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Blu-ray Releases for the week of 7.13.09


Here are the Blu-ray titles for this week. Highlights are: Wild Pacific, The Haunting in Connecticut, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon / Curse of the Golden Flower / House of Flying Daggers Trilogy.

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During these tough economic times people flock to videogames


Girl and Guy Play Video GamesVideo games have become the new comfort food of the modern age. Where it used to be movies and theaters it is now electronic entertainment, and the dominant form of that is video games.

NPR has a very interesting article discussing the issue, where they talk about entertainment from the Great Depression era all the way until nowadays. Here are some interesting nuggets:

* In the 1930s, Americans flocked to theaters for the cost of a nickel, where they got to see everything from melodramas, to romances, to films bursting with song and dance. For that nickel you saw two features, or sometimes two features and a news reel. And during the Depression, you got two features, a news reel and a raffle for Depression-ware china.

* Turn to 2008, and movie revenues are only up slightly, while the number of tickets sold has remained fairly consistent throughout the past decade.

* In comparison, video game sales in 2008 were up 43% from the same time in 2007 as of September 26th.

* David Riley of the NPD Group believes the reason video games are outperforming movies is due to “more bang for your buck”, movies a couple of hours, while video games give can give you anywhere from 15 to 100 hours of entertainment depending on the title.

I know for me personally, I always feel like watching TV and movies is a “waste of time” in the sense that I could be using the same amount of time to make a few hours of progress in whatever video games I’m currently playing. And I think that’s the biggest aspect of video games that separates it from passive entertainment like movies and television shows, you don’t have the same feeling of accomplishment that you get from a video game (you don’t gain any Achievements or unlock additional content by finishing a season of Smallville).

Not only that, but you also don’t have the same sense of “making progress” that you do in a video game, where you are actually “doing” something and working towards a goal, whether it’s kills in multiplayer, collecting furniture in Animal Crossing, defeating a boss or completing a chapter, all modern video games have some type of goal or way for the player to make progress and get further. And as mentioned above, video games also REWARD you for what you are doing, and I think that is one of their biggest draws.

I personally was never one who played video games to “escape”. Matter of fact, i wouldn’t even say I play them to relax (If I want to relax I’ll lay down and do nothing, listen to music or read a book); rather, I’ve always played video games simply to have fun, as something to do. And I think during hard times, video games are now more than ever the most attractive form of entertainment. As you can be rewarded, make progress, have fun, socialize, interact with others, achieve and feel every range of various human emotions through this form of entertainment. And it lasts much longer than any other form of entertainment. Which only makes the world a better place if you ask me.

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Zelda movie reeks of CD-i production values


Maybe it’s just me, but the new Legend of Zelda movie trailer looks low-budget and goofy. Yet another story that should have remained a video game. Good luck with those real-world tights, Link. Hopefully it’s just a lame IGN April Fool’s joke.

See also: CD-i Zelda [Wired]

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Iron Man movie teaser trailer online


Iron Man

Here’s some news that’s tangentially related to Sega: The first teaser trailer for the upcoming Iron Man movie is now online, and I have to say it is looking pretty sweet. Aww, yeah.

As all you Sega Nerds should know, Sega bought the rights to make games based on Marvel’s Iron Man character way back in November 2006. The game is being developed by Secret Level, which is also working on the upcoming new game based on the Golden Axe series. And before any of you babies start crying about how Golden Axe should be getting priority over Iron Man, I have it straight from Sega that there are two separate teams at Secret Level working on the two games. So the progress of one is not conflicting with the progress of the other.

Iron Man, the movie starring Robert Downey Jr., is scheduled to hit theaters May 2, 2008. The game should be released around the same time period. Mark your calendars, and hope the game turns out as good as the movie looks.

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Get your movies and T.V shows!



Starting today you can now rent movies and buy television shows.  Here is a price breakdown

New Releases

  • 720p HD movies= 480 MS points
  • 480p SD movies=320 MS points

Classic Films

  • 720p HD movies=360 MS points
  • 480p SD movies=240 MS points


  • 720p HD television=240 MS points
  • 480p SD television=160 MS points

As of right now 48 movies and 50 shows are online

Movies will be 24 hour rentals while T.V shows are yours to own.

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