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White Knight Chronicles Sequel Announced



In the latest Famitsu on an article about White Knight Chronicles The 2nd Wave, the info was revealed that a sequel was in the making. “The 2nd Wave” is an add-on pack for WKC in Japan right now. There really isn’t any other information available but its good news. Now give us WKC1!

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Heroes of the Pacific sequel Heroes over Europe coming to PC, Xbox 360 and PS3 in 2009


Heroes Over Europe dog-fighting Screenshot

Atari has announced Heroes Over Europe for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC. The game is the sequel to the air combat/dogfighting prequel, Heroes of the Pacific (released for PS2, Xbox, PC and PSP in 2005) and is being developed by Red Mile Entertainment and published by Atari.

Heroes of the Pacific on PS2The game will take aspiring combat pilots into the bullet-ridden heart of major World War II European air battles in glorious dogfight-friendly high definition. Heroes over Europe follows the Allied campaign from the attacks on London to the destruction of Berlin, with players under orders to strap themselves into the authentically rendered cockpits of the campaign’s iconic aircraft. Their mission: “to survive the most ferocious dogfights ever seen in a flight combat game.”

Here is the trailer for the new game.

Key Features for Heroes Over Europe include:
* Best tactical dogfights in HD: relive the best tactical dogfights in over 40 types of ultra-realistic iconic warplanes of the era, all presented in stunning high definition graphics with realistic localized damage on aircraft;
* Meticulously rendered environments: detailed landscapes and landmarks recreated in painstaking detail including faithful representations of London and Berlin to bring war-torn World War II to life;
* Legacy of ‘Heroes’ series: new installment in the Heroes series builds on its impressive legacy with highly detailed realistic visual presentation and more online options;
* Comprehensive online gameplay: fight for the skies with 4 modes of online multiplayer action for up to 16 players;
* Downloadable content: additional downloadable content will be available from launch.

Sonic Chronicles 2 story already being written by BioWare


Sonic Chronicles 1 for DSSonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood’s Associate Producer Dorian Kieken has said in an interview that the Sonic Chronicles 2 story is already being written.

During his SavyGamer Podcast interview he talks about designing the game, music and story. Then goes on to mention that developer BioWare are already writing the story for Sonic Chronicles 2 as part of their future DS titles. Sonicstadium transcribes that Dorian explains they already have a lot of different scenarios for what will happen next and they have a good idea of where they want to go with the game.

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Army of Two 2, Battlefield Bad Company 2, Dead Space 2 sequels (and movies) in development


Army of Two for Xbox 360Bad Company for Xbox 360In an interview with EA Games label president Frank Gibeau it was revealed that there are “sequel ideas planned” for Army of Two and Battlefield: Bad Company. Variety reports that that’s as close to saying there will indeed be an Army of Two 2 (or Army of Three? perhaps) and Battlefield: Bad Company 2 as we’ll probably get until the sequels are officially announced.

In related news, Universal Pictures has acquired screen rights for an Army of Two movie, which they hope to begin production on in 2009. The Bourne Ultimatum co-writer Scott Z. Burns will write the script.

Dead Space for Xbox 360EA Redwood Shores studio GM and Dead Space executive producer Glenn Schofield, also revealed that Dead Space 2 is already in the works. EA and a publishing partner are also “talking about [Dead Space] novels” and that they’re looking into the possibility of Dead Space toys.

As you may know, along with the Dead Space game a prequel animated movie titled Dead Space: Downfall was released on DVD and Blu-ray. Well, it turns out now that the game is a success in both ratings and sales, EA is “talking to movie studios right now” about a Dead Space [live-action] movie.

Did you know several other high-profile games have been optioned by movie studios for possible film production? These include The Sims by 20th Century Fox (with producer John Davis), Mass Effect by Avi Arad Prods, BioShock by Universal (Gore Verbinski will direct), World of Warcraft by Legendary Pictures, Metal Gear Solid by Sony, Gears of War (script by Stu Beattie) and more that I can’t think of at the moment. Sadly the Halo movie is still on hold. On the bright side, Hitman and Max Payne were recently released game-based movies.

Is an ICO 2 and Shadow of the Colossus 2 mixed game in development for PS3?


Ico holds Yorda's hand to guide her through the castle garden
In an interview with Fumito Ueda at the Nordic Game 08 event, he mentions being at work on a game that combines both the graphics and gameplay, as seen in his previous games ICO (2001) and its prequel Shadow of the Colossus (2005). Could the lead designer of those PlayStation 2 games be at work on a mixed sequel for the PlayStation 3?

In February 2007, Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu reported that Fumito Ueda and his Sony Computer Entertainment Japan team are working on a new game for the PlayStation 3. No details about the unnamed title were revealed. But the below interview will provide at least some new details on the ideas for the game.

Shadow of the Colossus for PS2Question: Fumito Ueda is the creator of two of the most talked about games in the last decade. During the lengthy discussion on whether games are art or not, whether the medium has or can achieve the same status as the other much older forms of expression, it is his work that is most often mentioned. With ICO and Shadow of the Colossus, Fumito Ueda has managed to spellbind the western audience, something that he himself never thought of being possible.
Answer: “Honestly, I am very surprised that my games are so popular in the West. Since I was born and grew up in Japan and around its culture, I created my games with the Japanese audience in mind. A while before the western launch of ICO, SCEE rang up and asked us if we could create a custom cover for EDGE. This was something which we were completely unprepared for. It surprised me very much that the characters we created were so emotionally well-received in the West.”

Question: Where do you get your inspiration?
Answer: “I’m inspired from books and movies, of course, but the greatest inspiration I get is when playing others’ games. Very often I tend to think things like “why have they not done so and so?” This is what justifies me to come up with new concepts and ideas.”

Question: So you often play games?
Answer: “Yes, I get a lot of inspiration from playing various games available on the market.”

Asked by one of EDGE’s journalists what he thinks of the PlayStation 3 he admits that he is very happy with what Media Molecule is doing with LittleBigPlanet. It’s encouraging to see that more developers are trying to create unique games.

Wander seeks to revive Mono in Shadow of the Colossus
Question: A consistent theme in your games is the unspoken emotions; love and affection. What do you want to communicate through your games? What do you want players to experience?
Answer: “I have no specific or explicit message in my games – but I want them to be unrealistic and entertaining. I always rely on some basics when I create my games: I do not want them to be just high-resolution cinema; instead, everything in my games works together with the graphic engine that powers them. It is my intention to create an extension of the entertainment value to the gaming experience. I would not, therefore, let those who play my games by impressed only with the graphics. It is the overall experience that counts.

I also want my games to be products which inspire all those who play them. You mentioned the feelings of love and affection, but in reality I have no intention to convey those particular feelings. Instead, one can say that my intention is to give players the building steps, a small introduction and then let them experience and develop their own stories on their own.

Often, players find that unique aesthetics are an important part of the atmosphere in Fumito Ueda’s games.”

Question: How important are the aesthetics compared to the gameplay, for you?
Answer: “It is difficult to say. If you take a game like Tetris, for example, you’d have to agree that gameplay is an essential element there. But I think that at the same time, visuals and aesthetics are one and a whole with the gameplay in a game. They both need each other.”

ICO for PS2Question: What is your preference between graphics and gameplay? One reason for this question is because it’s interesting to know what he thinks, the other is because in a game like ICO, though a fantastic game, it’s a title with fairly rigid controls and contains repetitive encounters with the same enemies.
Answer: “I think it is very difficult to choose what is the more important of the two. They both coexist in my games. Both are equally important. I cannot choose… But if the gameplay is based on collecting things or killing enemies, then I think the aesthetics are more important. In my new project I’m trying to combine both.” — Thanks for the Swedish Gameplayer interview translation to Issun23.

By the way, when Fumito Ueda was asked in the past if he was interested in creating sequels to his games, he said: “It’s not that I have no interest in making sequels but I always feel I would like to try something new, challenge something I have never done before. In that sense, I may easily get tired of doing things…” according to a CVG quote.

We’ve got high hopes for a sequel to either game for PS3, at the very least in a spiritual sequel, how about you?
Ico and Yorda sleeping

XBLA Rumor: Geometry Wars Sequel Inbound?



Tomacco, over at the wonderful blog, has some tempting rumor news that may get many early adopters’ blood flowing. It seems that through a closely guarded source, Microsoft will be dishing out a special treat to mark the 2 year anniversary (already!?!) of Live Arcade. According to him,

“If everything goes well (it seems everyone has to worry about certification these days), next week we will be playing the “true” sequel to the biggest XBLA title to date.”

Without too much brain racking, people can pretty much peg this to two (possibly three) titles. Geometry Wars RE and Totemball Uno. Considering you can’t really have a sequel to Uno, and Geometry Wars is getting the Wii treatment with Galaxies, it seems logical that XBLA could be getting the same, but prettier, sister game.

Any takers? I’d bite.


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