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Want an EyePet? Live in the US? You’re in luck.


It has been scheduled for release before the holiday season, there is no word on an European release date yet but I wouldn’t expect it before the new year. Check out a video of it in action from engadget.

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EyePet and SingStar (Disney) games revealed for PS3


Screenshot of your new EyePet friend for PS3

EyePet and SingStar: Disney are two new Sony games that were recently announced for the PS3.

EyePet is an all-new Virtual Pet game where players can use the PlayStation Eye camera peripheral to interact with a pet on-screen that they adopt. The pet shown looked like a very odd (but adorably cute) cross between a monkey and a . . . cat (or is it dog?).

To interact with said monkey-thing, you can place objects in front of the camera and then the monkey will actually interact with said object! You can also wave your arms to tickle and play with your pet. You can even draw something on a piece of paper (in the footage shown they drew a car) and the monkey can color it, and then if you press a button it’ll turn the drawn artwork into an actual car that you can move around the screen with the controller. Very intriguing indeed. You can also customize the look of the new simian in the family.

Also shown was SingStar: Disney. In this new Disney-fied edition of the hit singing Sony series. In the game, songs from specific classic Disney animated movies, such as The Lion King, Beauty and the Beast, Cinderalla and The Jungle Book were shown. As the songs are being played, actual scenes from the movie will be running in the background. This should definitely be a huge hit with the kids.

SingStar Disney Edition Screenshot for PS3

Also announced was a new patch for the existing SingStar on PS3 that will allow you to play any purchased songs on your PS2 SingStar discs on the PS3 version. Which may be a way for Sony to avoid having to pay the royalties fees they would if they re-released all the songs for the PS3 SingStar.

But that wasn’t all the SingStar announcements. Sony also revealed that Michael Jackson and Barry Manilow will be making an appereance in the upcoming SingStar Vol. 3! Lastly, they announced that two five-song packs from Queen will be coming to the SingStar store this fall. In addition, an all-new SingStar: Queen edition of the game will be released on the PS2 later this year. As the name suggests, it is a SingStar game dedicated entirely to the band Queen.

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GC 2008: EyePet


Another unique PlayStation Eye game called EyePet. It’s a virtual pet you can play with, even draw toys for him to play with. Nice to see more PS Eye games, keep them coming Sony.

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