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Mother 3 Translation Patch to go Live soon


Mother 3 was initially released on 2006 on April 20th, furthermore, it was intended to be a Japan only title. Most fans of the series were completely crushed when they discovered this. As the only Mother game to make it out of Japan was Mother 2, which is known as Earthbound.

Albeit, a band of dedicated fans with the hopes of one day playing Mother 3 in English decided to get together and make a fan translation. Which started soon after the game was released, the website they were using was as However, they soon learned that they were one of two groups working on the translation ( being the other), and eventually they decided to join forces to get the patch out as fast as possible

As it stands now the translation patch has been completed and they are almost finished with testing and are adding the final touches. Fans of the series will finally be able to play the game in English only after a two and a half year wait. The patch will apparently be out by the end of the week for all those to enjoy.

[Translation Patch Trailers]

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Sega to bring 3 more platforms to the Virtual Console


New Virtual Console Platforms

Reports are flying in, from various sources, that Sega will be bringing 3 of their retro consoles to the Nintendo Wii’s online store, the Virtual Console.

We are yet to hear any official announcements from Nintendo themselves, but many sites are claiming that the Master System, Mark III and the Game Gear should all be arriving to the Virtual Console come this February.

So far the only ‘confirmed’ titles, are Fist of the North Star (600 Wii points) and Fantasy Zone (500 Wii points), both originally on the Master System.

The most baffling thing, for me, is how most sites are treating the Mark III and Master System as two different consoles. I was always under the assumption that the Mark III was just the (original) Japanese version of the Master System.  Perhaps I have been mislead all these years…

Anyway, this news comes as being very exciting for me, as the Game Gear holds some of the best games from my youth, and is still my favourite handheld to date, (yes the DS and PSP can go suck something hard, the Game Gear is my platform of choice), and I would love to see some 8-bit classics from the Game Gear appearing on the Virtual Console.

The only worrying thing, so far, is that it seems to have only been announced for Japan.  Let’s hope Nintendo and Sega get something right, and bring the new systems to the west.

[Sources: Aussie-Nintendo, Hexus.gaming, TVG, Wired and +DGames]

[Special Thanks: Yu Suzuki Via The Forums]

New Years Nerdaway – 1 week remaining!


New Years Contest 1 Week

Just over a week ago, we announced the New Years Nerdaway, our special giveaway for the start of 2008.  Featuring 4 great bundles of gaming goodness.

So far we have been inundated with scores of entries, but the contest is not yet over. No sir!

The closing date for the contest is on January 31st 2008.  Which, at the time of posting this article, leaves anyone who has not yet entered, with exactly 1 week (7 days) left, to try and win these fantastic prizes.

For full details, follow this link.

Finally! The New Years Nerdaway!



Finally it is here! Apologies we had planned to hold it sooner, but… well I won’t fob you off with any excuses, it was held off, it’s here now.  That is what matters!

Previously we had teased you with the outline of prizes we had on offer, and now I give you the rules, regulations and (most importantly) the questions, with which you will need to win.

Rules:  We have 4 seperate bundles of prizes to give away.  Each bundle has a question to go with it.  All you need do is choose which of the prizes bundles you would like to try and win, and answer the corresponding question, and then send your answer(s) to us (contact info coming up).

You can enter to win as many of the bundles you want to, however, we will pick the winners for each bundle in order (starting with 4, ending with 1), and should your name be chosen for Bundle 4, you will not be eligeble for any of the other bundles.

So if you really want to win Bundle 1, it could be wise not to enter for all 4 bundles, in case you ‘accidentally’ win a different bundle.  But, then again, if you just want to win some Sega gaming goodies, then go ahead and enter for all the bundles!

The full list of prizes and questions coming up after the jump.

Bundle 4:  Handheld Bundle

Bundle 4

What we have here is a selection of Nintendo DS and Sony PSP titles.

DS: Super Monkey Ball DS, Sonic Rush and Touch Darts (with limited edition stylus)

PSP: Crazy Taxi: Fare Wars, Sega Megadrive Collection and CRUSH

Bundle 3: PC Bundle

Bundle 3

House of the Dead III, Sonic Mega Collection Plus, Sonic Adventure DX and Total War: Eras (Collectors edition boxset with; Shogun: Total War & Mongol Invasion Expansion Pack, Medieval: Total War & Viking Invasion Expansion Pack, Rome: Total War & Barbarian Invasion and Alexander Expansion Packs, plus more)

Bundle 2: Xbox 360 Bundle

Bundle 2

Five Xbox 360 games; Chrome Hounds, Full Auto, Condemned, Virtua Tennis 3 and Virtua Fighter 5

Bundle 1: Saturn Bundle

Bundle 1

Three fantastic Saturn classics.  Enemy Zero, Christmas NiGHTS and Panzer Dragoon Saga.  Plus a NiGHTS Journey of Dreams poster, signed by Iizuka-san, the game’s creator (not shown in picture).  And a Xbox 360 controller.

You may be wondering what the Xbox 360 controller is for?  Well, I have to warn you that the three Saturn titles are from Japan, so you will need either a Japanese Saturn, a Convertor cartridge or a Saturn emulator. 

We suggest using a Saturn emulator, in particular SSF.  This allows you to play all region Saturn games on your PC, and the Xbox 360 controller works with SSF allowing you to play these Saturn games with ease.  (See we do care).


Bundle 4 - Handheld Question:  What is the name of the lead female character in Sonic Rush?

Bundle 3 – PC Question: Which division of Sega develops the Total War series?

Bundle 2 – Xbox 360 Question: What major feature do the Xbox 360 versions of Virtua Fighter 5 and Virtua Tennis 3 have, that the PS3 versions do not?

Bundle 1 – Saturn Question: How many Panzer Dragoon games were released on the Sega Saturn?

So there we are, the full list of questions and prizes on offer for you.  I, perhaps, should add that there are no trick questions here and anyone interested in gaming should be able to answer them with ease.  However, if you cannot, there is always Wikipedia and hundreds of search engines to help aide you. (Really it cannot be more easy!)

How to Enter

To enter the contest all you need do is sign up to be a member here at Sega Nerds (don’t worry it is free) and then PM me  (G) in the forums, with your answers.

Or you can also email me - - giving the email header as “New Years Nerdaway” and then the answers to the questions of the prizes you want to win. )

Simple eh?  Any questions, feel free to either PM me or just leave a comment at the end of this post.

 Good luck everyone!

[Update:] Whoops!  I forgot to add.  The closing date for the contest will be on the 31st January 2008.  So that is a little over 2 weeks away. 

Any entries after this date, will not be counted.  We shall then randomly draw the names for each winner and post them on the site the following week.

Thanks, in advance, to everyone who enters.


Sega set to release Yakuza 3 demo soon


Yakuza 3 demo

According to everyones favourite German website, Gamefront, Sega look set to release the demo of Ryu ga Gotoku Kenzan! (aka Yakuza 3) on the Japanese Playstation Network.

Yakuza 3 is one of Sega’s most eagerly anticipated games, and from the videos shown, the game does look like it’s going to be pretty damn cool. 

The demo should be released sometime mid January, though no official date has been set.  Also, so far, no demo has been set for release on the US or European markets.  So if you can’t wait, best to try and setup a Japanese gamers account on your PS3s, and learn the way of the Samurai.

The full game is dated for release, March 6 2008, in Japan.

Sega Nerds New Years nerdaway


New Years Prizes

That’s right my fine nerdians, we here at Sega Nerds, want you to kick start your new year with a bang!

Which is why we are going to be giving away a butt load of Sega games, for your enjoyment.

Our New Years contest will see 4 lucky winners, walking away with a bundle of goodies, plus 2 runners-up prizes to be had.  That’s 6 winners overall!

What you see in the picture above, is the entire goodie bag, but those prizes will be split down into 4 seperate (but very good) prize bundles, which go as follows;

  • Bundle 4: Hand-held – a selection of DS and PSP games.
  • Bundle 3: Sega PC games.
  • Bundle 2: Xbox 360 games.
  • Bundle 1: Saturn games, plus a signed (by Iizuka-san) NiGHTs Journey of Dreams poster.

We shall be starting the contest very soon, when we shall give you the full details of how to win these prizes!

Happy New Year everyone!

Import Genesis VC titles will continue to be higher priced



In Sega’s latest press release announcing Alien Soldier (Where’s the damn “Look Back,” Hudson?) it began with an interesting sentence, which pretty much solidified the questions whether the higher-priced (900 points instead of the normal 800) games would continue.

Sega of America today announced that it will be releasing a number of import titles from the Sega Genesis library starting with Alien Soldier, which is currently available for download on the Wii Shop Channel. Prices for import Sega Genesis titles start at 900 Wii Points.

That’s really all you need to know right there. While we’ve long complained about the Virtual Console’s pricing structure, I can understand the reasoning behind import titles being higher priced since they need to be localized. I think it’s a great move by Sega and an even greater opportunity for gamers to be able to enjoy classic titles that never made it our way.

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The Wii Virtual Console import tax


VC import taxI’ve seen a few people post about this at blogs like 4cr and Aeropause, so I thought it would be worth a post here to see what you guy and gals think. The query is about first party imports on the VC and their “modest” price increase. Or, their import aficionado player’s tax, as I like to call it.

The two import games are 600 points for the Famicom title Super Mario Bros 2 and 1200 points for N64 title Sin & Punishment. The latter required no localization efforts, which is where I initially thought the extra two bucks was going to. Nope. Instead, it’s a tax on players who recognized that both of these titles are worthy imports and wish to download them. Less informed people, like mom and pop or whoever, probably saw Nintendo pimp the fact that these games were “never before released in the U.S.!” and felt inclined to buy something that, to them, felt really rare and special. Either way, it’s extra cash in Nintendo’s pocket.

My VC has been cool lately — thanks in no small part to my AA battery issue — but also because I’m just not in a VC mood right now, so I really hadn’t planned on hitting up either of these games just yet. That’s me though, what about you? Is the import VC tax worth it? How about if it means more import games in the future?

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Seaman 2 to finally arrive in Japan Oct. 18


073107sea.jpgThe PS2 continues to soldier on as Seaman 2 appears to be finally set on an Oct. 18 release date after several other supposed dates have come and gone.

For gamers who pre-order the sim-game beginning Aug. 1, you’ll receive Seaman 2: A History of Life audio CD. The Soundtrack of Life will also be released.

Unlike the original Seaman, which featured a fish with a human head, the sequel will feature the Peking Man. Discovered in China in the early 1900s, the Peking Man is believed to be the first tool worker and lived anywhere from 250,000 to 400,000 years ago.

In the game, you’ll teach him to hunt, fish, talk and other methods of taking care of himself. Like the original, Seaman 2 will come in two packages – one with a bundled controller, and one with the game only.

Currently, there’s still no word on a release outside of Japan, but we’re of course holding out hope. Hey Sega, if you do ever plan to do so, how about a Wii port? It just makes too much sense.

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The irony of ‘Last Hope’

Source: have recently posted up some images of a Japanese gaming store, MESSE SANOH.  Situated in Japans gaming hub, (or possibly the world gaming hub), Akihabara, the store is surrounded by many other gaming shops and (naturally) has to come up with ways of drawing in the crowd.

And what would any true gaming fanatic use to get customers to come to their store?  Why it would be a Sega Dreamcast, with the systems latest title, “Last Hope”, on display in a demo cabinet!


That’s right, while Sega have pretty much dropped all support for the system; stopping game production a few years ago, the GD-Rom production early this year and then announcing that they will no longer repair the consoles coming this september (2007)- it seems that Japanese gaming stores and Dreamcast fans still haven’t given up pursuit of the great console, as these pictures show.

MESSE SANOH have setup a rather decent looking display – containing a Dreamcast and a Last Hope in the drive, playing for all to see as they go by.


With the game being one of the Dreamcasts last ‘official’ titles, released in february of this year- the last of the games to be made using the GD-Rom format- it looks as though it is quite literally the ‘Last Hope’ for Dreamcast fans around.  So I hope you can see/appreciate the irony of the store using this as a display game for the system.


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