sonic The Hedgehog was re-created as the first Sonic game for the Sega Master System. Not just a straight port, this version includes new stages, bosses, some different zones and a level map. The most noticeable difference, however, is that the Chaos Emeralds have to be found within certain stages other than the Special Stages. Dash through six Zones (including special zones that were only available for the Sega Master System version) and face Dr. Eggman (a.k.a. Dr. Robotnik) at the end of every Zone. [Published by Sega]

SPLATTERHOUSE 2 - Genesis – 1992 – 800 Wii Points
SPLATTERHOUSE 2 is the sequel to SPLATTERHOUSE, released only on the Sega Genesis. A few months after escaping from the first mansion in SPLATTERHOUSE, the main character, Rick, once again encounters the Terror Mask and must use its powers to rescue his beloved Jennifer. Rick will need to punch, slash, smash and even chainsaw his way through a haunted mansion against unspeakable horrors and terrifying bosses to make it out alive. [Published by Namco]

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Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood website and interview give new details


Pre-order Sonic Chronicles for DSThe official website of Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood has been revamped give new details about the upcoming Bioware-developed DS game; set for fall 2008 in America and spring 2009 in Europe.

In Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood, Sonic and his friends band together to defeat a menacing new enemy in a distinctly new game that includes combat, skill, collectibles and puzzles. Player will experience the slick blend of strategy and speed with fast-paced combo battle moves, solve puzzles, avoid obstacles, and use character and party customization throughout the 20 areas, with the ability to collect and trade items via DS Wireless Communication, explains the website.

Bioware shed more light on Sonic’s new RPG at E3 2008. Watch this Sonic Chronicles director interview with Mark Darrah.

See what Green Hill looks like. Run around and enjoy the scenery in Sonic Chronicles.

The Chao Garden makes a return and enables trading.

It’s not a dream, it’s a nightmare: Wii-exclusive Sonic and the Black Knight is real


As Sonic Unleashed continues to bleed street cred with further revelations about what it will really be like (read: not good), another Sonic title was revealed by Nintendo Power that did little to help the failing, flailing mascot get back on board the bus to Cool Town.

Called Sonic and the Black Knight, the title was first shown on the cover of Nintendo Power. Sonic, clutching a giant sword and looking as desperate for a sense of direction as ever, was front and center. Today, we have confirmation from Sega that the Wii-exclusive title is coming soon. Press release (via Kotaku) after the jump, but first a word from Gary Knight, European Marketing Director, SEGA Europe:

“After the success of Sonic and the Secret Rings we’re delighted to announce a second title in the Storybook Series,” Knight said. “Following Sonic on his way to knighthood will excite players of all ages.”

I am ashamed.


A new addition to the Storybook Series of Sonic Titles

SAN FRANCISCO & LONDON (July 21, 2008) –SEGA of Europe Ltd. and SEGA® of America, Inc. today announced Sonic™ and the Black Knight, an all-new Wii-exclusive adventure. Part of the storybook series of games that began with Sonic and the Secret Rings, this new title brings Sonic into the world of Arthurian legend and offers the worlds most infamous blue hedgehog the chance to become a knight. Using the unique Wii control system, this exciting game will take advantage of both the Wii Remote and the Nunchuk to offer an interactive experience that any Sonic fans will love.

Created by Sonic Team in Japan, this innovative game takes Sonic into a medieval world and arms him with a sword to aid in his effort to save the day. Sonic and the Black Knight will provide Sonic fans with an irresistible cast of characters and teach them all what it takes to be a true hero and the ultimate knight. With a series of missions taking place in stunning Arthurian-inspired locations, Sonic and the Black Knight promises to offer a fast-paced adventure that gamers of all ages will enjoy.

“After the success of Sonic and the Secret Rings we’re delighted to announce a second title in the Storybook Series,” said Gary Knight, European Marketing Director, SEGA Europe, “Following Sonic on his way to knighthood will excite players of all ages.”

Sonic and the Black Knight, exclusively for the Wii, will be out in Spring 2009.

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Happy Birthday Sonic!


Happy Birthday Sonic

Today marks the 17th Birthday of Sonic the Hedgehog, once a bitter rival of our good pal Mario, now a good friend to him and everyone apart of Nintendo. Here at Infendo we’d like to wish our Blue Hedgehog friend a Happy Birthday and may the great good games keep coming! Let us all take a moment and wish our friend a happy birthday, and share our fondest memories of him with each other.

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First Sonic Chronicles gameplay trailer. Release date around September 30, 2008


Pre-order Sonic Chronicles for DSSonic and his friends have banded together with leading RPG developer BioWare (Mass Effect, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic) to create a stylish blend of strategy and speed for Sonic’s first RPG, Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood. The Nintendo DS game is expected to arrive in Australia on September 25th and in America & Canada on September 30th, 2008.

A new threat has emerged, and it’s up to you to save the universe from the forces of darkness. Watch how it’s done in this first Sonic Chronicles gameplay trailer.

It’s the return of Movie Trailer Voice Guy! D

New Sonic Unleashed 2.5D trailer. Release date is November 11, 2008


The upcoming Sonic Unleashed for Xbox 360, PS3, Wii and PS2 is seen by many fans as Sega Sonic Team’s return to classic console gaming. We’ll find out for certain when the game arrives on its November 11th, 2008, release date.

The new Sonic Unleashed trailer clearly shows Sonic’s return to 2.5D gaming with 3D environments seen through a 2D camera angles.

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Sonic the Hedgehog mobile game downloaded over 8 million times


Sonic the Hedgehog mobile phone game logo
SEGA Mobile, a division of SEGA Corporation, mentioned recently that its classic game Sonic the Hedgehog (mobile) has surpassed more than 8 million downloads since launching on mobile phones in North America and Europe. The video game icon has been a stellar performer since launching in early 2006. In North America, the game has enjoyed its biggest success and consistent Top Seller status on Verizon Wireless‘ V CAST service [download link].

SEGA’s mascot blazed onto mobile phones with a re-creation of the best-selling first title for the SEGA Genesis console system. Packing in all the ultra-fast action and gameplay of the original, Sonic the Hedgehog was first launched exclusively with Verizon Wireless in the U.S. Additional major carriers in North America and Europe followed, where the game remains a consistent top seller.

Sonic the Hedgehog takes players on a wild ride with the fastest blue hedgehog on earth through hair-raising loop-de-loops and dizzying dives past bubbling lava and waterfalls on a quest to gather rings and stop the evil Dr. Robotnik’s plan for world domination. “Easy”, one-thumb controls and console-like graphics round out the experience.

SEGA Mobile plans to build on the success of the Sonic brand with the introduction of three new titles in 2008, including Sonic at the Olympic Games, Sonic Spinball and Sonic the Hedgehog 2.

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Super Real Sonic the scary hedgehog


Super Real Sonic

After seeing Super Real Mario, Marcus thought a realistic Sonic should be the next famous videogame character drawn. To quote: “This time I tried to imagine how Sonic would look like if he would be a real hedgehog. The biggest challenge about this one was, that the original Sonic looks everything but realistic. He is so stylized, that it’s hard to tell if he is a hedgehog at all. This made it hard to find a middle course between the initial design and the look of a real hedgehog.”

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