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Developers of Full Auto series closes shop


Full Auto 2

Pseudo Interactive, developer of the Sega-published Full Auto series, has shut down due to cutbacks at parent company SCi. Over 50 people were employed at the Toronto-based game developer as of 2006. The company was reportedly working on an unnamed project that has now been canceled.

Let’s hope those guys and girls find good jobs elsewhere.

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Developer of Full Auto series closes shop


Full Auto 2

Pseudo Interactive, developer of the Sega-published Full Auto series, has shut down due to cutbacks at parent company SCi. Over 50 people were employed at the Toronto-based game developer as of 2006. The company was reportedly working on an unnamed project that has now been canceled.

Let’s hope those guys and girls find good jobs elsewhere.

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See The Incredible Hulk in action


GameTrailers has the first video of developer Edge of Reality’s and publisher Sega’s upcoming The Incredible Hulk, based on the movie of the same name.

While the game is not a direct follow-up to the well-received Hulk: Ultimate Destruction, it looks to follow in the same vein of sandbox-style gameplay that is so popular in other superhero titles lately… Including another of Sega’s upcoming titles.

The game’s official site has also opened, so head on over for more info and all that fancy stuff. According to the site, Hulk will be destroying city landscape on practically every platform under the sun. Expect to see this one in stores around the same time the movie’s in theaters. (June 13 for those keeping track.)

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Review: Rez HD


Rez HD

How do you justify paying $10 for a 6-year-old game? With Rez HD, it’s easy.

Rez HD
Developer: Q Entertainment
Publisher: Microsoft Game Studios
Release: 01/30/08
Platform: Microsoft Xbox Live Arcade
Players: 1

Rez was originally released in late 2001 on Sega’s doomed Dreamcast, and was never published in America. The game was then ported to Sony’s PlayStation 2 in early 2002 with an extremely limited print run, making it an instant collector’s item. Copies were soon selling for twice the retail price on eBay auctions.

The game was recently re-released (again) on Microsoft’s Xbox Live Arcade platform on their Xbox 360 console under the new title Rez HD. This port now supports high-definition widescreen resolution visuals and 5.1 surround sound, but none of the actual game itself has been altered, making it the ideal version for those that have never played the game before.

Rez HD Rez HD

Rez HD’s release on Xbox Live Arcade marks an important milestone in the game’s history, because it’s the first time the game has been readily available to a mass market in the U.S.A. The Dreamcast version was only available to importers, while the PlayStation 2 version sold out quickly to collectors and enthusiasts. Thanks to the efforts of creator and producer Tetsuya Mizuguchi and his company Q Entertainment, anyone with an Xbox 360 can now own the game for a very reasonable fee.

Rez is an on-rails shooter, fundamentally similar to the StarFox and Panzer Dragoon series of games. Stylistically, Rez is completely distinctive. The game eschews realistic graphics for a very surreal and stylized experience, using wireframes and bold colors to match the pulsating trance soundtrack. Additionally, the player’s actions have a direct impact on the game’s soundtrack and visuals, as shots and explosions are timed to the music and create bursts of color that sometimes mimic sound waves.

Rez HD Rez HD

While the game only features five areas, each provides a different experience visually and aurally. Rez HD also contains all of the extras of the previous console versions, omitting nothing to ensure the complete Rez package. Alternate game modes, color schemes, extra options and areas provide a new take for veteran players and extend replayability.

Rez remains one of the outstanding examples of stellar game design, with a unified vision matching sounds and sights wrapped around basic but solid gameplay mechanics. Rez HD is a highly recommended purchase to newcomers and Rez veterans alike, as the newly polished graphics and soundtrack have something new to offer even to those already familiar with the game. Rez HD is the definitive version of one of gaming’s most unique experiences, and at 800 Microsoft Points (the equivalent of $10 USD) it’s an absolute bargain.

Rating: 9/10

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The Club available on Steam


The Club

Sega and Bizarre Creations’ The Club is now available on Steam for $49.95 for those that like avoiding the distasteful task of traveling outside. You too can now watch as bits of data are transported magically from the Internet straight to your computer, transforming into a playable computer game after download!

The game will be available on Steam on Feb. 22 for everyone outside the United States. Sucks to be y’all.

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March Game Informer reveals Aliens: Colonial Marines


Colonial Marines

The cover of Game Informer’s March issue promises a “world exclusive” first look at Sega and Gearbox’s first-person shooter based on the popular Aliens license. The game is apparently titled Aliens: Colonial Marines.

The info blurb for the magazine issue also states that the game will be coming to PC and unspecified consoles in 2009, and will feature squad-based gameplay. Let’s hope it’s better than the franchise’s recent outings.


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Mario vs. Sonic – The Final Decision


Mario vs. Sonic

On the left we have Sonic, Sega’s blue blur that put the company on the map and helped define video games in the ’90s. On the right we have Mario, Nintendo’s chubby mascot that’s endured over 25 years and starred in games that have sold millions upon millions.

Who would win in a fight?

That’s the question that burned in every child’s mind since the two characters’ respective companies went head to head in the most heated console war the industry has seen. And now, we can finally know the answer.

An enterprising gamer with an import copy of Super Smash Bros. Brawl pitted the dynamic duo against each other as Level 9 computer-controlled AI. Final Destination. No items.

Hit the jump to find out who the real game mascot champion is.

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Gorgeous Sonic figures inspire desire, obsession


Sonic figure

First 4 Figures announced Tuesday that it reached an agreement with Jetix Consumer Products for the rights to make vinyl figures and statues of the classic versions of Sonic the Hedgehog characters.

The first wave of figures will be previewed at the upcoming Nuremberg and New York Toy Fairs, with an anticipated release of July 2008. The first wave will feature Sonic, Tails and Knuckles, with each figure standing about 4 to 5 inches tall. You can view preview images of all three figures at First 4 Figures’ web site.

No word yet on a price range for these collectibles, but they look absolutely stunning. Put me down for five of each.

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Sega releases Universe at War and The Golden Compass


Is your Universe at War??

It’s another good week to be a Sega fan, as Sega released two new titles: The long-delayed and much-anticipated Universe at War: Earth Assault, and the not-so-anticipated movie tie-in The Golden Compass.

All RTS fans should do themselves a favor and check out Universe at War on Windows via whatever method they have to: Buy a disc in retail stores, download it straight to your hard drive through Steam, or sacrifice the souls of 10 neighborhood dogs to the demon Beelzebub in trade for delicious strategy goodness.

The Golden Compass, based on the movie, based on the book, is obviously nothing more than a cash cow. Quite appropriate, considering the movie stars real-life cow Nicole Kidman! All serious Sega fans should buy at least one copy immediately. Hell, I’m buying it on all seven available platforms. Twice.

Phantasy Star Universe expansion details released


Ambition of the Illuminus

It’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for! Phantasy Star Universe expansion pack Ambition of the Illuminus has finally been dated for America and Europe.

For PC and PlayStation 2, the game will be available on Nov. 20 in North America, and Jan. 25 2008 in Europe, at around $40 USD. The coolest news is the expansion won’t even require the original PSU game, so those interested that don’t want to buy two separate games can immediately jump in to the new content!

For Xbox 360, the game will be available as an Xbox Live download only on Nov. 20 in North America and Europe, for 1600 points ($20). 1.75 GB of hard drive space and the original PSU disk are required.

The expansion boasts expanded character customization, new lobbies and a casino, new weapons and types, new combat abilities and increased class level caps, and new missions and enemies. Quite the robust package!

You can pre-order AotI at most major game retailers. If you missed out on the PSU action previously and want to get a head start now, the PC version is only $10 at Amazon.

While I stopped playing PSU in February and had many complaints with the game, Sega has actually fixed most of the issues in my absence. I have recently returned to PSU thanks to some online friends, and I’m having a blast yet again. I’m definitely looking forward to the expansion come November!

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