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PS3 Slim Shows up on Amazon


On Amazon’s German store they have this listed “PlayStation 3 Konsole slim“.

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Braid to PS3 Says USK



The German Rating Board (USK) has recently listed and rated “Braid” as coming to the PS3.

For those of you who have been drooling over this highly praised Xbox Live exclusive, keep your fingers crossed!

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PS3 Manufacturing Costs Reduced by 70%?



As you all know…Sony posted a loss in their gaming division for the previous quarter and we all know that manufacturing cost is a big element.

Hopefully with this, one of two things happen. Either Sony can start posting profits and/or we will see a substantial cost reduction the price of the PS3.

If this is to be believed, a $299 PS3 will still be posting a $50 profit with each system sold!

During a conference call for overseas investors following Sony’s Q1 09 financials, Nobuyuki Oneda Sony Corp’s CEO and Executive Vice President has revealed that manufacturing costs of the PlayStation3 have dropped by 70%.

“The cost reduction since we introduced the PS3 is very substantial and this is on schedule,” Oneda-san replied when asked about manufacturing costs. “We don’t disclose how much of the PS3, specifically the cost deduction was achieved during the past two years. But that is on schedule.”

“About 70%, roughly speaking,” Oneda-san added when pressed further on the matter.

Although a precise manufacturing cost isn’t known, it’s widely believed that the PlayStation3 originally cost Sony approximately $800 (£485) per unit. In January 2008 reports surfaced that the manufacturing costs had been reduced by 50% to approximately $400 (£243). Although Sony wouldn’t elaborate on exact figures, the 70% decrease suggests that costs have come down to around $240 (£146) per unit.

The 80GB PlayStation 3 currently retails for £299.99, $399.99 (£243), and 39,980 yen (£254) in the UK, US, and Japan respectively, which suggests Sony has room to make the widely rumoured $100 price cut.

Story Here

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Sony Financial Results for April-June 2009 (Fiscal Q1 2009)


Full results here

Overall, company-wide (mostly non-gaming) results were bad. Compared with the same quarter last year, revenue was down 19.2%, and the company went from generating a ¥73.4 billion yen operating profit to a ¥25.7 billion yen operating loss.

For the gaming results, the first thing you notice is they reorganized the company’s divisions and gaming is no longer a separate division and is much harder to separate out.

Category April-June 2008 (millions) April-June 2009 (millions) Year over Year Change
PS2 HW 1.5 1.6 6.67%
PSP HW 3.7 1.3 -64.86%
PS3 HW 1.6 1.1 -31.25%
PS2 SW 19.3 8.5 -55.96%
PSP SW 11.8 8.3 -29.66%
PS3 SW 22.8 14.8 -35.09%
  • Whole world economy is down. It is fair to judge Sony’s performance relative to other consumer electronics and game makers.
  • April-June of 2008 was a hot quarter for software PS3 had several of their biggest-ever games ship in that quarter: GTA 4, GT5 Prologue, and Metal Gear Solid 4. For April-June 2009, they shipped Infamous and had a few OK cross-platform titles (Prototype, Red Faction, UFC) but clearly April-June 2008 was an unusually hot quarter for software by any standard.
  • Japanese currency has appreciated, the dog ate my homework, etc. Seriously, an appreciated currency is bad Japanese export makers like Sony, but great for Japanese consumers. Still, if the company was selling more units rather than fewer units, they wouldn’t have to dwell on these things.
  • Results are still disappointing. Even with all the above qualifiers, these results are still disappointing. Sony shipped the best games for the first half of 2009, and it doesn’t seem to have much of an impact. These results aren’t disastorous, but they are disappointing.
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PlayStation Home gets 2 new spaces and a upgraded movie theater


The US movie theater has just been one screen since the open Beta. Now it’s being expanded to 10 movie screens and a lobby. Some of the screening rooms may be giving stuff away too. Sony said that you might be able to watch full-length TV shows or movies in the screening rooms in the future.

Others updates is a Burn Zombie Burn space. Which has a zombie maze with exclusive prizes, and movies. Then MotorStorm Pacific Rift will get Game Launching. They are working a Space for MotorStorm as well. Here is a sneak peak.


Next (and this is very exciting) as of tomorrow, we will be launching a new event in PlayStation Home – the Fat Princess “Quest for Cake.” Based upon the brilliant PSN title which launches today, all you have to do is click on the PlayStation Events Space chip on your World Map to join in this very special confectionary quest.

You have to find 8 pieces of cake in the Home Space to feed the princess to get your reward, a Fat Princess Throne. Good updates Sony, keep them coming.

The Curtain Rises on the 10-Screen Movie Theater in PlayStation Home, MotorStorm Game Launching Crashes In, and Fat Princess Needs Cake!

Behold, the birth of Blu-ray


Ever wondered how a Blu-ray disc is born? Check out this step by step gallery.

StarOcean 4 for the PS3 unofficially revealed by GameFly



When Joystic spoke to a spokesperson at GameFly they replied:

We simply post information as it is supplied to us by the publishers.

SE hasn’t confirmed or denied this news but I have a feeling this is the famed 360-t0-PS3-game the SixthAxis has been teasing us about.

If so, all I have to say is “No thanks, SE. I’m fine without it.”

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Aliens vs. Predator trailer shows why it sucks to be human


When I played Aliens vs Predator 2 on the PC. I was usually a Predator sporting just a staff and net combo. Unless my prey was being difficult, then I resort to other means, Mwhahah. Hopefully they balance the 3 classes well. So far it’s looks great. This is a must have game for me. I’ll be there day 1.

Aliens vs. Predator ‘Marines’ trailer highlights the plight of puny humans

PS3 Slim Rumors Popping Up Everywhere



While lots of people tend to still deny the rumor that a PS3 Slim is in the making, it doesn’t stop the rumors from popping up all over. There are many false promises coming out this generation as we all know but every great change in this industry starts out with a rumor that seems false when its presented.

Today on NeoGaf there are 2 individuals who seemingly popped in to spread some information at the same time. The information they have is the same as well but both decline to expel their sources.

They are not the first sources on NeoGaf to say they have trusted sources saying it is in fact true nor the first people in the industry.

I’m not one to jump on forum rumors, but I think there are way of rationing information that is more true then not and I’m leaning towards true for these guys.

Link 1

Ok, somebody i trust confirmed to me that the ps3 slim will be released around september. I can’t give more details.

Also the old ps3 80 Gb will be priced at 300€ in august. But i see that is already known.

Link 2

I’ve received the same information. More details coming before next week.

The 300 € price for the big rig is applying for both the console only and the bundles.

Both of these posters are saying that the price of the slim will not be as low as we want/hope/expect it to be.

Only time can tell now, but I’m 95% certain its on its way. Too many insiders have spilled the beans already.

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Infamous Movie In the Works



Infamous has signed a 7 digital deal with screenwriter Sheldon Turner (The Longest Yard remake, Up in the Air). Avi Arad and Ari Arad (The Incredible Hulk, Ironman, Uncharted) will also be producing Infamous.

Sheldon Turner comments on how he is excited and that this is the future of gaming “What excites me the most about the game was it was the first of which I’ve come across that had a big idea and a character arc.” “It is, I believe, the future of gaming. The game, while big and fun, is at its core a love ballad to the underachiever, which is what our hero, Cole McGrath is.”

Full Article Here

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