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Conan O’Brien and Jon Stewart spoof Grand Theft Auto IV


Conan O’Brien showed a more friendly, toned down game of Grand Theft Auto IV in one of his comedy skits in Late Night with Conan O’Brien. He notes “I’m not sure it’s better. Take a look.”

The Daily Show covers the Grand Theft Auto IV “violent” launch and goes in-game with a virtual correspondent in Liberty City. Comedian Jon Stewart asks “Have you ever tried getting blood out of satin?”

Thanks to Mike and Joe for the tips!

Jon Stewart’s hilarious take on Second Life


Jon Stewart, Beowolf Porpoiseburg, and Rob Riggle’s avatar all report for The Daily Show on the American Congress Hearings by GLITTERACTICACOOKIE in a discussion about the potential dangers of the virtual world Second Life. *breathes in* Oh yeah!

Via Kotaku, more info at the Washington Post.

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Jon Stewart plays Wii at the Oscars in front of 1 billion viewers!


The Nintendo Wii comes with Wii Sports that includes Tennis and other gamesWatch Wii Sports being played by Jon Stewart at this year’s Oscars in front of 1 billion viewers worldwide! It was quite funny to see them playing Tennis as they cut back from commercials. Jon was the comedic presenter of the yearly Academy Awards, while the girl was in some Disney musical that had just performed a song on the show.

Here’s a little useless trivia for you: Wii Sports was first unveiled at this same Kodak Theater.

Take a look at Jon playing Wii Sports Tennis:

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