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Even Nintendo admits “disappointment” with E3 showing


I still stand by rosy fanman’s assessment of Nintendo’s E3 showing, but I can easily agree with people who wanted more games like Wario pushed to the forefront of their keynote. The game simply deserved more attention than it got, period.

Nintendo cheerleader Cammie Dunaway agrees, telling VGChartz (they do interviews?!) that “we were disappointed with our performance at E3. There were titles like Wario which we think will be really fun titles that we should have showcased.”

No kidding, Cammie. How’s your wrist? Another of her comments also spoke to the quirky and often random public presence of Nintendo’s No.1 developer.

“We were excited that Mr. Miyamoto made the commitment that Pikmin is coming. It would have been nice if we could have said that on stage. But, we think it was a good recognition for us that we care for our core fans, and not just the new people who are now discovering Nintendo.”

As we saw in that great Games Radar piece the other day, it’s really only those with incredibly short attention spans or grossly insatiable gaming appetites that see Nintendo as “abandoning” anything. That said, the E3 keynote was a weak moment for Nintendo, as least from a marketing perspective. On the other hand, the potential of MotionPlus 1:1, Wario, GTA: Chinatown Stories and the upcoming crop of third party treats this holiday and early 2009 show that beyond marketing, Nintendo is doing just fine.

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E3 afterthought: Which was worse?


Nintendo’s E3 2008 press conference


Sony’s E3 2006 press conference?

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Nintendo’s E308 “Thank You” Postcard


The single postcard delivered by courier pigeon to Infendo’s underground lair today reads:

Thank you for attending our E3 media briefing. Nintendo aims to bring people engaging experiences… to make them smile… and we hope we provided you at least a little of that during our event.


Reggie Fils-Aime
Cammie Dunaway
Denise Kaigler

(I was to lazy to take a picture; if it doesn’t show up online, I’ll upload it shortly.)

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Zero Punctuation on his E3 2008 “favorites”


This week on Zero Punctuation: Yahtzee gives a rundown on the biggest titles and announcements from E3 2008. Sequel boulevard sums it up quite nicely for retail games, although if that’s a bad thing I’ll leave up to you. Yahtzee sure has his coarse language ready.

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Reggie: Nintendo “lost its soul?!” You’ve lost your mind


One last post-E3 interview, during which I break my word and mention E3 one more time. I guess I do this because I know that with all knee-jerk, vocal minority-driven “public outcries,” this one has been incredibly short-lived. Wii Music was awkward and borderline offensive with its boredom, Blake said, and there were no first party megatons announced on stage during the keynote, this we know. But, given a closer look, with a bigger lens and greater understanding of Nintendo’s past and present behavior, things are, predictably, not as bad as the forums would have you think. They’ll get even less so as we get closer to the holidays and 2009.

Already we know new Mario, Pikmin and Zelda titles are underway; that there are some WiiWare titles forthcoming that will knock retro gamers socks off (Mega Man 9 *ahem* — now with t-shirts!); and that even solid first party IP in the form of Wario and Animal Crossing are going to hit Nintendo consoles this fall and winter. And, unlike Sony with Killzone 2, the Nintendo of today will never show off some rendered cutscene or incomplete demo to showcase a game. They’ll show it when it’s ready to kick your ass, and then they’ll release the game soon afterward:

“There’s one thing I do want to reinforce,” [said Nintendo of America Reggie Fils-Aime.] “I could almost put myself into the ‘geeks and otaku’ camp. I grew up playing all those great Nintendo games. And so for me I look at product like “Animal Crossing” and I get tremendously excited. I look at “Wario” and get tremendously excited. I look at “Sluggers” coming out and get tremendously excited. So this mentality that we have somehow lost our soul and [are not] speaking to our fanbase, there is nothing further from the truth. And if you talk to Mr. Miyamoto, you really understand that we really have the interest of our core fanbase right at the top of the list. The recognition is — and I think this is really the point — we’re not going to tease you over 18 months or 24 months. We’re going to show you something that’ll make your jaw drop and make it available shortly thereafter.

That’s a pretty Apple approach to things (show jaw-dropping products and then release them on the same day). I guess I don’t want to be teased with my games. I want to play them. If that makes me some biased fanman, so be it. At least I’ll be having fun, instead of camped out on some game blog riddled with misplaced angst.

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Mega Man 9 shirt coming soon!


We first saw this on the Capcom crew at E3, and now it’s coming soon to a store near you. WIN.

And, the reason he’s carrying a pistol and an arm cannon is explained by the curious, but equally badass, Mega Man 2 original box art (someone had asked in the comments before).

Look it up.

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Iwata shines again, says core gamers are “critically important”


There was plenty to play and hear about from Nintendo at E3 this year, but nevertheless president Satoru Iwata wanted to reassure everyone who’s still shell shocked that everything’s going to be irie.

“We are sorry about [the E3] media briefings, specifically for those who were expecting to see Nintendo show something about Super Mario or Legend of Zelda,” Nintendo president Satoru Iwata told Forbes. “If there is any perception that Nintendo is ignoring the core gamers, it’s a misunderstanding and we really want to get rid of that misunderstanding by any means,” he continued. “The so-called big titles need a long, long development period…we really didn’t think this year’s E3 media briefing was the time to do so.”

Now, he’s basically saying he’s sorry you didn’t get what you think should have happened at E3, but it’s hopefully the last we’ll need to say about Nintendo’s E3 conference, so we can get back to gaming. And there’s plenty of that coming our way, from the DS to Wii to online–especially from third parties.

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“Window of Opportunity” now open for third parties on Wii, DS


More evidence today that Nintendo’s allegedly sour press conference and subsequent lack of games in the remainder of 2008 is, as the Joker says, all part of the plan.

“I think Nintendo may be giving the software publishers a window of opportunity, probably a few quarters, where third-party games may be higher profile in stores. I also think part of it may be simply where we are in the development cycle for Nintendo first-party titles.” – Lazard Capital Markets analyst Colin Sebastian

More at Edge. There’s comments from third party developers who smell some blood in there, too.

This makes sense if you consider the mountain of money Nintendo sits on today, and goes hand-in-hand with previous Reggie comments about encouraging third party development on Nintendo systems. Of course, come early next year, with the arrival of Wii Sports Resort, MotionPlus and possibly Pikmin 3, all bets are off. It’s all about the money, in the end ;-)

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The Fantasy E3 Nintendo press conference that could have been…


So apparently some people thought the Nintendo E3 press conference blew chunks. There were games worthy of being played by core gamers coming out for Nintendo systems this year, that’s undeniable, but for some reason Nintendo chose not to feature a majority of them during its time on center stage.

In that vein, Wired took a crack, It’s A Wonderful Life-style, at creating the E3 Nintendo presser that could have been. It’s a distinctly un-Shaun White affair, with plenty of shout-outs to games we mentioned here on Infendo during E3, like MadWorld and Pikmin 3, as well as trailers for games that did not show up at all (Mario, Zelda, Kid Icarus).

My own Fantasy E3 Nintendo presser would have included some online stuff: “We said WiiWare would redefine console gaming and indie development before, and we’re not going to completely blow it off at E3 and not say anything about it! Here are 12 classic games we’re giving proper 8-bit and 16-bit sequels to, and here’s a release schedule for WiiWare and the Virtual Console for the rest of the year! Oh, look, it’s Mother 3!”

That’s just a start. Judging from the comments last week, you probably have some fantasy E3 announcements of your own. What “should have” been included? How would Reggie and company have worded it? That’s the key to these comments. Keeping it funny. Humor trumps negativity any day of the week.

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Fatal Frame: Mask of the Lunar Eclipse – E3 2008 Trailer


Whoa! Talk about a creepy Wii game.

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