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Ben 10: Protector of Earth has sold 2.5 million copies worldwide


Protector of the Earth on DSBen 10: Protector of the Earth has sold 2.5 million copies worldwide announced D3P (short for “D3Publisher”, the name of the company) who released the game in October of last year for Wii, DS, PS2 and PSP.

The game is based on the hit Cartoon Network show of the same name and was developed by 1st Playable Productions (with the DS version done by High Voltage Software).

In the game, players follow the animated show’s star Ben Tennyson as he uses the alien Omnitrix device attached to his wrist, using super powers and changing into alien forms to take on puzzles, challenges, and skirmishes.

“Having our first-ever Ben 10 interactive game be as successful as it has is a huge accomplishment for us and this is another milestone of which we’re very proud,” says Cartoon Network Enterprises’ vice president Christina Miller. “We look forward to continued success as we build the brand’s interactive franchise with a great partner in D3.”

D3P also recently released a follow-up, Ben 10: Alien Force, based on the new Ben 10 show that takes place five years after the original. The sequel was shipped to stores in late October for Wii, PlayStation 2, PlayStation Portable, and Nintendo DS.

Japanese Patapon 2 commercial amps up the adorable-factor


Patapon for PSPOne of the cutest and most charming PlayStation Portable games released yet is without a doubt, Patapon. Okay so maybe LocoRoco tops it, but Patapon 2 looks to bring the cute factor in bigger doses, and Sony’s advertising department has played to that tune even more by adding cute little Japanese kids to the equation.

The result? UBER-CUTENESS. Yes. Uber.

Sony 2009 gaming rumors put MotorStorm and LittleBigPlanet on PSP and God of War 3


Kratos God of War 3 Screenshot

Details on a host of PlayStation 3 and PSP games have been leaked, including info on God of War 3, Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, Killzone 2, Motorstorm PSP and LittleBigPlanet PSP . . . and that’s not all! Numbers for the PlayStation Network were divulged as well as the news that a PS3 price cut will be coming in March of 2009.

But let’s take things one a at a time. The anonymous source who did the leak claims that he attended the Sony Computer Entertainment Staff Annual Briefing which is where he picked up all this information (man would I hate to be him right about now).

Sony naturally followed up with a statement of their own, saying: “Information discussed within the confines of internal company meetings is confidential and subject to change. We do not have anything to announce at present and we do not comment on rumor and speculation.” So all this should be taken with a grain of salt, albeit, a bigger grain given that all of this is highly plausible and could definitely be true.

According to the source, this was mostly aimed at the European market, and the President of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, David Reese, discussed the harsh economic climate and detailed how they would make the PS3 “more competitive” after March (although who knows if that applies globally or just to Europe). He claimed that the PlayStation Network has generated over 150 Million pounds and that Sony will invest heavily in the PSN in 2009.

Pre-Order God of War 3 for PS3Easily the biggest news of the conference was God of War 3 info! They showed off a new trailer which was supposedly so impressive that he couldn’t tell if it was CG or in-game. “Some of it looked like it could be in-game action because of the camera angles, but it all looked so good that it couldn’t be. CGI or not, everyone was pumped up by this,” the source said. The trailer apparently shows Kratos battling skeletons and Cyclops’, riding an eagle, and then killing the eagle after dismounting from it. It ends with Kratos staring ominously up at a dark cavern that is believed to be Mount Olympus.

Corroborating this, at least in part, is the creator of God of War himself, David Jaffe. Although he no longer is involved with the series (he left Sony in 2007), he posted a new blog in which he gives his colored opinion of the game, which he was recently shown. To quote: “Dudes and dudettes, f***ing WAIT till you see the amazing graphics…just f***ing wait,” Jaffe writes. “I ain’t no fan boy but this mother f***ing game looks like nothing you’ve ever played…and you can hold me to that when this thing hits and when they start showing gameplay footage. It looks like a painting come to life — it’s THAT good looking.” David Jaffe also states that God of War III looks better than Gears of War 2! High praise indeed!

Pre-Order Killzone 2 for PS3Also shown in trailer form was the intro for Killzone 2 and a clip of what we now know to be Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, which was just CONFIRMED (which helps in corroborating the rest of this news and the fact that it is all likely true). Graphically, Uncharted 2 wasn’t as huge a leap from the first game as say, God of War 2 to God of War 3, but that’s to be expected given that they are both PS3 titles. The source apparently said, ” [Uncharted 2] Looks the same as Uncharted 1, not a bad thing.”

Finally, the source confirms that LittleBigPlanet is headed to the PSP (and has been in development for four months already) and that a PSP Motorstorm is also in the works.

Sony announce the PlayStation Credit Card


The PlayStation Credit Card

Sony has announced the first video-game specific credit card: The PlayStation Credit Card.

The card is a nice way for Sony fanboys and fangirls to show off their PlayStation pride and, more practically, earn reward points that will go towards the purchase of PlayStation and Sony products.

As a special introductory offer, starting now and ending on December 31st, 2008, those who sign up for the card will be able to save up to $150 dollars on the purchase of a PlayStation 3 gaming system for the holidays.

You may have seen the mailers, and it’s true. We’ve introduced our very own PlayStation credit card to offer fans a new way to show off their PlayStation pride and earn reward points towards the purchase of PlayStation and SONY products.

There are two ways to save money on the purchase of a PS3 through this offer. You can check out to get instant approval on the card, or you can get an immediate savings of $150 credit when you purchase a PS3 directly through

Alternatively, you can go to and apply for the card and upon receiving it, use at any authorized PlayStation retailer to purchase a PS3. The $150 credit will then show up on your billing statement.

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Cloud vs Sephiroth epic Final Fantasy Dissidia gameplay fight


Final Fantasy Japanese LE boxart coverDissidia: Final Fantasy (or Final Fantasy Dissidia for its likely U.S. name) allows gamers to re-create epic Final Fantasy battles, such as Cloud versus Sephiroth, a showdown between what is arguably the two most popular Final Fantasy characters (one the hero, one the villain) ever created.

As you can see from the gameplay video below of a typical Dissidia battle, the game plays out similar to what we saw with the Final Fantasy VII CG movie, Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, where the characters dash and “fly” around the environments as they attack each other with melee and magic attacks while airborne.

In the game, each character has their own special moves and magic attacks and you can roam freely through the environments, which will also feature specific traps that you can use on your opponent. Characters can also be customized with equipment. You defeat an opponent by reducing their HP, but to spice things up your offensive and defensive power is represented by “Brave Points” (BP). Both fighters start out with equal BP and must steal BP from the enemy by attacking with basic “assist attacks” which will add what’s taken to your own BP total. Raise the BP increase the amount of damage you’ll dole out and gain the upper-hand over your opponent. You can then strike with “HP Attacks” which deal direct damage to your opponents HP meter so you can defeat them.

Deplete your opponents BP to force them into Break Mode which causes all your attacks to be critical strikes and bars them from being able to deal out HP Attacks. There is also an “EX Gauge” which is filled as you fight (take damage, give damage or collecting items on the field) and allows you to enter “EX Mode” once filled. EX Mode allows you to do an unblockable super attack (the EX Burst) and significantly increases the damage you give as well as allows you to perform new attacks.

Final Fantasy Dissidia has yet to be announced for release outside of Japan. But it’s release is a given, considering how popular Final Fantasy is here and how much Square is now focusing on the Western market.

Colin McRae: DiRT 2 announced for Xbox 360, PC, PS3, Wii, DS and PSP


DiRT 2 Screenshot

Colin McRae: DiRT 2 has been announced by Codemasters, who will publish the sequel to its highly successful Colin McRae: DiRT offroad rally racer that was released in 2007.

As you can see, the game will retain the name of Coliln McRae, the late Scottish rally driver whom the original game was named after. Colin McRae died in a fatal helicopter crash before its release. He had fostered the series from it’s roots back on the original PlayStation as the Colin McRae Rally series all the way up until the first DIRT game.

DiRT on PS3“Colin McRae was all about the speed, the excitement and the entertainment of rally driving,” said the game’s executive producer Gavin Raeburn. “Later his showmanship shone through in events such as the X-games, the Dakar Rally and the Race of Champions. He could do things with a car that no one else would and that’s where we’re taking the series with new events at the extreme edge of rally and motorsport. It will be a great tribute to an incredible champion.”

This time around, players will be able to explore various disciplines of off-road racing. The game will use an enhanced version of the EGO engine that was last seen in the racing game GRID, and Colin McRae: DiRT 2 will feature comprehensive online modes that will be a marked improvement over the original title.

In addition to hitting the PC, Xbox 360 and PS3, the game is scheduled for release on Wii, DS and PSP in 2009.


Shaun White Snowboarding launches onto PS3, Xbox 360 and PC


Shaun White Snowboarding on Xbox 360Shaun White Snowboarding is out now on Xbox 360, PS3, PS2, PSP, Wii, DS and PC. Like Tony Hawk before him, Shaun White (the most successful snowboarder in the history of the sport) hopes to carve out a niche in the snowboarding genre by offering a game in which you have complete freedom to choose when, where, how and with whom you want to play with. And for the Wii the game was built from the ground up and includes support for the Wii Balance Board.

Key features of Shuan White Snowboarding include:
* Open World Mountains: Choose how you ride in open-world mountains across the world. Conquer extreme peak conditions, create your own paths in the back country, or compete with fellow riders in the terrain parks
* Your Friends Are Always Around: Play in a world where your friends are always around. Do your own runs on mountains populated by real gamers, or join your friends for a quick session from any mountain
* More than Just Snowboarding: Have fun with your friends on and off the board! Throw snowballs, hike to access secret spots, film your friends doing ripping tricks. You can also upload your videos online to share with the world
* Ride Your Way: Express yourself through tricks, riding styles, and highly customizable avatars – both in single-player and in the online world. Use the intuitive dual analog control to pull off a huge variety of tricks that express your style
* Next-Gen Technology: Built on the Assassin’s Creed engine, this game creates a massive world with gorgeous visuals and realistic NPC interactions. This is also the first time a snowboarding game is completely driven by physics instead of animation
* Authentic Snowboarding: Ubisoft has worked closely with Shaun White to infuse the gaming experience with authenticity, personality and humor. Shaun is a friend and mentor in the game, and will help you with your skills. And, if you are deemed worthy, you may even be able to play as Shaun in the game.

Tom Clancy’s EndWar WWIII launch trailer


Pre-Order Tom Clancy's EndWar on PS3EndWar’s World War III is almost upon as, as the game releases for PS3, Xbox 360, and PC on November 4th in America and November 7th, 2008 in Europe. So brace yourself for Tom Clancy’s first foray into the RTS style “real-time tactics strategy war game” that can be entirely controlled by your voice.

Tom Clancy’s EndWar is also available for DS and PSP.


From 2011 to 2014, the world enjoyed an unprecedented era of peace as enhanced defense technology eliminated the threat of nuclear war. It didn’t last.

By 2020, constant depletion of resources has international tensions at a breaking point. One spark will ignite what no one thought could ever happen … a third and final world war. World War III comes to life in Tom Clancy’s EndWar.

In EndWar players represent one of three national armies (U.S. Russia or Europe) and participate in massive multiplayer battles. EndWar can be played almost entirely by voice command and also features a customizable army, as well as the ability to fight in various battlefields and cities around the world.

Key Features of Tom Clancy’s EndWar include:

* Next-generation strategy: Led by creative director Michael de Plater (Rome: Total War), Tom Clancy’s EndWar will redefine strategy gaming. Designed exclusively for next-gen consoles, EndWar will create a theatre of war, immersing you in the drama of World War III in a way you never thought possible
* Fight for your nation: Pick a side: U.S., Europe, Russia—the fate of the world is in your hands.
* Command your army: Grow your army into the most powerful force on the planet. Your army is completely customizable, and experience breeds strength, as units grow more powerful with every campaign you fight
* Light up the City of Lights: World War III won’t be won by capturing remote deserts or grasslands but by striking countries at their heart. Paris, Moscow, Washington D.C. will all erupt in flames as you battle your way through the fully destructible playground
* A whole new level of massiveness: EndWar will be an online multiplayer experience unlike anything you’ve ever encountered. Sixteen-player matchups? Try hundreds. Thirty-minute battles? Try persistent matchups lasting for months at a time. This isn’t a skirmish, this is World War III
* Talk your way to victory: Put the controller aside and start shouting commands. EndWar can be played almost entirely via voice command

Sony reports PlayStation $379 loss in Q2 2008. But PS3 sales up to nearly 17 million


Sony's flagship console the PlayStation 3

Sony’s earnings report has come in and things aren’t looking too bright. Although in good news, its games division is a bright spot in the darkness as it made some gains.

Here are the details:

* Sony revised its profit projections down to an additional 39% for the fiscal year (April 1, 2008 till March 31, 2009) which totals for a 59% decrease from their financial performance last year

* Profits for July through September slid 72%! They fell from ¥73.7 billion ($755 million) last year to ¥20.8 billion ($213 million) this year. Operating income fell 90% from last year, falling from ¥111.6 billion ($1.14 billion) to ¥11 billion ($113 million)

* The electronics segment of Sony, which accounts for most of the revenues for the company, declined .6% in sales for the reporting period, dipping to ¥1.7 trillion ($17.4 billion). The slip comes despite stronger sales for Bravia LCD TVs and Vaio PC’s. As Sony noted last week, the yen’s strength in the global market as well as tighter profit margins due to increased competition contributed to the company’s lackluster performance in this area.

* As mentioned above, Sony’s gaming division made some gains during the period. For the quarter, Sony’s gaming division generated ¥269 billion ($2.76 billion), a 10 percent increase year over year. Sony attributed this to rising sales of the PS3 and PSP. The PS3 managed to sell 2.43 million units while the PSP sold 3.18 million units.

* While the PS2 has been a powerhouse for what seems like forever, the system has finally started to dwindle, with sales falling to 2.5 million units this quarter.

* Over the same period of time, the PS3 outsold the Xbox 360 by 200,000 units. The Xbox 360 had sold 2.2 million units, which was a 20% increase over last year for Microsoft.

* To date, the PS3 has reached global lifetime sales of 16.85 million units.

* Despite Sony’s game division gaining, it still remained in the red. Sony’s gaming division posted an operating loss for the July through September period of ¥39.5 billion ($405 million). Which is an improvement over last year’s deficit of ¥96.7 billion ($991 million). According to Sony, the tightening of losses is due to a cut in production costs for the PS3, an increase in software sales for the PS3 and strong PSP hardware sales.

* Like a lot of companies during this economic downturn, Sony’s financial services segment took a significant hit the quarter, seeing an operating loss of ¥25 billion ($256 million) and falling revenues of ¥100 billion ($1.02 billion). Conversely, the movie business performed quite well–with sales increasing 3.4 percent to ¥196 billion ($2.00 billion)–on the strength of Hancock, Step Brothers, and Pineapple Express.

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PSP 3000 vs. PSP 2000 comparison video


PSP 3000 vs PSP 2000 backside comparison

Wanna compare the features lists of the PSP 3000 vs the PSP 2000? Well you’re in luck because GameVideos has done just that in this comparison video that breaks down all the differences between the two different handheld systems (The PSP 3000 is now available).

But unlike with text, a comparison in video form really highlights the true differences in look and feel that you simply can’t get in text and pictures. They even compare the screens one by one, and then side-by-side.

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