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PSP Go’s First App “SensMe”



Here is our first look at PSP Go’s First App called “SenseMe” Not much is known but we know that it helps you create a play list depending on your mood.

Doesn’t look bad at all.


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The ten year life plan, and competition.


To Sony, their “life” for consoles are about ten years. I’m not sure they stop production of that particular console on the exact ten year day or not. (Which in fact would be incredibly funny to me, “well its been ten years, time to shut down.”) But this is more about strategy, marketing and excuses.

Strategy wise- Its smart, because costs go down over the year, parts get smaller and by the end they make some profit.  Even if they aren’t making a profit now, they will later.  That and I have a feeling their not feeling the competition by other competitors. I’m basing this all on the so called price drop that hasn’t came as of yet. If the PS3 Slim rumor is true and it comes out this August, I’ll take back what I said.

Marketing- So-So, In the beginning the advertising has been strong but for their new titles that came out, not really. LittleBigPlanet got little marketing push, gamers such as myself knew about it and bought it. But, none of my family has even heard of such a title. inFAMOUS had a huge marketing push on the internet with ads and such, and commercials for the first 3 weeks after release.

Excuses- How many times have you heard Sony say, “We’re following a ten year life plan, we do not comment on rumors or speculation.” And most of the time the rumor is true? I have. And if they want things to not be “Leaked”, then they should keep a better control on the matter. This is based on the of the Qore episode with the PSP Go revealed and this was their own fault it was “Leaked”

I can’t comment on the PlayStation 1’s ten years, since I wasn’t here for that generation. I was too busy on my Nintendo 64. Sue me :]

PlayStation 2’s Ten Year- In the beginning it started off slow with Ico, and some other titles I can’t remember. And, titles started piling up by the third year in its cycle. That’s when the “word of mouth” came around, and in a way that was marketing. Those who don’t watch television often, this is for them. By the 5th year we had series going on, and it was great. (such as Jak and Daxter, Devil May Cry, Kingdom Hearts, Metal Gear Solid etc.) I believe the Xbox came around the second year and the gamecube the third. And obviously since competition arrived, better titles started coming out. And such, by the end of the 7th year the PlaySation 3 came out. But the PS2’s lineup was still strong with titles like God Of War 2, and Rogue Galaxy. And its still going on till this day.

PlayStation Portable- It began with a huge push, everyone knew about it. People used it as media players rather than using Apple’s Ipod. I hadn’t heard a single bad thing about PSP, except that it can break easily but thats not the point. I’m not going to lie, UMD was a dumb idea. But at the time, what else could they have done? Digital downloads? Not very much people had broadband at the time. The titles that came out on the PSP early on were so-so, some were just ports.  Some were fantastic. By the end of the third year, it was platform for unique games. Such as Patapon and Locoroco. In the middle of its forth year, the PSP Go was announced. Their was a lot of mixed feelings about this. More than half of the gaming community were saying it was a ripoff. But, to me, it feels like the PSP is relaunching. And with great titles to come out too, by the end of this year. This is probably the PSP’s greatest year to come for gamers.

PlayStation 3- The launch of PS3 was a huge success, but with a price. Long lines and $600. The first year started off really slow, just like PS2, or any platform for that matter. Since the Xbox 360 was starting its second year in a couple months after launch. It was going to be hard to catch up with titles. Everything is about exclusivity or not. You couldn’t say PS3 wasn’t playing “catch up” for the first year without lying.  By the next year, The PS3 became distinct and was most unique. The PSN titles differed from Xbox’s Arcade titles, by being actual games worth your money. You could say PSN was playing catch up with Live but, the games on the PS3 didn’t need to anymore. A lot of exclusives on the PS3 were amazing and still are. And that was the year of the PS3 (as the internet would call it). Now we’re in our third year and PSN isn’t playing catch up anymore and became its own service.  And I believe this so far has been a great year and more love to come.

Wooo, that was long. Now tell me if you agree with what I had to say or not. Sound off in the comments.

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Dissidia Final Fantasy Demo Tomorrow on PSN!



I’ve been waiting for this game so long and I’ve heard nothing but praise from the Japanese importers.

FF Dissidia is a new game genre of its own known as an Progressive Action, Roleplaying, Fighting Game. It is a complete fanservice to FF fans of all kinds as it sports the Good and Bad guys of all the major FF’s in the series.

Release date August 25th!

Here are list of the playable characters:

FF1 – Warrior of Light
FF2 – Firion
FF3 – Onion Knight
FF4 – Cecil Harvey
FF5 – Bartz Klauser
FF6 – Terra Branford
FF7 – Cloud Strife
FF8 – Squall Leonhart
FF9 – Zidan Tribal
FF10 – Tidus
FF11 – Shantotto
Other – Cosmos

FF1 – Garland
FF2 – The Emperor
FF3 – Cloud of Darkness
FF4 – Golbez
FF5 – Exdeath
FF6 – Kefka Palazzo
FF7 – Sephiroth
FF8 – Ultimecia
FF9 – Kuja
FF10 – Jecht
FF12 – Gabranth
FF1 – Chaos

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PSP Go development issues.


iPhone developers Johnny Two Shoes and Firemint were interviewed by Eurogamer and were asked if the PSP Go could compete with Apple iPhone’s App store, they were hesitant of its chances;

“If Sony’s App Store also let you sell games to people with a regular, existing PSP model, that would be a much more attractive prospect,” he says.

“There are nearly 50 million of those out there already. Even if you only sold to a fraction of one percent of those people, it’s a significant number of sales. And even if the PSPgo sells great from day one, it’s going to take a long time before it starts getting anywhere near those numbers.”

It seems the PSP Go could have a tough start against an established competitor (sound familiar?) but in time prove successful. I guess only time will tell…

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The Weekly Recap (July 12-18)


Well, last week was rather busy! We had a total of 33 submissions! It was very hard to keep up with the news, especially if you missed a few days. Might have missed out on some stories the may have piqued your interest…

Anyway, here’s what we had going on last week:

Little Big Ghostbusters.
Trev – July 12th

PS3 Slim spotted in the wild?
Tosh – July 13th

French Website Claims to Have Release Dates For the Rest of 2009
Eddie – July 13th

New King of Fighters XII Video
Tosh – July 13th

White Knight Chronicles Fact Sheet
Eddie – July 14th

Quarter 4 Sony Games and Our Poor Wallets
Eddie – July 14th

Sony Unveils New Development Strategy for PSP
Eddie – July 14th

Relentless Software Developing Murder Mystery Game Exclusive to PSN
JimmyMagnum – July 14th

Modern Warfare 2: Prestige Edition comes with working night vision goggles!
Tosh – July 14th

Is this sony’s new way to hype?
Thepreppymonk – July 14th

Fallout 3 DLC update.
Trev – July 14th

Tony Hawk:Ride 2?
Thepreppymonk – July 14th

PC Engine aka TurboGraphx 16 Coming to PSN
Eddie – July 15th

LittleBigPlanet 2 will play nice with old levels and LBP Demo Coming
Tosh – July 15th

Pulse Confirms PSN Summer Sale
Eddie – July 16th

BUZZ! and Fight Night Spaces arrive in PlayStation Home
Tosh – July 16th

Limited Edition Assassin’s Creed Bloodlines PSP Entertainment Pack
Jimmy Magnum – July 16th

Replayability and its fine uses.
Thepreppymonk – July 16th

Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker treated as a PS3 game
Thepreppymonk – July 16th

New Content Coming ‘Home’ Today!
JimmyMagnum – July 16th

Kojima explains his unusual countdown site.
fleakitten – July 16th

June 2009 Hardware Sales
Darrin – July 16th

DC Comics and Wildstorm to Run God of War Mini-Series
JimmyMagnum – July 16th

The PSEye:Natal
Thepreppymonk – July 16th

First Mod Nation Racers Trailer
Eddie – July 17th

Gran Turismo PSP Gameplay.
Trev – July 17th

SCEE Confirms 3 Hour Press Conference for GamesCom
Eddie – July 17th

Wipeout Fury HD 23rd July – £7.99.
Trev – July 17th

More Killzone 2 Napalm and Cordite DLC Details
JimmyMagnum – July 17th

An Opinion on Sony’s Face Recognition, the Eye and Marketing
JimmyMagnum – July 18th

Upcoming Yakuza Game May Sport a Well Known Porn Star
Eddie – July 18th

Rage – ID Software’s New Multi-platform Title
Eddie – July 18th

Valkyria Chronicles 2 Announced
Thepreppymonk – July 18th

That’s 33 new articles this week! Last week, we had 18. We totally killed that record! Again, these don’t include store updates, last week’s Weekly Recap or QuickNews. As for other things, I give up! Once again, Eddie receives the much sought-after ‘Contributor of the Week’ title with 10 entries. Good job!

Emrah also get’s the ‘Comment of the Week’, only because he made me laugh so hard. It was a comment left in this article, and read:

First see-through nipple I’ve seen on ps3blog.

If you missed it, the picture used in the original posting was borderline inappropriate. You were able to see through the top she was wearing (though barely), revealing, well, the body part mentioned above. It was a good laugh though!

For past Weekly Recaps, you can view the archive here. You know, in case you missed it and/or you want to see what other stories you missed.

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Little Big PSP.


First Gran Turismo now Little Big Planet in game action on the PSP.

Looks great although if you hated the “floaty” jumping then you might not be too excited. All the PSP first party games are starting to look great though.

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Gran Turismo PSP Gameplay.


The Playstation Europe Blog also answered some questions on what features will be in the PSP version, mainly;
Only 4 cars on track
60 frames per second
800+ cars
And still no damage

Still despite some of the bad news I still think its a technical achievement that they got this much into the game at all and as you can see in the video above it looks as smooth as ever (and also as difficult)!

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Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker treated as a PS3 game


This may be a PSP game but, this isn’t directed by just any game director. Noooo, its directed by Hideo Kojima. Yeah the guy, with the long cutscenes. That and the other guys who created MGS4. (I kid) But their aiming this to be something of an actual sequal rather than a beaten off path that everyone forgets about.

“they are aiming for PS3 quality because they were creating MGS4 on the PS3 not too long ago.”

Their aiming for a 2010 release.

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Limited Edition Assassin’s Creed Bloodlines PSP Entertainment Pack


On the Officical PlayStation Blog, Sony has revealed that they’re going to release a Limited Edition Assassin’s Creed Bloodlines bundle for an MSRP of $199.99. The pack will be available in November and will include the following:

  • White PSP-3000 system
  • Assassin’s Creed Bloodlines PSP Game
  • UMD Movie (to be announced)
  • 2GB Memory Stick PRO Duo

Also on the same post is a Q&A with one of the producers, Frederic Lefrancois. When asked about how the game fits in with the Assassin’s Creed universe, he responded:

“Assassin’s Creed: Bloodlines” follows Altair’s story right after the events of Assassin’s Creed as he hunts down the ascending Templars in Cyprus. It’s the only game that explains the link between Assassin’s Creed and Assassin’s Creed 2. If you want to understand how Ezio is born and where the Codex comes from, you need this game.

Sounds like we’d have to check it out to understand what the heck is going on in Assassin’s Creed 2 eh?

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Sony Unveils New Development Strategy for PSP



It seems Sony is understanding the structure for mobile gaming and seems to be making a ton of changes presently.

Below is a list of bullet points from the article as well as the full article link itself. They are expecting more details today.

-New content pipeline and cheaper, smaller download games on the way

-Sony aggressively courting developers around the world

-Streamlined content pipeline which includes abolishing concept approval, cheaper devkits, shorter quality assurance process, and very low price points for new games.

-New initiatives for the PSP beyond traditional gaming but still include elements from gaming

-Over 50 studios already working on these new games and applications.

-New area of the Playstation Store for these products.

-Iphone devs such as Subatomic Studios and CandyStand have already signed.

Full Article

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