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Indie Game Challenge


If there are any indie / independent video game developers out there reading this blog, this may be your chance to make it big. Check out the video for some more info. The entry period is from 7.14.09 – 10.1.09. The winners will be announced on 1.15.10. If anyone from the blog enters let us know how it goes.

Prize Details | Official Rules

Winners in various categories will share in a total of almost $300,000 in prize monies and scholarships, including $100,000 grand prize awards for both the winning professional and non-professional games.

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Sony Still Standing Firm on PS3 Price


Despite numerous rumors and developer backlash, Sony’s Howard Stringer is still supporting the current price tag of the PlayStation 3, saying “I (would) lose money on every PlayStation I make“. In my opinion, lowering the price would mean more product would be moved and a higher attach rate, which is good for everyone. From IGN.

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Top 20 game publishers list voted for by Game Developer


DS Lite CrimsonNintendo Wii
Game Developer magazine’s 5th annual Top 20 Publishers report for 2007 has been announced. The list is comprised by looking at a wide-ranging reputation survey alongside revenue, average review, and anonymous partner feedback, and reveals a resurgent Nintendo taking the top spot from former four-time winner Electronic Arts.

After Nintendo and EA, completing the top five are: Activision, keeping its #3 spot for the second year running; Ubisoft, surging up four spots from #8 to #4,with the company’s early support for Nintendo’s DS and Wii apparently paying off; and THQ moving up two spots to #5, following historically high revenues and a more balanced slate of licensed titles and original games.

Joining the ‘Top 20 Publishers’ list for the first time is import game publisher Atlus USA, which placed at #18 and helped contribute to publisher Atari dropping off the Top 20 in this year’s countdown.

More than 300 industry professionals from all parts of the game production process were asked to give their opinions – including comments – on the reputations of each publisher in the survey. To quote: “Adding reputation-based feedback to our survey for the first time has brought an interesting, more well-rounded angle to the much-anticipated countdown,” said Simon Carless, publisher, Game Developer magazine and Game Developer Research series. “As we can see from the new rankings, the rise of casual gaming, coupled with these new reputational elements, has contributed markedly to ranking shifts, and we’re eager to see how these industry changes affect the report in subsequent years.” — From GDmag, via Gamasutra

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