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Indie Game Challenge


If there are any indie / independent video game developers out there reading this blog, this may be your chance to make it big. Check out the video for some more info. The entry period is from 7.14.09 – 10.1.09. The winners will be announced on 1.15.10. If anyone from the blog enters let us know how it goes.

Prize Details | Official Rules

Winners in various categories will share in a total of almost $300,000 in prize monies and scholarships, including $100,000 grand prize awards for both the winning professional and non-professional games.

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Far Cry 2 contest offers 50 games and 1 intel Core i7-965 processor each day for month of December


Far Cry 2 on PS3Ubisoft is offering a massive Far Cry 2 contest where you have a chance to win a copy of Far Cry 2 or an Intel Core i7-965 processor.

In order to win you need to answer “four simple questions” relating to Far Cry 2 or the Intel Core i7 processor correctly.

The Far Cry 2 contest runs from now until December 30th and you have a good chance of winning because Ubisoft is giving away a mind-boggling 50 copies of Far Cry 2 EACH DAY along with one Core i7-965 unit. So good luck!

Far Cry 2 is Ubisoft’s latest game in the open-world first-person shooter series where you are caught between two rival factions in war-torn Africa. You are tasked with taking out “The Jackal”, a mysterious character who has rekindled the conflict between the warlords, jeopardizing thousands of lives. In order to fulfill your mission you will have to play the factions against each other, identify and exploit their weaknesses, and neutralize their superior numbers and firepower with surprise, subversion, cunning and, of course, brute force.

The game immerses players with a custom-made video game engine built from the ground up. Players discover a true open world gameplay set in Africa, brought to life by high-definition next-gen technology and impressive fire physics that allow you to burn anything in your path.

Far Cry 2 is available now on Xbox 360, PS3 ($60) and PC ($50) and is rated M for Mature (Blood, Drug Reference, Intense Violence, Sexual Themes, Strong Language).

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Your Wit vs Your Wager Contest Winners


The answer to the question posed for a chance to win a copy of Xbox Live Arcade title Wits and Wagers is:

Up until this post, the Xbox Domain had logged 3,521 posts.

Without going over, here are the top 3.

  1. Bob Walters with 3,521 exactly. How it was done is a mystery. You get a copy of the XBLA version of Wits and Wagers and a copy of the board game of which the XBLA version is based on as well.
  2. Indiana Hoosier with 2,500. You get a copy of the XBLA version of Wits and Wagers.
  3. GamjawanG with 2324. You to get a copy of the XBLA version of Wits and Wagers.

Congratulations to the winners, and a big thanks to North Star Games for providing the prizes.

-William “thewilleffect” Bell-

Play the Race Driver: GRID demo to win a BMW M3 in Europe and a Ford Mustang GT-R in America


BMW M3 series prize carA brand new BMW 3-Series car will be the ultimate champion’s reward as Codemasters revealed an incredible pan-European fastest lap challenge to mark the launch of the Race Driver: GRID playable demo for home consoles. The demo is now available to download from Xbox LIVE Marketplace for the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation Network for the PlayStation 3.

For the game that’s all about the race, the Race Driver: GRID playable demo delivers intense competition right from the off as gamers compete in single-player GRID World events, 12-player online races and then prove their worth in the white-knuckle Time Trial competition, which is home to the fastest lap challenge. Pitting all console players against each other, it’s the Time Trial results that will see one race driver getting the keys to the BMW.

To participate, players submit their fastest final lap time online at Once authenticated, the lap time is then ranked against every other registered time on the online leaderboards. The challenge will end on Friday, 23rd May at midnight, and the top five ranked players will then go on to compete at the European live playoffs to be held on Race Driver: GRID’s European launch day– Friday, 30th May– at the zavvi store, Oxford Street, London, where they will compete head-to-head to win the BMW 3-Series– for real.

In addition to the Time Trial challenge, the Race Driver: GRID demo enables players to complete in a trio of GRID World racing showdowns. Take to the wheel of a Ford Mustang GT-R on the streets of San Francisco in the eBay Motors Muscle Cup; in Japan, compete in a Nissan S15 Silvia in the Advan Drift Trophy at Yokohama Docks, while the sweeping curves and hairpins of the Jarama circuit in Spain plays host to the Euro Touring Cars championship featuring BMW 320si touring cars.

For players who want to compete online, the demo delivers 12-player online competitions at the European and U.S. locations.

With a BMW 3-Series car up for grabs, the competition is sure to be fierce from the start, so download the demo and then get revved up for the full aggressive wheel-to-wheel Race Driver: GRID experience, coming May 30th for Xbox 360, the PlayStation 3 and Games for Windows; a Nintendo DS edition of the game is set to launch in June.

Pre-Order Race Driver: GRID for PS3America will get a similar competition: Codemasters said the GRID playable demo is a US-exclusive fastest lap competition in which the ultimate winner will drive away with a brand new, customized, eBay Motors branded Ford Mustang GT-R. Based on one of the coolest concept cars ever introduced to the market, the eBay Motors Ford Mustang GT-R has been built and modified to feature a complete custom body kit including a supercharged engine with 445HP, a race inspired side ported exhaust system, 20” GTR concept wheels, and a six stage custom pearl paint job, complete with eBay Motors’ graphics.

the GRID playable demo delivers intense competition right from the start as players compete in single-player GRID World events, 12-player online races, and then prove their worth in the white-knuckle Time Trial competition, which is home to the eBay Motors Challenge.

With the eBay Motors-branded Ford Mustang GT-R worth $90,000 as the ultimate prize, the eBay Motors Challenge has players competing for the fastest final lap time. To participate, players submit their best time online at Once authenticated, the lap time is then ranked against every other registered time on the online leaderboards. The challenge will end on May 25 at midnight. The top five players will be flown to San Francisco to attend a U.S. launch event for GRID on June 4 and compete in one final racing challenge for the Mustang GT-R.

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Heroes Xbox 360 branded game console sweepstakes


Heroes Xbox 360 Sweepstakes Prize PackageFan of the fantastic superhero show Heroes? If you are, then you definitely will want to enter this Heroes Xbox 360 sweepstakes, where you can win an Xbox 360 game system that’s decorated with Heroes artwork by Heroes and popular comic book artist Tim Sale. In addition to the 360 itself (comes with a 20GB HDD and HDMI port) you also will get an HD DVD player along with a Heroes: Season One HD-DVD.

Amazon will be choosing 3 winners every day for 30 days, for a total of 90 winners! All you have to do is be registered when you fill out the registration form (in the link above). Good luck!

World Series of Poker: Battle for the Bracelets game contest


Battle for the Bracelets for PCActivision is holding a World Series of Poker: Battle for the Bracelets game contest. Here’s the heads up:

The grand prize is a trip for two to Las Vegas. The trip includes airfare, hotel accommodations, and a trip to the spa to relax after a long day of gambling. Three runner ups will receive a copy of the World Series of Poker: Battle for the Bracelets game for either PC, Xbox 360, PS3, PS2, PSP or DS.

What do you have to do to win? Play your best game of texas hold’em style poker. You can take a shot at winning by visiting the website. There’s even a “How to play” guide for newcomers to the card game.

The contest ends on October 24th and you will hear back from the website if you won. Pretty sweet right?

The Doritos Unlock Xbox Contest is on tap



Coming up on June 21st is the Doritos Unlock Xbox Contest. This contest is to give you a chance to come up with your own ideas for a Doritos inspired game using there “iconic shape, bold flavors, and intense experience”. If your game idea is picked then they’ll turn it into the world’s first user-generated video game.

Five finalists will be announced August 20th, 2007. Coming along with being a finalist is this: an epic home entertainment system: a top-of-the-line surround sound system, 42″ plasma TV, pro gaming chair, limited-edition Xbox Elite console and every Xbox 360 game title published by Microsoft throughout 2007!

You’ll be able to play and vote on the Beta’s of the five finalist on October 29th, 2007. The winner will be announced on November 19th, 2007.

If you decide that your idea has what it takes just remember there not accepting submissions until June 21st. Just think creepy Burger King games and a fantastic idea is sure to come to mind. )

[Unlock Xbox Contest site]

-William “thewilleffect” Bell-

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1600 MS points contest details.




The Contest

Well it’s over. I gave you guys a couple of extra days, But it’s closed.

Since tommorow is the

4th of July

And I have Off, I have the time to pick a random winner.

This contest had about 180 entries,Later this week I will reveal the lucky winner.

BUT I will also be giving three 500 MS points codes to 3 people who I feel deserve it. I will E-mail these  people later this week or early next week.

I encourage all of you to share your thoughts on this blog When I post a topic. Microsoft workers do check out this site and they want to see your opinions and thoughts.

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