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When It Comes to Cool Collectibles…



…Nothing comes close to this! United Cutlery will be producing these collectible God of War Blade of Chaos replicas. Selling for the low, low price of $123.99! Like we can afford it haha! Anyway, the pic is just an artist’s rendition, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it looked exactly like that. It comes with the wooden stand as well (not sure if it will come in a glass case though). Here’s some info about the ’sword’:

This authentically detailed sword is an exact replica of the pair wielded by Kratos in Sony Studios’ hit video game series “The God of War.” United Cutlery, the industry leader in movie and game collectible replicas, has meticulously re-created the sword. The blade is cast from zinc aluminum material with custom etched mold textures and features fantasy grindings that mirror the piece carried by Kratos. The replica was created using the finest grade materials and craftsmanship available. Also included is a custom tabletop display stand with God of War insignia and fantasy silkscreen along with a certificate of authenticity. As with all United Cutlery collectibles, close attention to quality is a top priority. The design of The Blade of Chaos was overseen by master replica supervisor, Kit Rae. Each replica is laser-serial-numbered and marked with the appropriate copyrights to ensure authenticity.

Pretty cool I think, but I wouldn’t buy it. Not much of a collector, but those who like to collect these kinds of things, I think it’d make a pretty neat addition! Available here for pre-orders!


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DC Comics and Wildstorm to Run God of War Mini-Series


News came about a couple days ago, but I hadn’t gotten to posting it until now (slipped my mind). This will be a six-issue mini-series detailing Kratos’ past. They will begin to release in October and run up to the release date of God of War III. IGN had the exclusive coverage. Here is a snippet from IGN Comics’ interview with Marv Wolfman, the guy who’s going to do the writing:

IGN Comics: It’s our understanding that the mini-series operates within two timelines, the first of which takes place between the first two games. What can fans expect to see in these segments? Is Kratos largely struggling to be free from his nightmares and be accepted by the Greek gods?

Wolfman: The present day story is firmly set between God of War 1 and 2. The flashback story starts when Kratos is 7 and is brought into the Spartan army, as Spartan children were, and continues to when he is over 30, married, and has to go on a mission to save the life of Calliope, his daughter. Events in the past completely inform the present day story.

As far as Kratos’ nightmares go, without giving away too much, the entire present day story is his reaction to what happened in the first game. We don’t show the nightmares but they are the reason he’s after what he’s after. We also get strongly involved with the Barbarian King, seen in games 1 & 2. Kratos’ battle with the Barbarian is what causes him to pledge his allegiance to Ares in the first place.

Sounds very interesting and may be worth picking up!. For the entire interview and a few other tidbits, check it out at IGN Comics. For information on Marv Wolfman’s other works, check him out on Wikipedia and over at his official site. Kevin Sharpe will be doing artwork while Andy Park draws the coverart.

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Sony 2009 gaming rumors put MotorStorm and LittleBigPlanet on PSP and God of War 3


Kratos God of War 3 Screenshot

Details on a host of PlayStation 3 and PSP games have been leaked, including info on God of War 3, Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, Killzone 2, Motorstorm PSP and LittleBigPlanet PSP . . . and that’s not all! Numbers for the PlayStation Network were divulged as well as the news that a PS3 price cut will be coming in March of 2009.

But let’s take things one a at a time. The anonymous source who did the leak claims that he attended the Sony Computer Entertainment Staff Annual Briefing which is where he picked up all this information (man would I hate to be him right about now).

Sony naturally followed up with a statement of their own, saying: “Information discussed within the confines of internal company meetings is confidential and subject to change. We do not have anything to announce at present and we do not comment on rumor and speculation.” So all this should be taken with a grain of salt, albeit, a bigger grain given that all of this is highly plausible and could definitely be true.

According to the source, this was mostly aimed at the European market, and the President of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, David Reese, discussed the harsh economic climate and detailed how they would make the PS3 “more competitive” after March (although who knows if that applies globally or just to Europe). He claimed that the PlayStation Network has generated over 150 Million pounds and that Sony will invest heavily in the PSN in 2009.

Pre-Order God of War 3 for PS3Easily the biggest news of the conference was God of War 3 info! They showed off a new trailer which was supposedly so impressive that he couldn’t tell if it was CG or in-game. “Some of it looked like it could be in-game action because of the camera angles, but it all looked so good that it couldn’t be. CGI or not, everyone was pumped up by this,” the source said. The trailer apparently shows Kratos battling skeletons and Cyclops’, riding an eagle, and then killing the eagle after dismounting from it. It ends with Kratos staring ominously up at a dark cavern that is believed to be Mount Olympus.

Corroborating this, at least in part, is the creator of God of War himself, David Jaffe. Although he no longer is involved with the series (he left Sony in 2007), he posted a new blog in which he gives his colored opinion of the game, which he was recently shown. To quote: “Dudes and dudettes, f***ing WAIT till you see the amazing graphics…just f***ing wait,” Jaffe writes. “I ain’t no fan boy but this mother f***ing game looks like nothing you’ve ever played…and you can hold me to that when this thing hits and when they start showing gameplay footage. It looks like a painting come to life — it’s THAT good looking.” David Jaffe also states that God of War III looks better than Gears of War 2! High praise indeed!

Pre-Order Killzone 2 for PS3Also shown in trailer form was the intro for Killzone 2 and a clip of what we now know to be Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, which was just CONFIRMED (which helps in corroborating the rest of this news and the fact that it is all likely true). Graphically, Uncharted 2 wasn’t as huge a leap from the first game as say, God of War 2 to God of War 3, but that’s to be expected given that they are both PS3 titles. The source apparently said, ” [Uncharted 2] Looks the same as Uncharted 1, not a bad thing.”

Finally, the source confirms that LittleBigPlanet is headed to the PSP (and has been in development for four months already) and that a PSP Motorstorm is also in the works.

God of War III could be a long game



Nothing is known about this game really yet. Count on it being very bloody though. But now we know the script might be 120 pages long. The story will have 3 acts, so the story should be pretty epic.

I hope there is plenty of gameplay hours to go along with all that script. I’ve liked all the God of War games so far, I’m excited to see what they can do with the PlayStation 3.

God of War III’s script could be loooooong

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God of War 3 debut trailer from E3 2008


God of War 3 was officially confirmed for PlayStation 3 by Sony at their E3 2008 conference. Watch the debut trailer before things get out of hand, because “In the end there will be only chaos.” It’ll be a long wait until the tentative release date of 2010 with the cliffhanger ending of God of War 2 that promises a hellish conflict of unimaginable proportions. Here’s the teaser.

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