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Konami ID’s Going Away


Pro Evolution Soccer 2010

Yes, Konami ID’s are going away. Starting with the release of Pro Evolution Soccer 2010. What about games that already use the ID? Konami has no plans to patch old games.

Most popular game to use the Konami ID is Metal Gear Online. If your letting the Konami ID stop you from even trying the game. You are missing out. Good news if there is a Metal Gear Online 2 it should be Konami ID free.

Konami ID’s to Be Scrapped

Sneak out and get MSG4:LE for $9.89



For today only at EB Games you can get Metal Gear Solid 4: Limited Edition for only $9.89. Which is a killer deal! If you haven’t played MSG4 yet, now you have no excuse. It’s a amazing game, single player and online.

Here are the deals for the rest of the week.

07.09.09 – Star Wars The Force Unleashed – $19.89 (PS3)
07.10.09 – Tom Clancy’s EndWar – $9.89 (PS3)

EB Games: MGS4 Limited Edition $9.89

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MGS4 Surprise Week / Metal Gear Online Updates & Free Bikinis


MGO has been updated to 1.33, it has a lot of bug fixes you can see the whole list here. It says “Damage for direct throws has been tuned.” Wonder if that means you can’t knock them out with one throw anymore with CQC-EX. Then the automatic CQC counter will only work if CQC’ed from the front. I prefer that actually, CQC-EX was to overpowered.

All this week Konami will have surprises for the one year anniversary of Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots. First surprise is free bikinis for those that have purchased the GENE expansion pack. Video of that in action below.

Another new surprise is a new stage, called the Icebound Inferno, which is also known as the “MGS4’s windy blizzard Shadow Moses stage.” Sounds like a great stage, I gotta try that. Then it seems like Snake will be selectable in more ways.

MGO Snow Stage

Wonder what other surprises Konami will have this week.

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Metal Gear Online MEME expansion pack ready for download today


Metal Gear Online for PS3Konami today released the newest Metal Gear Online MEME Expansion Pack.

It is available to download via the PlayStation Network store at a price point of $10, or $15 in a bundle with the previous “GENE” Expansion pack.

The pack comes with three new maps: Silo Sunset (from Portable Ops), Forest Firefight and Winter Warehouse.

Here are the additional features of the expansion:

Contains two new special characters:

* Liquid Ocelot – Has the ability to manipulate the Sons of the Patriots lock system with the Guns of the Patriots ability. In multiplayer, the Guns of the Patriots deactivates targeted enemies’ entire weapon system.
* Mei Ling – Has three special techniques – Trench Mortar, Soliton Sonar, and the ability to transfix an enemy.

Additional Rules and Settings (These can be played without purchasing the second expansion pack):

* No Headshot Setting: In this setting, headshots do not equal instant death. Headshots will cause the same amount of damage as a regular shot to the body
* Stealth Death Match: In this mode, you will begin the match with stealth turned on
* Interval: In this mode, players can practice strategy and also chat with each other without worrying about ranking or records

Official Tournament Lobby:

* Enables players to compete in a series of difficult battles where the winning player wins in-game gear and/or reward points that can be spent on character customization

New Avatar Gear – Players can also customize their avatar with comical gear

* Crocodile Cap: featured in Metal Gear Solid 3
* New Hair Styles
* Ghillie Suite: Metal Gear Solid 3’s sniper boss camo

Metal Gear Online is the multiplayer portion of Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots which is available exlusively on the PlayStation 3 from Konami.

Metal Gear Online reaches one million members


Konami is giving a reward to the one million worldwide MGO members. Just log into MGO between November 25 – December 9 and you get 10,000 reward points. Then 10 people from each region (North American, Europe and Japan), will get an additional 100,000 reward points. So good luck to you.

There is also a Gene/Meme bundle pack for $14.99 during the “holiday season”. I haven’t played MGO for a while, I’ve been so busy with other things. I want to get back into it, but LittleBigPlanet has my full attention for a while )

Konami launches ‘Commemorative Campaign’ for MGO

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Metal Gear Online Update


They changed the following below, it’s all server side so you don’t have to download anything. Nice that they added reward points to something other than survival (which only open from 8 – 11 p.m. Fri – Sun for me). But only 5 points?? Some things in the reward store cost 10,000!

1)Players will gain 5 reward points when they have finished a round in the automatching lobbies “SNAKE:EX”, “LIQUID:EX” and “SOLIDUS:EX”.

*The lobbies “SNAKE:EX”, “LIQUID:EX” and “SOLIDUS:EX” are only available for users who have bought the “MGO GENE EXPANSION”.

2)A new Survival Lobby “MK2″ has been added.

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Metal Gear Online – Instructor Mode


This is exactly why I like MGO: it’s so unique. It has so many things that other games don’t have. And this is another to add to that list. It started one night when I logged on for a few minutes and there was a news flash about the very first Instructor class, and only 15 people could get in. So I waited until 10 pm and refreshed like crazy and tried to join, but sadly I couldn’t get in.

But after a few days a lot of other people got to be a Instructor so it’s fairly easy to become an Instructor now. It really is a great place to refine your skills. I learned from one Instructor a easier way to get head shots from mid to close range.

Basically to become an Instructor you need to be in a room with an Instructor for 30 minutes then the Instructor will get a pop up message saying “User name can Graduate” (something like that). Then the instructor can wait for others to qualify or just start the Graduation Ceremony. I won’t say what it involves, but it’s fun to see for the first time. But even if you don’t get to graduate you at least get to watch. Just be sure to select yes to save after!

The Instructor can choose to promote you or not, so be respectful! This is me as an instructor )


I promoted 3 guys to Instructors last night, it was fun. We just chatted and tested out various things. Make each other fart, lol. See pics below P Click on any of the pics in the post to enlarge them.




Join Combat Training

Join a game in which you can receive Combat Training from the host player. Just like with “Join Game” in Free Battle, you can check what kind of game it is before joining. *Your skills during Combat Training will be the same as those set by the instructor.

Notes on Combat Training


In this mode, you will receive various lectures from the instructor. What the lectures are about are decided by the host instructor.
Check the comments when selecting a game, and choose one that you would like to learn more about.

Practice Mode

Practice mode comes after lecture mode and gives you a chance to apply what you just learned in a Team Death match. The instructor will be there to guide you along the way.


The instructor will decide whether a player deserves to “Graduate” after receiving a certain amount of combat training. If a player has what it takes and shows proper etiquette, then you can graduate them.

“Graduation” is one of the conditions necessary for obtaining the Instructor skill, which allows you to create your own “Combat Training” sessions.

Instructor Skill

To become an instructor and create combat training sessions, you must have the “Instructor Skill”. To earn this skill, you must clear certain conditions. We trust that all of you with the Instructor Skill will raise fine soldiers. Good luck!

MGO Online Manual

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Metal Gear Online Gene Expansion Details


There is a new mode called survival. While in survival mode you can earn Reward Points which can be used to buy gear for your character. You even get a extra character slot with this update. So if you want to create a lady character go for it.

Meryl and Johnny will now be in MGO too. Each have there own unique skills. You can’t manually choose to be them, it will be random just like Snake and the MKII.

Here are the new maps:

Coppertown Conflict / City of Sorrow

Tomb of Tubes / Underground Waterway

Virtuous Vista / South America Power Station

What I would love to see is a Shadow Moses level in MGO )

And just in case you didn’t know they recently updated MGO with another game mode a couple weeks ago called Team Sneaking. If your the sneaking team it’s quite a challenge, but very fun. Check it out.

Also if you ever create a game make sure to enable ghost pranks! Good times D


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Metal Gear Solid 4 downloadable content released. Metal Gear Online gets new Team Sneaking mode


Guns of the Patriots for PS3New downloadable content for Metal Gear Solid 4 has been added. The new content includes two new camo suits. To find the new content, take a look in the ‘Extras’ menu of Metal Gear Solid 4.

Laughing Camo
: Will cause enemy soldiers to laugh hysterically.

Raging Camo
: Causes enemy soldiers to howl in rage when you get near.

Both suits are free to download and cover Snake in Japanese text, with the above mentioned effects.

Also getting new content is Metal Gear Online. A new mode has been added, available as a free download, that will be sure to please fans who wished that more than one player could sneak around as Snake.

The new mode, entitled “Team Sneaking,” gives one team the task of using stealth to infiltrate the enemy team’s base and destroy a target within enemy territory. Like Snake in “Sneaking,” the stealth team is invisible until spotted and then stays visible until the caution timer runs out—much like the game’s single player mode. For those not interested in the stealth game, though, the update also includes a new host option called “Headshots Only” which changes the game’s rank point awards to penalize kills that aren’t headshots rather than reward them.

Via Opposable Thumbs

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Metal Gear Online beta delayed till April 26th


Metal Gear Online beta screenshot
Short version: Konami has delayed the Metal Gear Online beta till the start of April 26th. But the beta has also been extended until May 11th, so you can still get your Konami ID and game ID at to play.

A Metal Gear Online Starter Pack is included with Metal Gear Solid 4Don’t worry if you don’t get to play the beta. A Metal Gear Online Starter Pack is included with Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots (after its June 12th launch). Metal Gear Online is best described as: a squad-based, online multiplayer tactical shooter that supports up to 16 players and takes place in the Metal Gear Solid universe.

Long version: To quote Konami’s explanation: “As many of you already know, the Metal Gear Online Beta, originally scheduled to launch today, April 21st 2008, has been postponed. Due to this, we’ve also put a hold on our regularly scheduled Metal Gear Mondays content on the PlayStation Blog, to bring you the latest news.

Extraordinary levels of traffic from all over the world have caused the MGO Beta servers to destabilize, as such, the service has been unable to run. Because of this, we have made the following changes to the schedule.

The MGO team in Japan is currently working around the clock to stabilize the servers, and is aiming to launch gameplay this weekend of April 26th. We must note, given the current situation, this is subject to change.

To compensate for the delay, the MGO Beta period has been extended a week, now ending on May 11th. IMPORTANT NOTICE: Please note that your MGO Beta UPVCs will only be valid up until May 5th 2008, so please make sure to register them by then.

Please stay tuned to, the PS Blog, the Konami ID site, and Konami Japan’s MGO teaser site for all the latest MGO Beta status updates. If you need assistance, please contact us via and you can email us at

We would like to apologize for this inconvenience, and thank you for your patience. We know that you can’t wait to get started with Metal Gear Online, and we truly appreciate your enthusiasm, as well as your participation in the MGO Beta test – which really helps make MGO the best it can be!”

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