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The Weekly Recap (July 12-18)


Well, last week was rather busy! We had a total of 33 submissions! It was very hard to keep up with the news, especially if you missed a few days. Might have missed out on some stories the may have piqued your interest…

Anyway, here’s what we had going on last week:

Little Big Ghostbusters.
Trev – July 12th

PS3 Slim spotted in the wild?
Tosh – July 13th

French Website Claims to Have Release Dates For the Rest of 2009
Eddie – July 13th

New King of Fighters XII Video
Tosh – July 13th

White Knight Chronicles Fact Sheet
Eddie – July 14th

Quarter 4 Sony Games and Our Poor Wallets
Eddie – July 14th

Sony Unveils New Development Strategy for PSP
Eddie – July 14th

Relentless Software Developing Murder Mystery Game Exclusive to PSN
JimmyMagnum – July 14th

Modern Warfare 2: Prestige Edition comes with working night vision goggles!
Tosh – July 14th

Is this sony’s new way to hype?
Thepreppymonk – July 14th

Fallout 3 DLC update.
Trev – July 14th

Tony Hawk:Ride 2?
Thepreppymonk – July 14th

PC Engine aka TurboGraphx 16 Coming to PSN
Eddie – July 15th

LittleBigPlanet 2 will play nice with old levels and LBP Demo Coming
Tosh – July 15th

Pulse Confirms PSN Summer Sale
Eddie – July 16th

BUZZ! and Fight Night Spaces arrive in PlayStation Home
Tosh – July 16th

Limited Edition Assassin’s Creed Bloodlines PSP Entertainment Pack
Jimmy Magnum – July 16th

Replayability and its fine uses.
Thepreppymonk – July 16th

Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker treated as a PS3 game
Thepreppymonk – July 16th

New Content Coming ‘Home’ Today!
JimmyMagnum – July 16th

Kojima explains his unusual countdown site.
fleakitten – July 16th

June 2009 Hardware Sales
Darrin – July 16th

DC Comics and Wildstorm to Run God of War Mini-Series
JimmyMagnum – July 16th

The PSEye:Natal
Thepreppymonk – July 16th

First Mod Nation Racers Trailer
Eddie – July 17th

Gran Turismo PSP Gameplay.
Trev – July 17th

SCEE Confirms 3 Hour Press Conference for GamesCom
Eddie – July 17th

Wipeout Fury HD 23rd July – £7.99.
Trev – July 17th

More Killzone 2 Napalm and Cordite DLC Details
JimmyMagnum – July 17th

An Opinion on Sony’s Face Recognition, the Eye and Marketing
JimmyMagnum – July 18th

Upcoming Yakuza Game May Sport a Well Known Porn Star
Eddie – July 18th

Rage – ID Software’s New Multi-platform Title
Eddie – July 18th

Valkyria Chronicles 2 Announced
Thepreppymonk – July 18th

That’s 33 new articles this week! Last week, we had 18. We totally killed that record! Again, these don’t include store updates, last week’s Weekly Recap or QuickNews. As for other things, I give up! Once again, Eddie receives the much sought-after ‘Contributor of the Week’ title with 10 entries. Good job!

Emrah also get’s the ‘Comment of the Week’, only because he made me laugh so hard. It was a comment left in this article, and read:

First see-through nipple I’ve seen on ps3blog.

If you missed it, the picture used in the original posting was borderline inappropriate. You were able to see through the top she was wearing (though barely), revealing, well, the body part mentioned above. It was a good laugh though!

For past Weekly Recaps, you can view the archive here. You know, in case you missed it and/or you want to see what other stories you missed.

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DC Comics and Wildstorm to Run God of War Mini-Series


News came about a couple days ago, but I hadn’t gotten to posting it until now (slipped my mind). This will be a six-issue mini-series detailing Kratos’ past. They will begin to release in October and run up to the release date of God of War III. IGN had the exclusive coverage. Here is a snippet from IGN Comics’ interview with Marv Wolfman, the guy who’s going to do the writing:

IGN Comics: It’s our understanding that the mini-series operates within two timelines, the first of which takes place between the first two games. What can fans expect to see in these segments? Is Kratos largely struggling to be free from his nightmares and be accepted by the Greek gods?

Wolfman: The present day story is firmly set between God of War 1 and 2. The flashback story starts when Kratos is 7 and is brought into the Spartan army, as Spartan children were, and continues to when he is over 30, married, and has to go on a mission to save the life of Calliope, his daughter. Events in the past completely inform the present day story.

As far as Kratos’ nightmares go, without giving away too much, the entire present day story is his reaction to what happened in the first game. We don’t show the nightmares but they are the reason he’s after what he’s after. We also get strongly involved with the Barbarian King, seen in games 1 & 2. Kratos’ battle with the Barbarian is what causes him to pledge his allegiance to Ares in the first place.

Sounds very interesting and may be worth picking up!. For the entire interview and a few other tidbits, check it out at IGN Comics. For information on Marv Wolfman’s other works, check him out on Wikipedia and over at his official site. Kevin Sharpe will be doing artwork while Andy Park draws the coverart.

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Insightful interview with Kaz Hirai.


An interesting article with Kaz Hirai has been conducted by UK newspaper The Guardian. It also contains one of the best quotes i have ever heard from a video game company executive;

The PS3 is only a quarter way through a 10-year life cycle. So we want to make sure that we are supporting and exciting the core gamers. [...] If you go mainstream too quickly and don’t support the core gaming audience then you lack the pillar to support your platform. Without this pillar you end up with a fickle audience that might be big but will probably move on. This is fine if you’re looking at a 5 year life cycle like all of our competitors, even looking back in history, have always done. The new console comes out and the old one is immediately disregarded. We tend to take a longer term view of how we manage the platform and the software titles that come out at any given time.

It seems logical that the Nintendo players could leave the Wii just as quickly as they arrived and that Sony has planned well for the long term.
a good read and i reccommend you take the time out to read it.

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Disaster 2 concept ready for Wii despite slow sales and Baten Kaitos Wii being considered


Day of Crisis screenshot shows hero Raymond BryceDisaster: Day of Crisis is a unique and intense “panic inducing survival game” exclusively for Wii, developed by Monolith Software (Xenosaga, Baten Kaitos. Nintendo bought Monolith back in April of 2007) and published by Nintendo.

In the game you must survive a wave of natural disasters and save the the United States from a rogue group of special forces who seize a nuclear weapon by using all the capabilities of the Wii system including extensive motion controls that compliment the gameplay instead of hinder it.

Day of Crisis European Wii BoxartThe game is a hybrid of adventure, RPG leveling, shooting, driving, platforming, context-sensitive action, and arcade-like elements brought together with a story that Supa describes as a mix between the action TV show “24″ and the disaster movie “The Day After Tomorrow” where players race a car down a mountain to escape a lava avalanche, dodge toppling buildings during a devastating earthquake and swim for their lives during a raging flood. SOUNDS GREAT TO ME!

Sadly though, the game has not sold well and may not see a release in North America (it’s out now in Japan, Europe and Australia).

In an interview with Cubed3, developer Yamagami stated how the game may not come to the United States due to the combination of slow to poor sales and the fact that Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime doesn’t seem to be a big fan of the game. He went on to state however that “Regardless of the region, ‘DISASTER’ can be enjoyed by any consumer that loves ‘disaster’ style movies.”

Even though we may not get the Wii version, another of the developers stated that they would love to do a Disaster 2 sequel, stating that “…there were so many wonderful options [ in the game ]. We would like to see the possibility for them, if we have chance to develop the sequel…” and furthermore, that the sequel may appear on DS if enough fans request it.

Baten Kaitos 1 for GameCubeInterestingly enough, a sequel is already in place . . . but may not see fruition. It all really depends on fan demand so be sure to let them know how much you enjoy the game and how much you want to see it come to North America!

And in other Monolith news, there would appear to be more than one project underway at the studio, including a possible new Baten Kaitos game! He said their team is “willing to start developing Baten Kaitos” when given the go-ahead. Which should be music to the ears of GameCube fans who got their RPG fix due to Baten Kaitos 1 and Baten Kaitos 2: Origins.

* Thanks to Siliconera for the Disaster Screenshot

The Last Remnant launch trailer, developer interviews and gameplay videos


The Last Remnant for Xbox 360Square Enix’s latest epic, The Last Remnant, is out now for Xbox 360. It is scheduled for release for PS3 on April 1, 2009.

The game is Square Enix’s attempt at creating an RPG that was focused and built from the ground up to appeal to Western audiences, which would mark a pretty big departure for the Japanese role-playing experts, who in the past would create their games with their homeland people in mind. Even though development for a lot of companies has shifted to the West in recent years as the Japanese game industry’s influence has begun to wain.

So it’ll be interesting to see how their latest game does. If it sells well, then they will likely shift even more of their games and series to appeal to Western audiences.

About the Game:
In ancient times, mysterious artifacts referred to as Remnants were discovered all over the world. People used these objects for their awesome powers — a choice that eventually began to cause a rift in the world’s balance. Equality was replaced by those who ruled and those who were ruled over. War was inevitable. A thousand years later is when this story begins…

Rush lives with his sister Irina on secluded Eulam Island, far from the power struggles for Remnants that are occurring back on the mainland. However, this peaceful life is shattered when his sister is suddenly kidnapped by a mysterious group of soldiers right before his eyes. He immediately sets off after them, unaware of the evils of the outside world but determined to find his sister at any cost.

* Experience groundbreaking graphics, only possible on next-generation platforms, that bring the intensity of gameplay to an entirely new level.
* A dramatic storyline about war and mysterious powers called Remnants are brought to life by the creators of FINAL FANTASY and the SAGA franchise.
* Uncover the mystery of the Remnants, powerful artifacts from an ancient civilization that are scattered around the world and stand as they were a millennia ago.
* The game’s art is developed by Yusuke Naora, the art director of FINAL FANTASY VII, FINAL FANTASY VIII, and FINAL FANTASY X.
* With more than 15 warriors under your command and a unique morale-based battle system, THE LAST REMNANT increases the player’s ability to strategize battle more than its RPG predecessors
* Navigate a massive battlefield while surrounded by countless foes and friends
* Immerse in exhilarating, large-scale battles through a never-before-seen battle command system
* The gameplay features a dynamic turn-based system that creates a sense of continuity of action

Interview with the game’s director.

Mysterious Remnants Interview

Gameplay Videos

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Interview with John DiMaggio voice of Marcus Fenix in Gears of War 2


Real Marcus Fenix Gears of War 2 ArtworkJohn DiMaggio is one lucky guy. Voicing Marcus Fenix in Gears of War 2 he gave a radio interview in which he simply comes off as . . . one heck of a cool, laid-back, nice, fun, kick-ass dude. A dude who got to take part in one of the best video games of 2008.

Gears of War 2 for Xbox 360In addition to voicing Marcus in Gears of War (oh and be sure to check out our Gears of War 2 cheats guide for help with the game), he also does the voice of Bender in Futurama! What’s insane is how he can make his voice so deep for the part of Fenix, and yet do Bender and other voices as well. He is definitely one heck of a talented guy.

And if you haven’t heard him before, be prepared to love him. In this interview he talks about guy stuff: from football to beer to video games to cartoons and everything in between. Very interesting!

John DiMaggio Marcus Fenix Radio Interview Part 1

John DiMaggio Marcus Fenix Radio Interview Part 2

Thanks to Mataleone for the artwork.

Neverwinter Nights 2: Storm of Zehir hits store shelves. Trailers and interview videos


Storm of Zehir Expansion Pack for PCLots of PC Expansion Packs just hit store shelves, including Neverwinter Nights 2: Storm of Zehir, which just released yesterday, November 18th, for the PC.

There have been several interesting blogs posted by the developers of the game, particularly this one about Neverwinter Nights 2: Storm of Zehir’s orchestral musical score. So be sure to check those out.

About the game:
In the aftermath of the defeat of the King of Shadows, the Sword Coast is in the midst of an uneasy economic recovery. Trade syndicates have sprung up to exploit the post-war confusion for their own ends and the players’ party will wade into this uncertain environment. In order to increase their own fortunes, they can either ally with a syndicate to create a trade empire, or cut their own path through Faerun by preying upon caravans and selling the goods on the black market. As they attempt to extend their influence, players will become aware of a new faction working behind the scenes: the evil, shape-shifting, serpentine Yuan-Ti.

In addition to trading and economic manipulation, the Neverwinter Nights 2: Storm of Zehir Overland Map allows players to explore the Chultan Peninsula and Sword Coast in a non-linear manner never before seen in any of the Neverwinter Nights games. Exploration will take players from well-known locations, like Neverwinter and Crossroad Keep, to more exotic areas, such as the xenophobic jungle nation of Samarach. Groups of highwaymen and monsters populate the Overland Map and the farther from civilization the player roams, the more difficult the encounters become. The 15-hour campaign in Neverwinter Nights 2: Storm of Zehir is also packed with new classes, spells, creatures, and playable races.

Key Features of Neverwinter Nights 2: Storm of Zehir include:
* Travel the Sword Coast and Samarach using the open-ended exploration of the new Overland Map. Use skills like Spot and Survival while on the Overland Map to avoid ambushes and even find hidden locales and lost artifacts
* Create your own full party of adventurers. Devastate your foes with a squad of fireball-flinging Sorcerers, form a solid wall of steel with a party of Fighters, or strike the perfect balance in your party by spreading out the classes you choose for your characters
* Improved party gameplay including streamlined party conversations, a new Teamwork Benefit System, and powerful party feats
* The world’s economy reacts to your adventures and choices. And, through trading and quests, you can expand your merchant company into a massive trading empire

Last but not least, here is a developer interview from E3 2008.

Animal Crossing: City Folk interview with Nintendo President Iwata


City Folk for WiiThe first Animal Crossing game for the Wii, Animal Crossing: City Folk, is now available. The game allows you to live out your life within a town where you can do fun activities like fishing, collection furniture, catching bugs, shop and communication with the residents of your town. Naturally, the Wii version allows you to play the game with up to three other friends online via Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection and even do voice chat with the Wii Speak microphone.

In this interview with Satoru Iwata, the President of Nintendo, he and the designers of Animal Crossing: City Folk discuss the game at length. The interview is pretty long but it’s still a fun read.

Iwata: Exactly three years have passed since Animal Crossing: Wild World was released for Nintendo DS. I’m sure there are many fans that have been waiting expectantly for this title. Firstly, could I ask each of you to explain what your role in the game’s development was?

* Animal Crossing: Wild World was released in Japan in November 2005 and in the US in December 2005. It was the fourth title in the Animal Crossing series (only second in terms of U.S. releases), and the first to be released on a handheld console.

Nogami: My name is Hisashi Nogami and I work in the Production Department of the Entertainment Analysis & Development Division (EAD). As the director of this title, my role was to oversee its development from the original concept, as well as working on other aspects of the game such as the development of its communication-related features.

Moro: I’m Isao Moro, and I’m also from the Production Department of EAD. I worked as sub-director on Animal Crossing. My role was to oversee the development and implementation of system features and to work on debugging.

Kobayashi: My name is Ryuji Kobayashi, also from the Production Department of EAD. On this title, I worked as the design director and was in charge of directing and editing the game’s graphics.

Kyogoku: My name is Aya Kyogoku and I am also working in EAD, in the Production Department. As the Sequence Director, I was responsible for all elements relating to the animal’s behaviour and dialogue, such as writing the script.

Iwata: Thank you. Now, Nogami-san, could you tell us how the planning for this project began?

Nogami: Certainly. As soon as the DS version of Animal Crossing was completed, I was involved for some time in software development for Wii, including Wii Sports. I then went on to oversee development of the Mii Channel for Wii.

Iwata: As things turned out, you ended up getting sucked into working on the Mii Channel.

Nogami: And I was told to knock it into shape within two months! (laughs) Then, after things had settled down a bit on the Mii Channel, I was assisting with the general development of the Wii system. It was at that point that I started to think about Animal Crossing, and I was thinking: “Isn’t it about time we started planning the next title?” But I really didn’t have any time, so I was at a loss as to what to do.

Iwata: At that time, I was frequently joining meetings about the Wii system development so I had a lot of opportunities for discussion with Nogami-san. But it didn’t seem as if the work on the Mii Channel was going to end any time soon, so I was concerned as to when he might be able to work on Animal Crossing.

Nogami: It was in December 2006, when my involvement with the work on the Wii system functions had drawn to a conclusion, that we began work on the Animal Crossing. I did have some work still to do on the Mii Channel following its launch, but I did this at the same time as starting work on Animal Crossing.

Iwata: So that means that this title has taken about two years to develop. Can you tell us what you were most conscious of when you first looked at the new Wii console while thinking about how to develop an Animal Crossing title for it?

Nogami: As you would expect, the thing that I was most conscious of was WiiConnect24.2 Fortunately for me, working on the Mii Channel had taught me a great deal about what kinds of things you might be able to do using WiiConnect24.

*2 WiiConnect24 is a Nintendo network connection for Wii which is always online and can automatically download new information and other data.

Iwata: So asking you to work on that project turned out to be useful. I’d love to be able to tell you that when I first asked you to work on the Mii Channel, I had Animal Crossing in mind. But in fact, the development of the Wii system functions sucked many people into working on it and no one had any time. I certainly didn’t have time to consider anything like that! (laughs)

All: (laughter)

Nogami: At that point, I had researched the functions of the Wii system thoroughly and knew exactly what was possible. So my starting point was to think about how these functions could come to life in Animal Crossing.

: I will come back to the way you decided to use the Wii system functions in Animal Crossing a little later in the discussion. Before we go to that, could you tell us how you ended up becoming involved, Moro-san?

Moro: I was the System Director for the Nintendo DS version.

: So it was natural that you should work on the Wii version.

Moro: Yes, it was. As with Nogami-san, when work calmed down a little on the Wii system functions, I became involved in Animal Crossing quite naturally.

Iwata: And how about you, Kobayashi-san?

Kobayashi: I was also involved in the DS version, but as soon as it was completed, I worked on assisting development of New Super Mario Bros. along with Wii Sports and Wii Play. At the same time, I was overseeing the graphics on the Mii Channel. Then once that was over…

Iwata: We really know how to put people to work at this company, don’t we? Well, I’m not really the one who should be saying that! (laughs)

Kobayashi: When those projects were over, I became involved in the Animal Crossing project. So it’s really the same kind of timing as the other people here.

Iwata: So you were able to shift from one job to another without it being a waste. As Miyamoto-san always says, “life should be lived without waste”. Kyogoku-san, I spoke to you before, during the interview about The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess.

Kyogoku: That’s right. The Zelda project ended in the late autumn of 2006, and I was able to take a break over the winter holiday. But then, I was just told something like, “And now, take care of the next ‘Animal Crossing’, please.” So I got sucked into it too! (laughs)

Iwata: Your main job was to prepare the script, meaning you had to think about the character’s dialogue. Wasn’t there a huge difference between working on Animal Crossing and Zelda?

Kyogoku: Absolutely. It has a completely different feel to it. But in terms of the amount of dialogue, as far as I was concerned, there wasn’t much difference. They were both very demanding.

Iwata: And on top of that, there was the localization. With the translation work to prepare the versions for worldwide release, there were a lot of elements that needed to be adapted for each different language and culture. I’m sure in that sense it was even tougher than Zelda.

Kyogoku: That was the case with this title in particular, because it’s scheduled for release at around the same time worldwide. Our colleagues from NOA (Nintendo of America) would keep asking us when Animal Crossing would be ready.

Iwata: I think that’s because NOA (Nintendo of America) were well aware that the sheer volume of text in Animal Crossing meant it was going to be no ordinary title. (laughs) So they needed to make sure they were prepared by getting the localization structures established well ahead of time. Okay, let’s go back to the start of the project. With the team decided and work set to start on the Wii version, did you find there were aspects of the DS version which you felt obliged to carry over, or which somehow acted as obstacles?

: Naturally, there were issues like that. But we decided to put the previous title out of our minds for the time being, and start work on the next one afresh. After all, Animal Crossing was originally a title that you could enjoy fully even when playing the game on your own.

: It’s a game where players are able to decide what their own goals are and enjoy the game in their own way: “I’m going to complete this task!” or “I’m going to design a beautiful room!”

Nogami: But ever since the DS version, some people have come to think that if you can’t connect to other players then Animal Crossing isn’t going to be any fun.

Iwata: But it’s not just about that, is it?

Nogami: Right. There’s no doubt that connecting to other players makes the game more enjoyable. But it’s not as if everyone can play the game like that. That’s why it’s fine for players to play the game alone. But even when you’re playing alone, if you think “at some point I might try connecting with another player”, it totally changes your motivation while playing. By connecting to and interacting with other players, the enjoyment of the game really increases. By connecting with other players via the internet I think you’ll get double or triple the amount of enjoyment.

Iwata: The core element of this game which doubles or triples the enjoyment the player gets is the one you mentioned a little earlier: the use of WiiConnect24.

Nogami: That’s right. For this title, we’ve come up with four new core elements, one of which is the use of WiiConnect24.

You can read the rest of the interview (there are four more parts) at

EA Sports Active fitness trainer announced for Wii. Is EA’s competitor to Nintendo’s Wii Fit


EA Sports Active Wii Screenshot

EA has announced EA Sports Active as their first entry in the growing “fitness training” Wii genre. An EA Wii Fitness Balance Board game was rumored earlier in the year, so looks like EA has made good on that.

Aimed primarily at the female market, EA Sports Active will differentiate itself from other fitness training Wii games already on the market by focusing on Western-style fitness instead of Eastern style such as Yoga as in games like Wii Fit. It will include over 20 different sports (including tennis, boxing and running) as well as additional fitness tools that include a calorie counter, a “virtual personal trainer”, a 30-day weight loss program and customizable workouts.

EA Sport Active will not require the Wii Balance Board (but will support it) so gamers without one can play entirely by using just a Wii Remote and Nunchuck, although the game also includes a few unique gimmicks, such as a rubber strap that allows you to strap the controllers to your body for certain exercises like running. It will even include a rubber resistance band for strength training as well as a nutrition book.

EA Sport Active will be available in March of 2009 exclusively for the Wii at a price point of $60 dollars.

EA Sports’ Peter Moore also revealed a lot more details on EA Sports Active in an interview with GameSpot:

GS: OK. So we’ll continue with that. But, first off, in terms of the peripheral, when I saw it, it was basically a little neoprene strap. I ride my bike to work every day and have something similar for my iPod, so I looked at it and said, “That’s it?”

PM: Well, all that does on your bike is it just holds your iPod in place. We’ve spent a lot of time working with Nintendo on making sure it’s snug, that it doesn’t move, that it’s not inadvertently hitting buttons on either the Nunchuk or the Wii Remote. Either of them can go into the pouch, so getting the pouch shaped right was crucial. So was getting the sizing right, as it will come with two strap sizes in the box, one large and one small.

The real secret is getting the remote snugly attached to the body through these straps. Then, obviously, the software recognizes what you’re doing, and that’s reflected on your character on the screen. It knows if you’re going too deep in a squat or not going deep enough, and it knows if you’re pounding away when you’re running on the spot trying to catch up with two people on the track ahead of you. So that’s a lot of the tuning we’re doing here in getting this thing right.

GS: So, are you going to have any endorsements from celebrity trainers like Jillian Michaels?

: Bob Greene, who is Oprah’s trainer, is endorsing the game and is helping us build the game out. He obviously will be a big link to that consumer, which is important to us, and we can talk about that in a moment. Then there’ll be regular iterations of software updates that might be sports specific, or it might be body part specific, like your lower body, your upper body. Then we’re also working with licensees to have a line of peripherals that would enhance the workout experience in front of the television. It’s a pretty expansive product line–just not a singular piece of software–that will be constantly refreshed and added to as the years go on.

GS: Now you just said “product line”…

PM: Yes, think of EA Sports Active as a pretty comprehensive product line. It’s not just software but peripherals as well. Down the road, there will be more of a total workout [title]. But you can imagine there’s an abs version down the road. There’s a soccer version down the road. So, EA Sports Soccer, EA Sports Abs.

GS: And apparently you can just randomize the exercises?

PM: You can do like a shuffle, but I think what most people will do is what I’ve started to do, is you can build custom exercise playlists. Imagine a playlist in music for workouts. Rather than just have an album, you build a bunch of songs that fit what you’re doing. I do it when I’m running. I’ll get something to get me going, and then there’ll be some thrash metal in the middle, and then I’ll probably come down to a bit of Coldplay on the way out.

I like to build the music for whatever mood I’m in for at the particular time, and we can do the same thing with EA Sports Active. I’ve already found myself building some of my favorite exercises. In there we’ve got cardio boxing. We’ve got cardio dance. We’ve got softball. We’ve got tennis. So, you can customize what you want to do or what exercises you think you need to do more of, as well as things like squats and lunges and running on the spot and all the other stuff.

So, there’s a very strong customization level. There’s a 30-day custom workout that we’ll build for you, and we think the elements of personalization and customization are very important as well here, allowing you to do whatever you want to do. But at the same time, we’ll give you a lot of recommendations, what we think is good for you.

Sounds pretty interesting to me, at least it sounds like they are taking it very seriously and coming up with some unique ways to further the “genre”. I really like the idea of having different music to listen to as well, as that is a big aspect of working out if you ask me.

And in case you were wondering what the other fitness games already available on the Wii are, they include: Wii Fit from Nintendo, Active Life: Outdoor Challenge from Namco and Jillian Michaels’ Fitness Ultimatum 2009 from Majesco.

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Tom Clancy’s EndWar WWIII launch trailer


Pre-Order Tom Clancy's EndWar on PS3EndWar’s World War III is almost upon as, as the game releases for PS3, Xbox 360, and PC on November 4th in America and November 7th, 2008 in Europe. So brace yourself for Tom Clancy’s first foray into the RTS style “real-time tactics strategy war game” that can be entirely controlled by your voice.

Tom Clancy’s EndWar is also available for DS and PSP.


From 2011 to 2014, the world enjoyed an unprecedented era of peace as enhanced defense technology eliminated the threat of nuclear war. It didn’t last.

By 2020, constant depletion of resources has international tensions at a breaking point. One spark will ignite what no one thought could ever happen … a third and final world war. World War III comes to life in Tom Clancy’s EndWar.

In EndWar players represent one of three national armies (U.S. Russia or Europe) and participate in massive multiplayer battles. EndWar can be played almost entirely by voice command and also features a customizable army, as well as the ability to fight in various battlefields and cities around the world.

Key Features of Tom Clancy’s EndWar include:

* Next-generation strategy: Led by creative director Michael de Plater (Rome: Total War), Tom Clancy’s EndWar will redefine strategy gaming. Designed exclusively for next-gen consoles, EndWar will create a theatre of war, immersing you in the drama of World War III in a way you never thought possible
* Fight for your nation: Pick a side: U.S., Europe, Russia—the fate of the world is in your hands.
* Command your army: Grow your army into the most powerful force on the planet. Your army is completely customizable, and experience breeds strength, as units grow more powerful with every campaign you fight
* Light up the City of Lights: World War III won’t be won by capturing remote deserts or grasslands but by striking countries at their heart. Paris, Moscow, Washington D.C. will all erupt in flames as you battle your way through the fully destructible playground
* A whole new level of massiveness: EndWar will be an online multiplayer experience unlike anything you’ve ever encountered. Sixteen-player matchups? Try hundreds. Thirty-minute battles? Try persistent matchups lasting for months at a time. This isn’t a skirmish, this is World War III
* Talk your way to victory: Put the controller aside and start shouting commands. EndWar can be played almost entirely via voice command

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