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Marvel Costumes Coming to LittleBigPlanet


Apparently, this concept art had been spotted at Comic-Con, showing little Wolverine, Iron Man, and Captain America Sack Boys. No word on when it will be released or whether or not it’s just those three or part of a larger pack. In any case, both IGN and Kotaku suspect that the costume pack will most likely coincide with the release of Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2. I think a Spider-Man and a Hulk costume should be included, as well as a whole slew of others. Imagine a Sack Hulk walking around with hands that look like those foam Hulk fists they sell in stores!

Turns out the Official PS Blog also posted this, with a few more bits of information:

Sony Computer Entertainment and Marvel Entertainment officially announced that they will be collaborating to create original LittleBigPlanet content based on the Marvel Universe. The news was revealed yesterday at Comic-Con International in San Diego during Marvel’s panel discussion highlighting the next generation of Marvel video games. To help illustrate what might be in store for fans, concept art of possible costumes were shown incorporating Iron Man, Wolverine and Captain America, however other characters will be considered.

In other words, this means that there will most likely be more than just these three. Cool.

EA’s Marvel fighter canned, Marvel vs Sega please.



Lets face it, we all know that the fighter EA was developing for Marvel was going to suck big time. So you’ll be happy to hear the game has been canned, but what has this got to do with Sega you ask?

Marvel, EA Call the Whole Thing Off
Agree to disagree.
by Daemon Hatfield
 January 28, 2008 – It was just last summer that Electronic Arts and Marvel announced plans to create a new fighting game franchise featuring a roster of characters from Marvel’s stable. EA was developing the first entry in the series, but that studio was closed in November. The future of the Marvel fighting game was uncertain.

Today Marvel Interactive confirmed its deal with EA has been terminated.

“Electronic Arts and Marvel have jointly agreed to discontinue development of Marvel fighting games under the Electronic Arts brand,” said Justin Lambros, VP of Marvel Interactive. “This was a business decision based on Electronic Arts portfolio strategy and will not affect Marvel’s ongoing plans to release fighting games based on the Marvel properties in the future.”

Marvel apparently intends to continue pursuing its character-based fighting game, although it hasn’t revealed any more about what developers/publishers might be involved.

 From IGN

Well let me explain, as most of you know Sega and Marvel have been getting quite friendly of late with Sega signed to deliver multiple Marvel titles and god knows everyone loved the Marvel vs Capcom series.

I’ll get to the point here, what I’m getting at is Marvel vs Sega developed by Arc System Works on the Guilty Gear Engine. Sega, common! This is a golden opportunity to make something fantastic, don’t waste it!

Everyone loves Marvel heroes, us Sega fans want to see Sega use their old characters more often and Marvel vs Capcom is a cult classic. Get on it Sega, get on it now!

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New Iron Man game trailer


GameTrailers recently put up the new trailer for the upcoming Iron Man game.

I have to say, the game is looking pretty damn cool.  The video uses voice overs from the movie (and I assume game too), as it shows off some great flight action, and some good looking closeups.

We saw some early tech-demo footage, a few months back, and the game looked kind of ok, but also pretty bland and boring.

Granted trailers are edited to make the product look better, but the game looks great in this new video, I’m really looking forward to seeing more of it.  The graphics have definitely been stepped up a notch over the previous video.

[Original video source: GameTrailers]

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Hulk developers revealed



When Sega announced an expanded collaboration with Marvel Entertainment way back in April, a developer was already working on the Incredible Hulk tie-in videogame, which will be based on the upcoming film starring Edward Norton. A long four months later and Sega’s finally announced the mystery developers that have been slaving away to bring us the Hulky goodness.

Edge of Reality is working on the console versions of the Hulk game. Edge of Reality, which got its start porting games to the Nintendo 64, is also currently developing Cipher Complex for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. No platforms for the Hulk game have been announced yet.

Amaze Entertainment is developing the handheld versions.

The Incredible Hulk movie is scheduled to hit theaters on June 13, 2008. The game will probably be released sometime around or before that date.

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