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Behold, the birth of Blu-ray


Ever wondered how a Blu-ray disc is born? Check out this step by step gallery.

Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune discounted to $40 (PS3)


Drake's Fortune cheap for PS3’s Video Games Deal of the Day is the PS3-exclusive action-adventure blockbuster “Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune” from Sony’s Naughty Dog studio. Keep in mind that quantities on these deals are usually limited, so the price is only available while supplies last.

Check out our Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune review (rated 9.5 / 10) if you’re still on the fence to get it or not.

PS: The Sony PlayStation 3 Blu-ray Disc Remote is temporarily on offer for $15 too.

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Sega re-released Border Down for Dreamcast


Border Down limited edition Dreamcast box
Sega of Japan is re-releasing Border Down on the Dreamcast. The shoot ‘em up game was developed by G-rev (who co-developed Ikaruga with Treasure) and originally released on the Sega NAOMI Arcade board and ported to the Dreamcast in 2003.

Yesterday the game was made available on Dreamcast GD-Rom disks at a price of 7,140 Yen (that’s US$66 / CA$68 / £34 / €45 / AU$76) which is still cheaper than the expensive $200+ eBay prices the original release goes for. The second print run of an undisclosed (but presumably small) number of copies went for sale at the Akihabara-based retailer Messe Sanoh.

Watch a Border Down gameplay video.

Via Seganerds. Border Down eBay auctions here.

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EA’s SKATE interview + multiplayer features discussed


The more footage I see on EA’s new skateboarding title “Skate” the more I want to give the game a go and try it out. Can it be better than the Tony Hawk Series? What new features will attract gamers to play?

In the below video the stick controls are discussed plus some of the multiplayer features. Some of the features include creating videos for everyone to see, saving Replay’s and taking photos so you can share.


-Michael “Thrills Killa” Pacheco-

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Are some Market Place Downloads already on the disc?



Originally on the NeoGaf forums, a user that goes buy the name of A Master Ninja has started a thread about suspicious file sizes of Marketplace downloads of Content that should be much larger than listed. Numerous files of 108.00 KB from several different games are up for purchase on the marketplace that only seem to unlock content that’s already present on the DVD purchased.

Luke Plunkett of Kotaku has the same sentiment that most of us will have if this is indeed the case. As uncool as this is, why isn’t Microsoft putting a stop to this? It’s one thing to put content up on the Marketplace to add value, but it’s another to hold content hostage on a disc we already paid for until we pay even more to get access to it. Come on Microsoft. You can see as clearly as we can when your platform owners are being ripped off. I think it’s about time to end this so-called experimental period publishers are going through and take control of the Marketplace away from them. Something has to give when consumers obviously don’t know when there being swindled.

Please speak with your wallet so things like this aren’t continually repeated.

[via Kotaku]


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