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Modern Warfare 2 first ever multiplayer footage.


Customize your killstreaks!

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Games to miss the holiday season?


I’m am currently playing through 2K’s excellent BioShock (I’m even about to finish on survivor and earn all the trophies) and my attention turned to the sequel and I realized its one of many games getting delayed until next year or at least next fiscal year. Here’s a full run down of the big games that are no longer scheduled for the Holidays;

Fiscal year 2010 (could still make this year)
BioShock 2
Red Dead Redemption

Dead To Rights: Retribution

This should at least help you decide what to buy in the always busy Holiday period but still disappointing when games get delayed.

Uncharted 2’s new Gold Rush mode.


A video of the new mode previously mentioned in Fleakitten’s post.

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HD era not ready yet?



Mark Rein of Epic Games was interviewed by Eurogamer and dropped this interesting fact;

Over half the users who played Gears of War 2 so far do not have HDTVs.

Ok now i know this is an Xbox game, but its a good indication that PS3 owners are mostly in the same boat and with the size of the install base, that makes millions of gamers are not playing in high def. Digital Foundry has put together an intriguing analysis to compare the performance in game between high and standard definition and revealed some intriguing facts about the PS3, that the standard definitions have some serious issues. SD owners worldwide though should take note of this quote;

A US PS3 owner who buys a cheap game in the UK and takes it back to the US could well find it completely unplayable if he only has an SDTV. Two of the games I tested (GTAIV and Far Cry 2) wouldn’t work, whereas Killzone 2 and Call of Duty: World at War would. Euro PS3 owners buying games from the NTSC territories could be similarly inconvenienced.

To sum up, if you plan on importing games and you own a SD TV then don’t bother as you will encounter some serious performance issues but if you’re fortunate enough to own a HD TV then you should be fine.

But what about the readers here, how many of you own an HDTV?

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FIFA 10 + PES 2010 new features detailed.


PES 2010

Every year Konami’s PES goes head-to-head with EA’s FIFA to be the number 1 football game in the world. This year though the competition between them is more intense than ever with them both releasing details about this year’s titles months earlier than in pervious years.

PES is heavily focusing on the graphics engine this year which is heavily improved over PES 2009, click here to see a comparison gallery and Konami is also implementing a new player cards system;

In short, a Card represents a move for a player. Different from traditional skills, these cards can be assigned to any players as you wish. You are almost a coach here. However it doesn’t mean the player ability suddenly increases when Cards assigned.

Click here for more information on the Cards.

As mentioned before Konami IDs are no more which should make online play playable and the Master League mode has also undergone a heavy update.


The major changes in FIFA 10 is that players can now move in 360˚ which has never been possible in previous football titles and may well revolutionize the genre. FIFA 10 also features a custom set piece mode where you can create plays and control where your players are positioned for free kicks, see below;

The changes being made to both titles is certainly making my choice of which to buy this year harder than ever.

Ghostbusters demo impressions.



Ghostbusters The Video Game demo went up on the Playstation Store today and I immediately tried it out. First things first the graphics are not as bad as i feared. After reading Eurogamer’s Face Off I was put off fearing PS3 owners had got an inferior product, there are noticeable v-sync issues though and the textures can look bland but this never detracts from the gameplay. First problems I had with the demo was the sound was the same volume wherever I was in respect to who was talking which detracted from the experience for me. I wanted their voices to get louder the closer i was and vice-versa. Next problem I had was with not knowing where to go, maybe i missed audio instructions but i found myself running into doors and using trial and error until i found the right path, which is incredibly linear. Throughout the demo there is only one path to follow, whilst it may twist and turn you always know you’re following the same tracks, perhaps even more so than in Call of Duty titles.

The good news is that you really do feel like you are part of the Ghostbusters, the Proton Pack is a joy to operate and trapping ghosts is awesome. This basically involves pummeling the ghost with your proton stream until they are weak enough to be maneuvered into the trap. You must then wrangle them into the trap like you would reel in a fish when fishing. Its intuitive and extremely satisfying when pulled off. The writing and story from this small section of the game is also brilliant and feels like it is part of the Ghostbusters’ universe, no doubt helped by the fact Ackroyd and Ramis wrote the script.

The demo seems to give a good indication of the full game’s single-player experience and it looks like one that is enjoyable but not long lasting as if the overly scripted level is anything to go by it will get incredibly repetitive to repeat it all. To me this game is definitely a rental or a purchase when it has been reduced in price as i don’t see enough value from this demo to warrant a full price purchase.

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Sony Patents Emotion Engine Emulation For Cell Processors aka PS2 Backwards Compatibility



Not sure how and not sure when, but Sony has patents to this technology that directly makes me think BC is coming back eventually. This is the first remote hint that this could be returning to us at some point and time.

For all those without a BC PS3, this may be your dream come true.

Patent Info

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Tekken 6 Release Date 10/27 With $150 LE Bundle That Includes a Wireless Arcade Stick


Tekken 6

Thats a little expensive but will sell like crazy I’d imagine. People are already drooling over this.

Gamestop is also offering an exclusive preorder bonus. Receive a 12 month TEKKEN 6 desk calendar and the SAMURAI PACK downloadable content bonus. The SAMURAI PACK includes a special costume for Yoshimitsu inspired by Penny-Arcade’s Cardboard Tube Samurai and special nobori (Japanese war flags) as universal items for each character. Both these preorder bonus items are GameStop exclusive.

The premium bundle includes the Tekken 6 game, limited edition wireless fight stick crafted by Hori and collectible Art book.

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I Don’t Want to Play


Okay folks, time for something a little different. Usually we talk about the upcoming games we want to play. Personally, if it’s a game I don’t care about, I don’t post about it either. That seems to be what the other authors here do too, but I’m not totally sure.

But right now I’m going to mention some upcoming high profile PS3 titles that lots of people are talking about that I personally don’t want to play. Please join in with your list of highly anticipated titles that aren’t highly anticipated by you.

Here’s my list:

Heavy Rain

I just don’t see what’s so great about this game. A girl crying with a gun? Heavy emotions? Facial expressions? What the heck? Am I an emotional quiver basket that I would respond at any level to this? I just don’t understand the appeal.

Resident Evil 5

Frankly I’ve never understood horror in any genre. Why would you willingly want to surround yourself with ugly? It’s like inviting the mumps into your body for a day. Why do it?

God of War III, Uncharted 2

These you can put in the it doesn’t have co-op or multiplayer of any sort bin. I don’t care much for the single player experience, so these games have no draw for me. Now if they added a co-op mode, I’d be on them like cold on Ottawa (high of -22 degrees Celsius today).

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Resistance 2 Community Features


OK, I’m just going to do a brief overview of how Resistance 2 stacks up compared to Resistance with it’s community options.

Resistance was the king of online games when it came to having a superb infrastructure for playing with your friends online. It had an excellent Party system, great stats pages for keeping up to date and comparing stats with your friends and rivals etc. It had an Ignore List too so you could avoid any of the scummy little spawn killers and LAARK whores that popped up in Resistance.

For the actual playing side it had an excellent system where you could choose squads so you could chat privately with your friends and clan mates, you could mute any individuals that annoyed you too and of course it was open mic so none of this PTT crap.

I’m going to have a quick look at the community features for Resistance 2 and will leave the actual competitive comparisons to a later date.

Under the Community settings you can view your Profile, Clan Options and Leader boards. I will mainly look at the Clan Options for now though.


So far so good. You don’t need to play a certain number of hours to create a clan like you do in other shooters like CoD4 for example. There are also some very cool options for your clan.

Clan Config allows you to edit details about your Clan.

You can select between competitive or casual for your Clan Type. You can select which country your clan is from so if you’re from Taiwan or Germany or the UK you can select the actual country as opposed to the region. You can also select Europe if that takes your fancy too. You can also set the Invite Status to Recruiting, Open or Invite Only. You also have an option to change the announcement that will greet clan members or people viewing your clan. At the moment it is set to “Welcome to *Clan Name*”

There is a Roster where you can click on clan members and in there it has a boggling amount of stats. The stats detail information for Campaign (all difficulty levels too!), Co-operative and Competitive. They also cover stats for individual weapons, overall stats for kills, deaths, suicides etc, Ribbons and Medals earned and the number of Trophies you have collected.

This is also what you would see if you selected Profile in the initial Community page.

Invites allows you to see who has applied for your clan, who you have sent invites out to etc, both Personal and as a Clan.

There are also options to Search Clans and Disband Clan which does what it says on the proverbial tin.

Very impressive stuff. You can also go to for more options for your clan. I haven’t checked this out yet though.

Throughout all of this, a simple press of the triangle button brings up a list and by pressing R1 you can navigate a list of your Friends, Clan Options and Party Options. You can have up to 30 people in a Party too.

I’m not going to play online yet though. I’m going to play the Campaign mode first, then dabble in some online co-op with my friends before heading off into the competitive arena. P

So far so good though. Resistance 2’s community features are a definite improvement over Resistance. I hope they have kept the squads and mute options from Resistance though. Can anybody confirm that you can choose between different squads and the option to mute other players in competitive games?

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