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New Content Coming ‘Home’ Today!


Earlier, we posted news about the Buzz and Fight Night spaces opening up today, but that’s not all that will be hitting Home. There’s also the new July Virtual Item update as well as the Namco Bandai Arcade (which is live as of right now). The mall has been totally revamped with new stores and a new layout.

According to Locust_Star, one of the Home developers, there is now a costume store, featuring new costumes as well as the ones already released:

…in the Costumes store, you’ll find the new Killzone 2 Helghast Tactician outfits as well as Samurai, Medieval Knight, Spartan, Luchadora, Robot, and Geisha costumes all waiting for you to collect. We’ve even bundled them together at special discount prices, so go check ‘em out…

Also of note is that there are more clothes available in the “Threads II” store as well, including new animated shirts.

Official posting can be found here.

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BUZZ! and Fight Night Spaces arrive in PlayStation Home


The BUZZ! space actually looks pretty fun. I know I’ll be trying that out. Would be cool if down the line you could host a private event. Doubt that would happen, but just a thought. I can see this space being very popular. Hopefully it’s not hard to get into a game like some other Home spaces …

Here, you can meet up with friends new and old and take part in a massive 64-player game of BUZZ! trivia. This content is fed into the space via – a site where you can create your own trivia questions for your fellow BUZZ! fanatics to tackle. So be sure to create an account and start uploading your trickiest trivia. Then get your butt into Home, hook up with your brainiest peeps, enter the BUZZ! HQ, and start racking up the prizes. Rest assured that we’ll be taking advantage of this sweet new space by regularly scheduling some truly awesome events.

The robot boxing looks interesting. Nice to see more updates on a consistent basis. Club DJ doesn’t really interest me, but the mini golf might be good.

This swanky boxing-themed night club space launches with an interactive DJ game, rewards, and plenty of places to chill with your nearest and dearest Home-boys and Home-girls. Note that this is just phase one of the Fight Night space (there are tons of mini-game updates and the new virtual items scheduled for near future deployment)

Looks like Namco Museum Essentials will be available too. If you haven’t downloaded this from the Asian PlayStation Store, do it it’s great. You can unlock arcade cabinets for your Home apt, clothing, items for your apt, etc.

This Week in PlayStation Home: BUZZ! and Fight Night Space Launches, and More!

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