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Battlestations: Pacific trailer shows the other side of the war (PC, Xbox 360)


Midway for PCSet in WWII, Battlestations: Pacific for PC and Xbox 360 aims to deliver intense, action-packed combat and strategic warfare on an extraordinary scale and features two distinctly different single player campaigns. As the Americans, the game picks up the story where Battlestations: Midway left off and allows players to fight their way from The Battle of Midway to Okinawa as they try to secure peace in the Pacific. As the Japanese however, players take control of the Imperial Japanese fleet and have the unique chance to fight at Pearl Harbor before attempting to change the course of history and take full control of the Pacific Ocean.

For the first time, the game also includes the tactical landing of troops in battle. Launch your parachute squadrons with pin-point accuracy or ensure the safe passage of your landing craft and watch your battalions of troops capture key locations, man the defensive artillery and gain a strategic foothold to support your offensive efforts. Join forces with friends online or play solo against the computer controlled opponents in the all-new Skirmish mode or battle each other in one of the five new, innovative multiplayer modes.

Battlestations: Pacific features a massive US and Japanese single player campaign with over 28 story missions, double the size of the previous Battlestations: Midway. The game also features 21 new units, including kamikaze and other WWII jets and units. Players can now experience for the first time a whole new level of depth of gameplay while taking direct control of the infamous Ohka and other Japanese air units that terrorised the Pacific Ocean during WW2.

Watch the first Battlestations: Pacific trailer that shows the Japanese side of the war.

The game is set for release in January-February 2009.

Jumpgate Evolution Beta for the new space flight sim MMO open


Jumpgate Evolution logo
A revitalization of the Jumpgate franchise, Jumpgate Evolution brings new gameplay, advanced AI engine, and a complete graphics overhaul to fans of the original MMO. Codemasters Online & NetDevil recently announced that Jumpgate Evolution Beta signups for their hotly anticipated MMO Jumpgate Evolution are now live at The game is scheduled for release in Spring of 2009.

Developed by US-based MMOG developer NetDevil, Jumpgate is the definitive elite space combat MMO allowing players to choose from one of three playable nations and engage in an intense action-packed universe. Embarking on an immersive and accessible space adventure players can trade valuable commodities, take part in dangerous intergalactic raids, meet and play with friends and live out the dream to become an elite hero or infamous space pirate. The game features both a rich and varied universe to explore and has been designed for experienced and novice MMO players alike.

This Jumpgate Evolution trailer shows new threats are emerging from the infinite darkness of space, and with threats come opportunity.

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Warhawk GGL Tournament runs from May 27 to July 27


Warhawk statues

GGL and SCEA have teamed up to bring you an Official Warhawk Team Tournament for Americans, where the top squad can win Warhawk Limited Edition Statues from Gentle Giants Studios ($50 each) and an in-game special weapon called the Champion’s Blade! This weapon is awarded exclusively to tournament winners and cannot be acquired any other way. It replaces the knife weapon in game and looks completely different so that everyone you encounter will know you won the tournament.

Warhawk Tournament registration is already underway and will continue until June 29th. The competition officially starts on May 27th and will run until July 27th. Teams are already forming and playing in the Warhawk practice ladder.

Tom Clancy’s HAWX announced for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC


Tom Clancy's HAWX art
Ubisoft has announced the development of Tom Clancy’s HAWX (High-Altitude Warfare), an awe-inspiring game that is primed to revolutionize the way players think about combat in the sky. Scheduled for release in Fall 2008, Tom Clancy’s HAWX turns consumers into elite pilots of the future. The game will appear on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and on Windows-based PC.

Developed by Ubisoft’s Bucharest studio, Tom Clancy’s HAWX delivers an intense and authentic aerial combat experience by fully leveraging the benefits of the next-generation platform. The story begins in the year 2012. As the era of the nation-state draws quickly to a close, the rules of warfare evolve even more rapidly. More and more nations become increasingly dependent on private military companies (PMCs), elite mercenaries with a lax view of the law. The Reykjavik Accords further legitimize their existence by authorizing their right to serve in every aspect of military operations. While the benefits of such PMCs are apparent, growing concerns surrounding giving them too much power begin to mount.

Tom Clancy’s HAWX is the first air combat game set in the world-renowned Tom Clancy’s video game universe. Cutting-edge technology, devastating firepower, and intense dogfights bestow this new title a deserving place in the prestigious Tom Clancy franchise. Soon, flying at Mach 3 becomes a right, not a privilege.

Become a top gun in Ubisoft’s air combat game HAWX:

Click on the bottom-right corner arrow to view it fullscreen.

Key Features of Tom Clancy’s HAWX are:

• ENHANCED REALITY SYSTEM (E.R.S.) – E.R.S. is in-game technology that helps turn novice aviators into elite pilots of the future. The Enhanced Reality System is the backbone of the HAWX flight experience: radars and incoming missile detection, anti-crash system, damage control system, tactical map and information relay, and weapons trajectory control. E.R.S. also allows players to issue orders to their squadron, making this system as iconic to HAWX as the Cross-Com system is to Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter!

• ASSISTANCE MODE – Players can ease into their flight missions and gain a level of comfort with the use of the assistance mode. Once employed, players can take full advantage of their technological support through the E.R.S and gain maximum piloting security. If the situation calls for the player to unleash the full potential of the aircraft, the assistance mode can be switched off and all safety features will be deactivated. This comes with increased risks, but allows the player advanced dogfighting maneuvers and stunning third-person views.

• REVOLUTIONARY MULTIPLAYER – For the first time ever in the air-combat genre, players will be able to experience the entire solo campaign in four-player JUMP IN co-op mode. In PVP mode, players can challenge up to 15 friends in intense dogfighting sessions and find out who’s the top gun. Winning players are rewarded with experience points and money to unlock more weapons.

• REALISM AND AUTHENTICITY – Players have the opportunity to take the throttle of over 50 of the world’s famous aircrafts, as well as being able to dogfight over realistic modern landscapes that have endured years of post-war trauma.

Warhawk sells half a million times


Warhawk for PS3Warhawk was first released in America back in August 28th, 2007, since then it has managed to sell over half a million times in that region!

To be exact, in the past week the PlayStation leaderboard statstics show the game has been played (online naturally) by 511,207 individual people (since launch) who purchased the game either online via a PlayStation Store download or at retail and played ranked matches. — Via N4G

Attendum: Due to a complaint I wanted to expand on these “sales numbers”. Since Sony never released official numbers, these are not the current accurate sales, but merely an indicator to show the game sold over 500,000 copies.

Warhawk 2 and Warhawk single-player and further expansions all possible on PS3 according to developer Incognito


Warhawk for PS3At the Game Developers Conference 2008 this week, Warhawk developer Incognito said they’d continue support for the online multiplayer-only game through a number of booster packs (like Operation: Omega Dawn and Operation: Broken Mirror) in the future. New game modes are also in the works, but they will not be a part of the booster pack. Instead, game modes will be released for free and integrated into patches and updates.

A single-player mode was dropped from Warhawk, but that doesn’t mean it won’t ever happen. “We made a strategic decision to go multiplayer only and I would be against doing a set of single-player expansion packs for Warhawk,” said Jobe, but, “if we look at doing single-player in the future [it would be] related to a new product.” He also added that Incognito is interested in taking Warhawk beyond the current PS3 title, stating that, “if there is an opportunity that presents itself for us to further the franchise then we’ll definitely take advantage of it.” Nice to know Warhawk 2 is possible! — Quote via 1UP

Ace Combat 6: Fires of Liberation Xbox 360 review


Fires of Liberation for Xbox 360Namco Bandai’s Xbox 360-exclusive Ace Combat 6: Fires of Liberation brings together the intensity of large scale aerial warfare with extensive squadron command and photorealistic graphics to offer the most power-packed, realistic experience to date in the renowned Ace Combat franchise. Feel the G’s as Ace Combat soars into the next generation of gaming.

System: Xbox 360
Genre: Arcade / Flight-Simulation
Release dates: October 23rd 2007 (USA), November 23rd 2007 (EURO), December 13th 2007 (AUS)
Players: single player, 2-player co-op, 2-16 online multiplayer
Developer: Namco Bandai
Publisher: Namco Bandai
Origin: Japan

Ace Combat 6 screenshot

The Arcade flight-sim game starts as a massive enemy swarms over the city, shattering the peace. Amidst the chaos a pilot takes to the skies. Against countless enemies and cannon fire, he heads into the fray. A full scale war unfolds against a backdrop of breathtaking vistas. Detailed cities and sweeping landscapes reach out as far as the eye can see. Experience the roar of acceleration as you carve through swarms of enemy pilots, twisting missile trails and shattering explosions. Strap yourself in for the next evolution in Ace Combat.

Experience expansive and dynamic battlefields full of enemies and allies clashing against each other. Call into action aerial, naval and ground ally units with the innovative Allied Support System, freely tackle missions in any order to cripple different aspects of the enemy’s fleet through the Dynamic Operations System and take the fight online for the first time through Xbox Live.

Watch the Ace Combat 6 launch trailer.

So what are the main features of Ace Combat 6?

* Online for the first time, via Xbox Live, players can experience Ace Combat 6: Fires of Liberation on a massive worldwide scale as it features an in-depth multi-player online experience that includes a variety of action-packed online modes.

* Players fight alongside fighter planes, gun ships, attack helicopters, tanks, naval fleets, heavy bombers, and electronic warfare vessels in the ultimate Ace Combat showdown.

* The Dynamic Operation System provides for massive battles unfolding on a “living battlefield,” as up to six independent land, sea or air conflicts can break out at any time at multiple locations as allies and enemies clash in real-time throughout the 20 single player missions.

* Players can experience the realism of war when battlefields come alive with engagingly authentic audio and visual effects: thundering explosions, dense vapor trails of air to air missiles, piercing machine gun fire, booming anti-aircraft artillery fire, mid-air explosions, gigantic columns of black smoke and more.

* Players can prove their supremacy on a global scale as they pilot highly detailed, authentic aircraft such as the F-15 E Strike Eagle and the F-22 Raptor online via Xbox Live. For an all out worldwide battle for the sky, players can choose from a variety of different online modes including the 16-player Battle Royale (death match), Team Battle (team death match style), and Siege Battle (two team: attackers VS defenders) game modes. Or they can team up with friends to play Co-Op Battle for up to four players, where all players combine strategy and skill to work together to take on computer-controlled adversaries. Online rankings are calculated globally with high-ranking players being granted honorable titles on a global scale, adding fuel to the fires of furious competition.

Watch an Ace Combat 6 multiplayer gameplay video.

Now let’s see how much fun Ace Combat 6: Fires of Liberation is on a scale from 1 to 10?

While the main campaign’s storyline is just there to give you an excuse to pilot your airplanes (although it gets better halfway through). The full-on aerial confrontations and dogfights that follow are amazing fun and realistic to play though thanks to the various weapons, range of airplanes, squadron support, and easy control methods (that still take skill to master in effectively dodging missile fire). Online multiplayer takes those battles and amps up the crazy-factor by testing your piloting skills against up to 16 other players.

It’s vital you choose your tactical path carefully in the game’s massive scale battlefields. The game looks simply amazing, very realistic sceneries, that are combined with a real authentic feel during the huge chaotic battles that make this game a lot of fun to play. Definitely the next-generation flight-action sim to own right now.

Graphics – 9.0
The scenery, the airplanes, the explosions and other weapon effects look gobsmacking beautiful! You WILL feel like you’re watching yourself pilot an airplane assault that’s recorded and shown on real-life TV. While the HUD has the same presentation flight sim games had ten years ago, it does what it’s supposed to do and gives you all the info you need during the high-octane battles. You can even replay each mission to view your actions with a more cinematic view. Throughout the game as you look in awe at the stunning landscapes that your airplane speeds by, the framerate always stays steady, quite an accomplishment with so many hectic battles.

Audio – 7.5
All the suitable airplane and explosion sound effects are present to wonderful effect, they add the skies with action-filled weapons thunder, although I could do without the radar’s annoying beeping that stays on during the more hectic battles where many missiles buzz around. The voice acting dialog during cut scenes and radio chatter is terribly cliche, next time I’d like Namco Bandai to hire Tom Cruise and make him spout some classic Top Gun lines! The orchestral soundtrack is great though and really adds to the epic feel of the battles.

Ingenuity – 8.5
If you’ve ever played an Arcade flying game before, this will be pick up and play. If you’ve never played a flight-action game before, then Ace Combat 6 will still be a breeze to play with it’s very straightforward controls, that one go through the tutorial mode will explain. It ends up delivering a totally immersive experience.

Ace Combat 6 Flightstick Bundle for Xbox 360Oh and if you live in America, Ace Combat 6: Fires of Liberation doesn’t ship with just a standard $59.99 priced edition there. But also with an exclusive limited edition Ace Combat 6 Ace-Edge Flightstick Bundle priced at $149.99 (that includes a custom-made Ace Combat 6 Xbox 360 faceplate as well). The Flightstick promises to give an even more intensive experience by putting the player right there in the cockpit as they face the action-packed aerial combat scenarios.

Replay Value – 8.0
Expect to play through the main campaign in 3 to 8 hours depending on your skills and difficulty level you choose. You’ll be able to unlock secrets as you finish the game and after the first playthrough an Expert Mode is unlocked. There are also medals to earn, and you can spend the points you earn on missions to buy new airplanes and weapons. Most of the replay value comes from the crazy-busy online multiplayer modes and because you can play through stand-alone co-op missions as well, which is aces! There are also additional multiplayer maps and new Ace Combat 6 paint schemes for certain planes available as both free and paid download via Xbox Live Marketplace.

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Ace Combat 6 with ACE-EDGE Flightstick = 150 dollars!



Namco has announced today that the Ace Combat 6:Fires of Liberation + FlightStick(Pictured Above) bundle will cost $ 149.99 here in the United States. Commenter Embrey was correct when he said “Ouch” about this price. If it makes you feel any better this bundle will include a Ace Combat 6 faceplate so that softens the blow a bit.

The ACE-EDGE Flightstick is the first and only flightstick for the Xbox 360. Taking advantage of Ace Combat 6: Fires of Liberation’s ultra-realistic and immersive flight combat experience, the unique peripheral offers an analog throttle to control speed and a layout that fully utilizes the game’s excellent pad controls. The ACE-EDGE Flightstick will give gamers the ultimate Ace Combat experience as they live the war zone feeling the intensity of being right there in the cockpit as they face the most action-packed aerial combat to date.

Anyone planning to purchase this bundle? Are you that Hardcore?

[Via Team Xbox]

-Michael “Thrills Killa” Pacheco-

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