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Awesome Lava Level Video


I’ve never seen a MotorStorm 2 video like this one before. You can see the effect of environmental heat on your boost meter. There’s also cooling off areas, which I haven’t seen before either.

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MGS4 – Henning’s Impressions


I’m done Act 2 of Metal Gear Solid 4, and I thought I’d give some of my impressions of the game so far. Small warning – I give away lots of gameplay information, but no plot information.

But first, let me just say that this game is a watershed game for me. As many of you know, I like multiplayer – especially local multiplayer – games. As a general policy, I don’t play single player games or single player campaigns. I love CoD4 for example, but haven’t played the campaign. I tried the GRAW2 campaign, but got stuck. But because everyone was raving about what a great game MGS4 is, I decided to request a copy for Father’s Day, and I haven’t looked back since. This game is very addicting, and it’s a blast. It’s got me hooked on single player gameplay (at least for this game). So I’m gonna give CoD4 campaign mode a try after I’m done this one. I might even go back to GRAW2 with a walkthrough in hand. )

I’m playing MGS4 on easy mode, because my only previous experience with the Metal Gear franchise was a small bout on MGS2 that didn’t go so well. I’m not generally a very skilled player, I just enjoy playing games. That said, I think I should have at least tried the next-to-easy difficulty. It’s ridiculous the amount of damage I can take on easy, and the baddies just stand around not shooting at you a lot. Though I have to say this superior health helped me during my first boss battle, which was really cool by the way.

One thing that’s just crazy about this game is the number of items and weapons. It’s overwhelming at first, and after a bit I decided to just ignore most of them and go about my business. I am starting to explore them a little now, but there’s lots to learn. Next time around, when I play at a harder difficulty, I’ll play around with the weapons even more. (Yes, I plan to play the game again. That’s how good it is.)

One small thing to note here (small spoiler, but you’ll probably appreciate it). You can pick up the camera and an extra battery using the little robot doohicky thing during briefing sessions. You might want to do that in your first briefing so that you have access to those objects throughout the rest of the game. The battery would have helped me out in several instances. I only got it at the end of act 2 and have yet to use it. (Thanks for the tip Tosh.)

I find the cutscenes a tad long sometimes. I’m sitting there waiting for action and am thinking okay, let’s get on with it already. Second time around, I’ll definitely be skipping the cutscenes.

You’re well rewarded by doing a lot of exploring. You can pick up items all over the place. Tosh tells me that if you pick up and drop a killed or knocked out soldier, that he’ll typically drop more stuff. Even if you do it a second time. I have to try that out now, because I don’t have many Drebin points for spending on weapons and such.

Speaking of weapons, they’re customizable, which is cool. I have a shotgun attachment on my M4. Sweet. I’ll be doing more playing around with weapons as the game progresses. I’m finally getting comfortable with that stuff.

The camo suit is cool. I like to make my camo look like all sorts of funky things I find in the levels. At one point, I had hand prints all over, which was funny. Second time around, I plan to take a bunch of pics of my camos.

There are just so many things you can do in this game, it’s crazy. Tosh has told me about knocking a guy out, placing down the magazine, then waking the guy up and watching the reaction. Good stuff. This game is a universe to itself, and zipping through it just to get to the end is not the way to play.

I’ve heard it said that you don’t have to kill a single person in the MGS games if you don’t want to. But that’s no fun. I try not to kill any rebels, but I do kill PMC types. Adds more variety to the game and makes it more fun. Sometimes I just knock them out instead. Because I can!

Great game.

Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots

Published on June 24th, 2008 under

Motorstorm 2 Trailer [Update: Details]


Wow, that looks very fun ) Hopefully we’ll see some actual game play soon.

Some official info on the game at last. It’s based on a tropical island, huge variety in environmental hazards, has monster trucks, and four-player split-screen mode. The game is out in fall.

For full details hit the link below.


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Metal Gear Online Beta Info



The MGSO Beta will begin on April 21st, 2008 and go for about 2 weeks. To get in you need to pre-order the game. Not sure where honestly, it just says “all major retailers”. I did mine at EB Games but I’m going to double check on this April 1st to make sure they are park of the “pre-sell program”.

Another bonus you’ll get for pre-ordering is:

Metal Gear Saga 2.0 DVD, containing a Prologue that recaps the Metal Gear franchise, a 20th Anniversary retrospective, character bios for Big Boss, Liquid Snake, Solidus Snake, and Solid Snake, plus a collection of international trailers of Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots.

You’ll get a code in the bonus DVD and that code is only while supplies last. So run home as fast as possible and enter that code in, lol. Soon I have my MGSO fix D I’ve been in Metal Gear Online withdrawal since the MGS3 Online servers where taken down.

Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots FAQ

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Henning’s Dreams Come True!



Motorstorm 2 is due out in time for Christmas and moves the action away from the desert locale of the original. Gamers will be able to race around a lush island environment, full of interactive vegetation.

The game will feature four-player split-screen action, righting one of the obvious failings of the first game.

The title is some months away from completion but the game’s engine looked rock solid and the graphics were as impressive as one would expect from one of the best-looking racing franchises.

I hope there is rain in MotorStorm 2 and customisable soundtracks, not to mention a greater sense of speed.

Thanks to Bunnyhero for the link in the Shoutbox!

MotorStorm 2 to have 4 player splitscreen

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Star Wars: The Force Unleashed gameplay wrapped into one bundle of joy


Inside of me the hype I feel for Star Wars: The Force Unleashed is slowly reaching a boiling point which hopefully will explode this summer. After so many subpar Star Wars games could this new title be a wonderful next-gen experience wrapped in Star Wars lore?

The only thing that could possibly worry me is could levitating enemies get a bit boring once the novelty has worn off?

-Michael “Thrills Killa” Pacheco-

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Metal Gear Solid 4 Demo in February


This scan is from the latest issue of PSW magazine. I hope this is true, I want to try this out! I’ve loved the MGS series since the first one. I actually saw a commercial for MGS1 and right after the commercial I went out and bought it. I have never regretted that purchase or any of the other MGS’s for that matter )


MGS4 Demo Coming To PSN in February

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New MotorStorm Tracks: Verdict


Well, I now know why the two new MotorStorm tracks only cost $2.99US and $3.99Cdn (ripped off again!). They’re SHORT!

Put the two tracks together, and they’re still not as long as some original MotorStorm tracks. First I played Diamondback and was surprised by how short it was (about 40 seconds). It’s a good, fun track, but still. So I figured the other track would be a lot longer. So I tried Eagle’s Nest and it’s about the same length!

Diamondback is actually a figure-8 track, which will make things rather interesting once more cars are on the track. (I just played Time Attack mode.) Why? Because there’s no bridge where the tracks cross!

Man, this game would be so much more fun if it had splitscreen…

Two New MotorStorm Tracks Due Today

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Two New MotorStorm Tracks Due Today


Diamondback Speedway and Eagle’s Nest are two new tracks for MotorStorm that you should be able to purchase online today. The map pack costs what is actually a pretty reasonable sum: $2.99.


I’m still a little sore that more tracks weren’t part of the original game. And I don’t really play MotorStorm much, though I would if it had splitscreen! But a small part of me tells me that these tracks look oh so cool and that I really should be checking them out. Doh!

Must … resist …

Two New MotorStorm Tracks Tomorrow

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FIFA Street 3 demo now available on XBLM



In great wisdom raining down from the EA BIG overlords, FIFA Street 3 can now be tried out by way of a demo found on the Xbox Live Marketplace. As the EA BIG Street/Tour Series winds down its debuts on “next/current”gen hardware, there’s only one question left. Where is SSX? SSX will be seen in glorious HD, right?

Content: FIFA Street 3 Demo
Price: Free
Availability: All Xbox LIVE regions
Dash Text: [ESRB: E (Everyone)] Download the demo for FIFA Street 3 and enjoy the ultimate arcade football experience! Take the worlds best players to the streets and experience all the style, flair and attitude of street football like never before. Visit for more info.

[Via Major Nelson]

-William “thewilleffect” Bell-

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