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Man throws a hedgehog and goes to prison


William Singalargh has impressed me by throwing a hedgehog at a 15 year old boy. He threw the hedgehog a unimpressive 16 feet.

William is due in court on April 16th and if he is convicted he gets five years in prison. But at least he can say he has been convicted for using a hedgehog as a weapon.

Now what we are all wondering, can you seriously hurt someone with a hedgehog? Well apparently not. The kid only got a large red welt and puncture marks.

[source BBC]

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Help make Project Sega Mugen


Kori-Maru loves Sega’s Fighters Megamix. So much so that he decided to try and make a Sega cross over game of his own, using the Mugen engine. He wants Sega fans to contribute to his project.

Do you have any ideas? Or game making skills? This also means artists, for background work and sprites.

If you think you can contribute, come and help on the forums here.

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Sega Superstars Tennis demo now on XBLM


Many Xbox 360 owners have been waiting for the Sega Superstars Tennis demo before they decided to make the dive and purchase Sega’s all-star tennis mash up. Well, good news – it’s now available on the Xbox Live Marketplace for your downloading pleasure.

The demo will start you off with fan favorite Shadow the Hedgehog and Aiai the monkey, along with Green Hill Zone court. Once you play, you’ll be able to unlock more things just like the real game. The demo offers single player and local-multiplayer matches. The unlockables are Curien Manson mini game playable with Sonic and Samba.

Sure it’s about a week late, but at least it’s out, right?

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Alpha Protocol screens look sharp


Here are some nice looking screens for Sega and Obsidian’s upcoming video game, Alpha Protocol. This are the same screens that appeared in Game Informer’s April issue.

People on the forum have complained that the game looks generic. That’s a lame excuse to dismiss a game. I think the screens look nice and feature a nice amount of textures. To be honest, it has me interested, not because of the art design but because of what it promises.

[Thanks Yu Suzuki]

Hit the jump for the screens.

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Sonic Unleashed artwork



I think this new piece of artwork can explain the title for Sega’s upcoming Sonic game. Seems that Sonic will have a dark side that looks wolf like. Yes, I can already feel the frowning faces in millions of Sonic fans.Though on the positive side, the recently revealed screenshots didn’t have annoying side kicks. Thats a good thing, right guys?

Discuss this game with fellow Sonic fans on the forum.

[Thanks Sega-On]

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Alpha Protocol Scans



We gave all you guys the details , now you will be able to read the 10 page exclusive for yourself. I have seen people knocking the character designs, so did I at first, but after seeing more screenshots of the game, I don’t mind it. It also says you can customize your agent. So it should be interesting.

The scans also include the ‘Top 10 weirdest games of all time’, like expected Sega dominated the list.

Click here to get the scans.

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Sean Ratcliffe is Sega’s new Vice President of Marketing


newvpmarketing.jpgSean Ratcliffe will replace Scott Steinberg as Vice President of Marketing over at Sega. Everyone thought Scott Steinberg was a little crazy and he probably was. Don’t worry, he is now working with all the other crazy people at Sony. Sean Ratcliffe has worked with companies such at EA Sports, Disney Interactive Studios, and Lego Interactive.

Have you noticed something? All the games are license games. I’ll say expect a lot more licensed games from Sega of America in the future. I don’t know if this is a good thing.

This is what Simon Jeffery had to say:

“Sean’s impressive accomplishments include managing the worldwide launch of hit titles like Harry Potter & The Sorcerer’s Stone, the multi-million unit-seller, as well as playing a key role in Disney Interactive’s impressive market share growth. These achievements, coupled with his proven ability to work on a worldwide scale, make Sean a fantastic asset at a global company like SEGA.”

[source: Businesswire Thanks:Revenge Of Joe Musashi]

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Buy Condemned 2 from Circuit City get the first game free


condemnd.jpgHaven’t played Condemned before but are interested in the sequel? No problem, if you purchase the sequel from Circuit City they will throw in Condemned: Criminal Origins for free. Yeah I didn’t know people still shopped at Circuit City, but apparently they do. If you haven’t picked up the first one yet and this is a pretty good deal. For those of you that have, Gamestop is giving a limited edition multiplayer guide. It’s nice for those swag obsessed nerds.

Make sure to pick up Condemned 2: Bloodshot when it hits North America on the 11th and in Europe on the 14th. Yes the game is just around the corner.

[via Sega Boards]

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Yakuza 3 sells 113,000 copies on day one



According to Shinobi, Yakuza 3 (Ryu ga Gotoku Kenzan!) has sold 113,000 units on its first day of release in Japan. This already exceeds Virtua Fighter 5’s life time total. The game has already made a name for itself on the Playstation 3 top 10 first day sales charts:

  1. Dynasty Warriors 6 170,000 units
  2. Devil May Cry 4 140,000 units
  3. Gundam Musou 117,000 units
  4. Yakuza 3 113,000 units
  5. Winning Eleven 2008 107,000 units
  6. Hot Shots Golf 5 103,000 units
  7. Gran Turismo 5 Prologue 50,000 units
  8. Bladestorm: The Hundred 40,000 units
  9. Disgaea 3 40,000 units
  10. Assassin’s Creed 20,000 units

Lets hope that Valkrie of the Battlefield performs well too. Now we wait for Yakuza 2, then hopefully this one.

[From the forums]

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New Golden Axe: Beast Rider screenshots look better



A lot of the forum members have been debating if we should consider this game as being shit already. I think I’ll wait to find out more. But in the end, we will never know till we try it.

Though I don’t think these screenshots look that great (apart from the one above) .

Secret Level’s website says:

…is guaranteed to leave the fans reeling with incredible graphics…

I’ll let you guys decided.

Check out the new screenshots here.

[Thanks Hydro Gen]

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