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More girls becoming gamers according to the NPD


Girls Playing Video GamesA study by the NPD Group on young girls called “Girl Power: Understanding This Important Consumer Segment”, which examines how girls ages 2 to 14 years old spend their time in a typical week, has found that this group are increasingly spending more of their time playing PC and video games.

Girls ages 2-5 still spend the majority of their time with toys and dolls, but as they reach 6 to 8 years old they start becoming interested in board games and “virtual worlds”. By the time they reach 9-12 traditional toys are still their primary activity, but the NPD has found that these tweens start migrating to computer and video games, especially virtual online worlds.”

“Socialization is gearing up among the pre-teens, and the advent of interactive gaming really hits home with these girls who are looking for friends from the confines of their homes,” NPD explains. “Young Teens (age 13-14) are also gamers, but many girls this age are also now listening to music on portable digital music players and talking/texting on their mobile phones.”

“Some very traditional play patterns still are the most popular among girls, even in this digital age,” said Anita Frazier, NPD’s industry analyst. “Over 50 percent of girls ages 2-14 engage with dolls, plush, and arts & crafts in a given week which is a testament to the evergreen nature of these types of activities for girls.”

“Girls, in general, are famously social creatures,” continued Frazier. “The growth in use of social networking and virtual world websites by girls is a natural extension of this core value which needs to be recognized by manufacturers who count girls as primary market for their goods and services.”

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Little Gamers: Teh Game gameplay video


Little Gamers say playing videogames makes you sexyLittle Gamers: Teh Game” is a side scrolling adventure game for the Xbox 360 based on the Little Gamers webcomic of the same name. The game is under development by Loïc Dansart using XNA Game Studio 2.0. On February 20th, 2008, the demo to the Little Gamers Xbox 360 game was released on Xbox Live Marketplace.

Time to join Christian and Mr. Madsen as they poke and shoot zombies and ninjas in this Little Gamers gameplay video.

“Time to pwn some noobs!” -P I can’t believe how long its been since I last read that gaming comic, their in color now!

Child’s Play charity totals $1.3 million in 2007!


Child's Play logo2007 numbers are in for the Child’s Play gamer’s charity and they are big! A total of $1.3 million dollars was raised from countries around the world in 2007, paid in the form of video games, books, toys and other items shipped to children’s hospitals all across the United States and the world, thanks for the extreme generosity of us gamers, including VGB, which donated to Child’s Play last Christmas. Please, don’t hesitate to give today!

If you’ve never heard of Child’s Play, here’s the bio from the official site:

Since 2003, over 100,000 gamers worldwide have banded together through Child’s Play, a community based charity grown and nurtured from the game culture and industry. Over two million dollars in donations of toys, games, books and cash for sick kids in children’s hospitals across North America and the world have been collected since our inception.

This year, we have continued expanding across the country and the globe. With over 45 partner hospitals and more arriving every month, you can be sure to find one from the map above that needs your help! You can choose to purchase requested items from their online retailer wish lists, or make a cash donation that helps out Child’s Play hospitals everywhere. Any items purchased through Amazon will be shipped directly to your hospital of choice, so please be sure to select their shipping address rather than your own.

When gamers give back, it makes a difference!

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StripClubDJ hits gamerscore of 100,000



In little over a year the first gamer to crack 100,000 GS was none other than StripClubDJ. 100,000 is a great feat(Hell I haven’t even cracked 10,000) and congrats to him for his…uhmm.hard work? Now if he’s legit or using that game save cheat well that’s between him and GOD.

StripClubDj’s gamer profile


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Make your own gamerscore leaderboards!



Jason aka Morgon over @ has unleashed some new features for his site.

You can now make your own custom gamerscore leaderboard with up to 100 places plus you can give the leaderboard it’s own title, description and  personal icon.

You can also make public leaderboards so people can add or remove themselves from the leaderboard.

But wait there’s more! You can now import your friends list to and you can have a friends gamerscore leaderboard as well.

Nice job Morgon!

Go to NOW!

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Level up your gamerscore!(Please Don’t)



People are trying to make a buck these days and they come up with websites like this. is a website where you pay to have your gamerscore increased. This is what the website has posted–

“Choose a plan on this page (right column) specifying the amount of gamer points you’d like to gain. Then, make your payment. After your payment is received, your account will be accessed by one of our gaming professionals, and we will begin leveling your gamerscore. This process will start within 1-48 hours depending on your specific needs. During the leveling process, you may login to our secure members area to view the progress on your account. Once the process is completed, you will receive an email letting you know your account is ready to go. “
This is levelmy360’s pricing plan

500 GS points=$39.99

750 GS points=$59.99

1000 GS points=$99.99

1500 GS points=$149.99

2000 GS points= $199.99

3000 Gs points=$299.99


Click here to visit the site

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Gamers love Chromehounds!



Chromehounds which is the mech sim which was released in July has been given low review scores by game magazines and game websites. Even when the demo was released and gamers downloaded it most of them slammed this game has “too slow” and the controls were “too clunky” but somehow Chromehounds has been making alot of buzz.

Gamers all across the message boards have been loving this game and calling it one of the best xbox live games. This past week on Larry Hryb posted the top ten most played games on xbox live. Guess which was the 4th most played 360 game on Xbox Live last week?

Yup Chromehounds.

check out the full list here

Chromehounds is turning out to be one of the xbox 360’s first sleeper hits and I will be giving it a try by renting it this weekend and if you have a couple of bucks you should rent it too.

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