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Games to miss the holiday season?


I’m am currently playing through 2K’s excellent BioShock (I’m even about to finish on survivor and earn all the trophies) and my attention turned to the sequel and I realized its one of many games getting delayed until next year or at least next fiscal year. Here’s a full run down of the big games that are no longer scheduled for the Holidays;

Fiscal year 2010 (could still make this year)
BioShock 2
Red Dead Redemption

Dead To Rights: Retribution

This should at least help you decide what to buy in the always busy Holiday period but still disappointing when games get delayed.

Singularity game revealed for PC


Singularity is a new game IP from Raven Software (of Quake 4 and Marvel: Ultimate Alliance fame). Publisher Activision revealed it’s a third-person sci-fi shooter with a story about the effects of a rift in time. In the PC (and possibly Xbox 360 and PS3) game a city has been destroyed by an experiment, with the result being that time is running forward and backward. Don’t quote me on this, but it’s being said that in the game’s ever-changing dimension zone people from the past show up as ghosts in the present and no doubt the player will have to shoot them to survive.

“I told them it was unsafe. And highly unstable.” Singularity is introduced by this teaser.

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