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New Sonic Unleashed teaser


Well, that was… different.

Sega just released this short CGI teaser trailer for Sonic Unleashed and well… I’m still not exactly sure what to say about it. So what does it tell us? Well it confirms that Sonic will turn into an angry werewolf at night, It also hints at dodgy voice acting. Oh and it confirms Sonic has fingernails which I’m sure will be a hot topic on any Sonic forum I’ll never go to.

On the bright side, if the werewolf thing turns out to be crap at least the other half of the game looks awesome, the glass is half full.

Valkyira Chronicles Character Profile: Largo


Sega has released another profile trailer from their new tactical RPG, Valkyria Chronicles. This time of the big hairy manly man character Largo.

Check out this guy. I’d love to fill you in on the details, but your guess is as good as mine. I don’t know any Japanese so instead of me yapping on about it, go ahead and watch the big guy do his stuff!

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Sega Nerdcast 14: Phishing To Win



We’re back in action again this week to deliver our lovely listeners audial orgasms by the way of the Sega Nerdcast! This week, our newest staff member, James, joins myself, Graham and Ryan on the ‘cast, and I think it’s safe to say we’ll definitely have him back in the very near future.

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If you were all good boys and girls and listened to the show in its entirety, you would have heard that we’re giving away a free copy of Sega’s newest *cough* masterpiece – Mystery Dungeon: Shiren the Wanderer!

All you have to do to be eligible to win is post a comment in this post telling us what is the crappiest game you’ve ever played and why. Oh yeah, you also have to be a U.S. citizen and never have traveled to Mexico. Okay, I’m totally kidding on that list bit, but if you want to get some Shiren action, let us know about your crappy game experiences!

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Storm Chaser Trademarked



You may not know this but my passion in life is trawling through trademark websites looking for new trademarks, it makes me feel alive! No not really, that’s the passion of Kotakus writers not mine, I prefer sex…  Lucky for us they happened across a new Sega trademark of an old rumour thats been going around the Sega Nerds forum for a long time now.

The trademark is for a game called Storm Chaser and if our forum members are to be believed it is the second game from Sega Racing Studio who formed in 2005 and in 2007 released their first game Sega Rally for the Xbox360, PS3, PSP and PC.

It should be interesting to find out more.
Until then theres this:
That’s a real storm chaser!


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Sega and Obsidian reveal Alpha Protocol



In the April Issue of Game Informer magazine Sega and Obsidian Entertainment have revealed their second project. Titled Alpha Protocol the game is a single player action RPG coming to Xbox360, PS3 and PC. According to GI,

“A modern day espionage focused action/RPG that takes you on a suspenseful ride in the vein of James Bond, Jack Bauer, and Jason Bourne. Take a wet-behind-the-ears greenhorn agent up through the ranks to become a bona-fide super spy.”

Here are some of the key features of the game taken from the magazine,

- Main character is Michael Thorton, a fully trained but inexperienced young operative who has the world turned upside down when a mission goes wrong.

- Title “Alpha Protocol” is a phrase that is used when operatives go underground to work off the grid. Usually reserved for senior agents.

- Battle system is similar to Mass Effect but have more in common with Uncharted. It revolves around real time combat with an emphasis on gun play and high tech gadgets.

- Third person perspective, action orientated game play.

- Close quarters combat can be a last resort or primary method of fighting depending on how you spend skill points you have earned.

- Skill system is based most closely on Fallout. It’s classless, you have 10 skills and 10 ranks in each skill. Skills don’t simply improve things like accuracy, they improve the way your character will perceive situations.

- The game will suit all play styles from the run and gunner to the stealth assassin.

- Extremely in depth dialog system that is a mix of Mass Effect and Indigo Prophecy. Once conversations happen, that’s it, no revisiting the NPC to try to talk again and again. System is named the Dialog Stance System. You dictate your characters tone in a conversation by pressing a corresponding face button. Options can be cool and suave others can be brash/impatient.

- You can have multiple active missions in different countries and travel freely between them.

- Lots of girls and romance subplots. You’ll meet tons of different girls on missions and yes you can bag them all.

- Current control scheme for selecting powers and weapons is similar to Bioshock.

I must say I’m if this game lives up to what it promises it’ll be one sweet game! We’ll have scans for you as soon as we can get them.

Now if only Sega of America would hurry up and buy Obsidian (and Gearbox) before EA or Activision gets their filthy mitts on them we can all be happy.

[Thanks to Sallokin from Neogaf forums]

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Simon Jeffery talks Wii



Sega of Americas head honcho Simon Jeffery has spoken to Game Daily today about the Nintendo Wii, he specifically says that the Wii shouldn’t be pigeonholed as a casual gamers console and hardcore games have a place on the console too. I agree!

hardcore games on the Wii may not be getting enough traditional gaming to satisfy their needs as developers and publishers rush to flood the Wii market with more casual fare. Sega sees this as an opportunity, though, and believes the market dynamics on Wii will be changing.

This is all find and dandy Simon but talking is one thing and delivering is another, where is my Jet Set Radio Wii? or REZ? where is my Skies of Arcadia? what about my Ristar in the vain of Mario Galaxy? or Comix Zone in the vain of Viewtiful Joe?

Dare I say it… where is my Shenmue 3. (Preferably on Xbox360 but at this point I’d take it on the N-gage if your offering.)

Ok I’ll stop now…. no wait… Kid Chameleon, Toy Commander the list is endless we all know this! The amount of Sega games I would happily take on the Wii is hugh.

Back up your claim Jeffery, back up your claim!

Read the full interview here

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Valkyria Chronicles confirmed for west!


Today a lot of Sega nerds can sigh a big sigh of relief, a lot of us were worried that Valkria Chronicles previously known as Valkyrie of the Battlefield was not going to be brought over to the West. Well today Sega of America and Sega of Europe officially announced, here is what they had to say:

LONDON AND SAN FRANCISCO (February 25, 2007) – SEGA® of America, Inc. and SEGA® Europe Ltd. today announced that Valkyria Chroniclesa fresh new take on the traditional role-playing genre, is coming exclusively to the PLAYSTATION® 3 computer entertainment system.

Soon to be released as Valkyria of the Battlefield: Gallian Chronicles in Japan, where it has already gathered the interest of legions of gamers, Valkyria Chronicles combines strategy elements of tactical role-playing games with real-time action sequences. All of this is played out in an innovative and beautiful visual style.
Valkyria Chronicles is set in a fictitious continent reminiscent of 1930s Europe – divided in two and ruled by the Empire and the Federation. The Empire has set its sights on invading a small neutral country called Gallia, which is situated in the middle of the two great empires. The game follows a hero named Welkin and his fellow soldiers of the Federation’s 7th Platoon as they engage in a series of epic battles.

Built upon the new “CANVAS” engine, developed internally by SEGA Game Studios Japan, Valkyria Chronicles’ stunning 3D graphics resemble a watercolor painting in motion, taking full advantage of the processing capabilities of the PLAYSTATION® 3. The power of the PLAYSTATION® 3 also allows the development team to exploit the full potential of this new engine, giving players many different stunning environments to explore.
A new type of tactical battle mechanic has been specifically designed for Valkyria Chronicles. Known as “BLiTZ,” this gives players freedom to strategically move around the environment and attack enemies using real-time controls, something never before seen in the tactical role-playing game genre. The new “CANVAS” engine technology, the “BLiTZ” battle concept and an epic storyline offers players hours of exciting gameplay.

Valkyria Chronicles has been enthusiastically requested by European fans” said Gary Knight, European Marketing Director SEGA Europe ltd. “The unique graphics and compelling gameplay are just two reasons why we’re delighted to bring it to them.”

Valkyria Chronicles will be available for the PLAYSTATION® 3 computer entertainment system in Autumn 2008. For more information, screenshots and assets from the game, please visit

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Sega Superstar Tennis trailer and achievements


Today Sega of Europe updated their blog with a new trailer for Sega Superstar Tennis which will soon be available for the PS3, Xbox360, Wii, DS and PS2. I don’t know about you guys but the more I see of this game, the more excited I am for it.

Developed by Sumo Digital, music by Richard Jacques and full of awesome Sega fan service. You would have to be the village idiot of stupidville to not be looking forward to this game. Yeah! that’s right, you heard me!

That’s not all SoE revealed today they have also given away half of the Xbox 360 versions achievements, they are listed as follows:

Play Ball – Win your first Match. (10GP)
Starting Grid – Win with all starting characters in any mode. (10GP)
Beat Them All – In any mode, beat all characters in Singles matches. (30GP)
Original Teams – Beat all the classic Doubles pairs. (30GP)
Cameo Appearance – Hit a SEGA court cameo! (20GP)
To The Max – Hit 3 Max serves in a row. (20GP)
Seeing Stars - Enter Superstar mode 10 times in a match. (20GP)
SEGA Rally – Hit a 40 shot rally in any mode. (20GP)
Top Gun – Hit 100 aces. (20GP)
Afterburner – Hit a serve over 124mph / 200kph (20GP)
OutRun – Run a total of 6.2 miles / 10km (20GP)
Step Into SEGA World – Complete your first Challenge (Rank A) (10GP)
Classic Complete – Complete all Challenges in one SEGA game (Rank A) (20GP)
Challenges 101 – Complete all Challenges in all SEGA games (Rank A) (30GP)

Sega series that should be continued (Dreamcast edition)



If you tuned in last week to our post hardware edition article, you already know the drill. We each pick a game that we think should be continued on a next-gen system, you berate us for our picks, our feelings are hurt and you die later in the day in a fiery car crash – fun for everyone!

The rules are the game has to be a new series introduced in that specific era , which in this article is the Dreamcast era and published by Sega.


Toy Commander is one hell of an underrated experience, let me tell you why. The game revolves around a kid know by the toys as ‘Toy Commander‘. This boy gets a new set of toys toys for Christmas, army toys, race cars and other awesome things. Unfortunately he forgets about his older childhood toys that he has now grown out of. These older toys are having none of it and rebel, trying to destroy all of the newer toys, you will take control of the new toys.At the start of the game you see the boy running down the stairs of his home holding a plane making ‘plane noises’ with his mouth, slowly he fades out so the plane is flying on its own, this shows that the whole game is really just the kids imagination.


The game takes place in a normal western style house, each room of the house represents a level in the game and each level has a range of missions and a boss battle. When you beat the boss of each stage it will join you in your fight against the other toys… you do this in every room until you get to the boss of the game which happens to be the forgotten childhood teddy bear!

Some of the missions were really inventive, using a selection of toys which are usually vehicles like planes, helicopters, racing cars and arm trucks of some kind you would need to do all kinds of wacky missions for example the first missions take place in the kitchen level where you need to roll some eggs into a pot of boiling water to make some yummy eggs, pick up some sugar lumps and air lift them into a cup of coffee and that’s just the start of it. These are the kind of things that you could imagine a child doing when playing with toys and it really makes the game magic.


The game is mad fun, totally awesome and brimming with potential, why this game has been forgotten is a mystery but I would love to see a sequel one day! It NEEDS one! No Cliche the developers closed their doors but Sega still owns the franchise so a sequels is not out of the question, or is it… this is Sega after all. I’m now a Sumo Digital fan boy so I charge them with the development!

I think the best way to show you this game would be a video because pictures just don’t cut it


At the time of it’s release Sega’s last home console was a lot of things- Functional, attractive, intelligent, powerful, and sophisticated. Above all else though, the Dreamcast was a platform of innovation. Keeping these facts in mind, could I have chosen a better game for our Dreamcast IP Revival article? I think not, as Jet Grind Radio is the pinnacle of Sega’s devotion to all those traits that made the Dreamcast so unique in the gaming world.

With it’s simplistic story Jet Grind Radio facilitated an action-based style of play, in which young, hipster skaters rebelled against the ruthless and tyrannical foes of government and mass-media, by tagging and grinding all over the otherwise pristine city, while tuning in to the soundtrack of Professor K’s subversive radio broadcasts.



The game featured an excellent control scheme in which players recklessly grind handrails and concrete, and manage outlandish acrobatics through the streets of the city known as Tokyo-to. When not smashing through fruit stands or doing backflips from building-tops, players would spray-paint graffiti onto walls using smooth strokes of the analog stick. The most incredible aspect of the game, however, was most-definitely its presentation.

Sega arguably created an entirely new graphical style with Jet Grind Radio. Calling it “Cel-shading,” the style evokes the look of two-dimensional cartoon graphics, while still maintaining a three-dimensional world. It was ground-breaking, and it got people’s attention.


Couple this with the undeniably memorable soundtrack of urban, dance, hip-hop, rock, and other eclectic beats, and after a few moments with Jet Grind Radio it was clear: There had never before been anything like it.

A sequel of sorts was made years later when Sega went third party, but it was more of a revisit to the original in lieu of a true sequel. Jet Set Radio Future used many of the locales and events of the original, only with a graphical upgrade and some minor modifications.


A true sequel to this game would be incredible.With characters from the game appearing in the upcoming Sega Superstars Tennis there has started somewhat of a murmur that we could be expecting a revival. I for one hope wholeheartedly that it happens.


Shenmue is Yu Suzuki’s masterpiece come to life, lots of money and a lot of effort was put into this series. In the game you play as Ryo Hazuki who’s father is murdered in front of him by a man called Lan Di. Thats when you start your never ending tale (so far) for revenge.

The game had eye popping graphics, snow fell and the city looked alive. The AI for the town people is (yes, still is) the best ever in a video game, other games have brainless charecters that are placed to to add to the scenery (Grand Theft Auto III). While in Shenmue, the AI actually seemed life. People would wake up, go to work and then come back home to sleep. Everyone was voiced and had unique personalities.



What I loved about Shenmue’s story is that it didn’t move fast in the first game. It had incredible character depth and replability. It was almost impossible for you to experince everything in the game, in the first play through. Most people will possibly never experince the full game.


This game should be finished, Yu can’t leave us with the cliffhanger. Yu has said the game’s story is already written. I would like Sega to do a Shenmue complete saga that comes with trilogy, all with next gen graphics. Imagine Shenmue with graphics like Virtua Fighter 5? Breathtaking!


Really the choice here was a no brainer for me.  What Sega franchise, made first in the Dreamcast era, do I want to see continued in the future?  Skies of Arcadia sprung straight to my mind.

The game has such gorgeous graphics, seriously some of the best detail you can see in a game at the time - when you look closely at objects, in first person view, you can see just how much effort went into the visuals.


But it’s not all about visuals the game also has one of the most wonderful soundtracks I have heard in any game.  Plus a fantastic storyline, with a highly imaginative and well thought out universe to place all the action in.  From the word go you are drawn into this magnificent world, with floating islands littering the skies, the only source of land, and flying boats for transport.

I think one of my favourite things about the game was just how much fun it was when you are set free in a ship of your own and you can go off and explore the world, trying to visit as many islands as possible and discover lost treasures and artefacts from generations past.


Also what impressed me was how diverse the world is, with the very different and unique locations to explore.  There is just so much to go on about with the game I don’t think I can fit it all in here.  So I’m going to take a leaf out of Ryan’s book and show a video.

There are tons of SoA videos out there, but I just like this one alot.

Anyone who knows me will know that my favourite game of all time is Panzer Dragoon Saga on the Saturn.  Well Skies of Arcadia is quite possibly the only game, and definitely the only RPG, to ever come close to knocking Panzer Dragoon Saga from that throne.

With such a great, original setting for a game, I can easily see more Skies of Arcadia games being made.  It’s not like other games where it would be hard to think up sequels, this is a franchise that just needs to continue!


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Aliens Colonial Marines info



The latest issue of Game Informer magazine has the very first preview of Aliens: Colonial Marines, The first game of two announced by Sega. This is the first person shooter (FPS) developed by Gearbox Software and should be hitting store shelves Q4 of 2008.

We don’t have the scans yet but we will get them up as soon as we can, until then I will give you a quick rundown of what we know so far!

Aliens : Colonial Marines is a First Person Shooter with mechanics that stress working together as a unit. Four Colonial Marines investigate the Sulaco. Unlike many FPS titles, there is not one central hero character, the role is shared among the whole squad. The game reinforces that notion by assigning the player to control a set marine for a particular mission; you will experience every one’s perspective.

“A few years ago, we made a list of a lot of projects that we would really like to work on. At the top of my list was Aliens”
Brian Martel, creative director

“We’re finally at the point where the game in a similar blockbuster style as the movie was – and be a legitimate treatment, not a watered-down version.” Brian Cozzens, art director


Marines carry four weapons each:

-Primary weapon
-Secondary weapon

“We wish to remain authentic to the true soldiers, so characters generally do not drop or pick up weapons. That is one of the reasons we switch character during the story – to keep our soldiers realistic, but still give the player access to different weaponry throughout the game”.

The secondary weapon will vary and be customized according to the character, like Hicks’ shotgun in Aliens.

Each character will also carry a special item they can interact with allies or the environment, for example;

-Hacking tool for sealed doors
-Torch can weld things shut
-Medical Kit can revive as well as neutralize acid burns.

There are Squad Commands. Besides move and attack orders, you can also use context sensitive commands like hacking doors, sealing vents, and setting up gun turrets.

There will be elements at highlight horror and suspense from the film. Aliens will use the environment to their advantage. Air ducts, ceiling pipes, gratings on the floor. Position, firepower and cooperation will be important. Motion tracker confirmed and flamethrower confirmed.

Four player CO-OP Campaign

As well as the single player campaign your friends can drop in at any time and take control of one of the marines in the squad and A.I takes over the vacancies. The game will support 2 players Split screen and 4 players online play. players can join and drop at any time.

There will be moments where you can barricade yourselves to survive an onslaught of aliens. With more feelings of tension and desperation to survive.

- Character depth is being worked on.

“That’s something people forget: The characters DO matter.” Everyone thinks ‘Oh, they’re going to be fodder’, but if you don’t care about them, they’re pointless.”

-The game will have other multi player capabilities in addition to the 4 players co-op campaign.

Locations, environments and enemies.

The game will go beyond the Sulaco, there will be human enemies involved that was the aliens as biological weapons. And the mystery of the space jockey’s species might be also revealed.

“We have squad mates that need to survive, until we kill them in the story.”

This could throw a wrench in the workings of the group, especially if it leaves a player without a marine to control. Gearbox is aware of that but hasn’t settled on the best way to resolve the situation.

“We are going to make the absolute best co-op game we can make to the extent that it doesn’t interfere with the best single player game we can make.”

Obviously there are some things we can’t do if there are always four people alive, but there are ways around that situation. We are going to find them, because it’s our job to.”
Close-Encounter System

“Close encounters are almost unlimited in their ability to let us do what we want to do. Aliens can interact with the world – it isn’t just a bunch of button presses until its over. The alien could leap back onto a cabinet, or another one of your squad mates. He could leap back and through a duct and out of sight.”

The marine’s actions in the example are initiated by the player through responding to less intrusive instructions. A subtle flash of green on the right side of the screen tells you to move the analog stick in that direction, whereas one in the upper left corner could be a prompt to pull the left trigger. By abandoning the usual control scheme, close encounters makes it possible for the team to create those one-of-a-kind combat situations that capture the flavor of the most iconic moments in Aliens.

“If we were to recreate the power-loader battle against the queen, that would be a close encounter.”

Types of Aliens

“There won’t be porcupine aliens shooting spines at you. It can’t be goofy or stupid. You have the original Alien, and we sort of think of him as the smart one, as a scout. He’ll hide and ambush people. Then there’s the Warrior

Alien, which we see in Aliens, which is going to be the one that rushes you and comes in volume.”

“It’s the granddaddy of military sci-fi. With next-gen technology, we can finally do it justice. We can really make the aliens look scary, we can make the setting freaky, and we can create the characters the players care about.”

Notes from the screenshots:

- Drop ship
-A huge structure
-Sleeping chamber in Sulaco that wasn’t jettisoned.
-APC. They seem to note that there will be driving segments.
-comparison screens of the movie Sulaco interior with the game version’s interior.
-Facehugger screenshot. Seems to note there is no HUD. (if true, this is even better!!!)
-Pulse Rifle shooting at jumping facehagger, note of possibly being able to use close encounters system to save yourself.
-Screenshot showing first person view of player holding the Motion Tracker, there are 3 squad mates up ahead and one of them is welding the door. Note that those marines are placeholders and they will have unique appearance in final version.
-Turrets firing at an alien
-Huge picture of 4 marines and 3 aliens in a battle. You can clearly see the LED ammo counter on the other Marines’ pulse rifles.
-The graphics are beautiful and authentic to the Aliens architecture and lighting.


So, All in all this game sounds so awesome I nearly wet myself at least 3 times doing this article… you know, maybe alittle bit did come out.

[thanks to Saner]

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