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Memory game played using Eye Tracking (PC)


To prevent whole generations of computer users with mouse arms, I imagine that eye tracking and voice control in combination with big touch screens for additional interactivity are the future. But for now we’re seeing the early beginnings with eye tracking used to control basic tasks on the desktop. Watch Martin Tall’s (cognitive science) demo that shows how to play a memory game simply by looking at the screen!

Via Hardocp

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Nintendo President hints at Wii storage space solution


Nintendo Wii hard diskNintendo President Satoru Iwata recently did Nintendo’s 07-08 Year End Financial Briefing Q&A. The total sales for the fiscal year just ended from Virtual Console and in a small part WiiWare (already launched in Japan, May 12th in the US and May 20th in PAL regions) was 7.8 billion yen (about $75 million)!

Mr. Iwata made a notable remark regarding the Wii’s internal memory (on storage space running out). To quote: “Statistically speaking, it is true that there are a small number of customers who feel that the flash memory is too small, while many others find that they have plenty of memory. However, because this small number of people are none other than the most avid players, we know we have to review the best possible solution to eliminate their inconvenience.”

Yes please, give us an external USB hard disk. Aesthetically speaking it’d be nice if it were in the shape of the Wii’s vertical stand. Since I doubt they’d allow third-party USB sticks to be loaded from. Right now I’m using a 2GB SD Card to store all games, but moving them back and forth is a bother. Besides, how long will anyone’s 512MB internal flash memory last once the bigger WiiWare games launch?

PR document via Neogaf, picture from VCreviews

Sony announced 16GB Memory Stick Duo for PSP


Sony 16GB Memory Stick DuoSony has announced they are launching a much bigger 16GB Memory Stick Duo for use with the PSP handheld in March 2008. The 16 gigabytes memory stick will have a retail price of $300. Their thinking lies with the die-hard multimedia crowd. Me, I’m still happy with my 1GB of space for TV shows and PSP demos. — Via Engadget

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Why you can’t play Wii Virtual Console games directly off an SD memory card


2000 Wii Points Card for use on the Virtual ConsoleA Nintendo customer service representative was asked why you can’t play downloaded Wii Virtual Console games directly off of the SD Card. You know, instead of having to either delete games then re-download them, or save games onto the SD cards and then transfer them back later on. His answer clears up any confusion you might have and at the same time makes our cries for a Wii USB Hard Drive even louder, since it could easily fit under the Wii to replace the stand. Anyway, his answer was:

“I don’t know if you’ve transferred any games from your Wii memory to an SD memory card. If you have, you’re already aware that it can take a long time. The data access speeds for the SD memory card are so slow that running a game directly from a card would be full of delays. For fast data transfer speeds, it’s necessary to have the game data reside in the system memory.

As players continue to download Virtual Console games, the Wii console’s internal memory will fill up. However, it’s important to note that the actual downloaded game and the license to have that downloaded game on your Wii console reside in two separate areas of your Wii Internal Memory. The game resides in the Channels section while the license is kept in your Wii Shop Channel account.

What this means to you is that once you’ve beaten a Virtual Console game, feel free to delete it to make room for another game. If at any point you decide to play it again, access the Wii Shop Channel and download it again. It is possible to delete and re-download purchased Virtual Console games as many times as you like for free, even if you were to re-format the console. This will allow you to free up the space you need for game saves and new Channels indefinitely.

The only way to delete or lose the license is to delete your Wii Shop Channel account entirely, which would then delete the licenses of all the games you’ve downloaded,” quotes Nintendoeverything.

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New 256MB memory card?


Not an actual 256MB memory card

Gamestop has recently put up on there site a 256MB memory card that is to be released March of next year. What’s worse is the price tag at an insane $59.99. I really don’t see the necessity of a memory card though when you can get a brand spankin’ new 20GB hard drive for only $30 more, especially since it holds about a bazillion more saves, and oh wait did I forget to mention that its removable. Is it really that cumbersome to take your hard drive off and take it to a friend’s house that people would be willing to fork over $60 for such a small amount of memory?

Gamestop page…

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