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Marvel Costumes Coming to LittleBigPlanet


Apparently, this concept art had been spotted at Comic-Con, showing little Wolverine, Iron Man, and Captain America Sack Boys. No word on when it will be released or whether or not it’s just those three or part of a larger pack. In any case, both IGN and Kotaku suspect that the costume pack will most likely coincide with the release of Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2. I think a Spider-Man and a Hulk costume should be included, as well as a whole slew of others. Imagine a Sack Hulk walking around with hands that look like those foam Hulk fists they sell in stores!

Turns out the Official PS Blog also posted this, with a few more bits of information:

Sony Computer Entertainment and Marvel Entertainment officially announced that they will be collaborating to create original LittleBigPlanet content based on the Marvel Universe. The news was revealed yesterday at Comic-Con International in San Diego during Marvel’s panel discussion highlighting the next generation of Marvel video games. To help illustrate what might be in store for fans, concept art of possible costumes were shown incorporating Iron Man, Wolverine and Captain America, however other characters will be considered.

In other words, this means that there will most likely be more than just these three. Cool.

Deus Ex 3 concept art leaked


Deus Ex 3 Concept Art

Deus Ex 3 concept art has leaked onto the Internet
. It’s only one piece of artwork depicting a pretty nondescript (though extremely detailed) high tech laboratory, but if you look closely you can gleam some details from the pic.

Game of the Year Edition for PCThere is an augmentation canister in the background and to the right is a mechanical hand and some legs hanging up. There is also a symbol on the floor that may be familiar to fans.

The image was posted on a deviant art page of a concept designer known as BaronTiERi.

While it is possible that this could be a fake, it is unlikely given that the artist has a quite extensive presence on the Internet. He also claims to have previously done concept art for Prince of Persia and Assassin’s Creed.


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New Killzone 2 art (and series images)


Pre-Order Killzone 2 for PS3New Killzone 2 and Killzone series concept art from the games Killzone (PS2), Killzone 2 (PS3) and Killzone: Liberation (PSP) have been discovered. These beautiful pieces are the work of Xavier Marquis, a talented concept artist who worked for Guerrilla Game’s Killzone series.

Give them a look:

New Killzone Concept Art 2

New Killzone Concept Art 3New Killzone Concept Art 5

New Killzone Concept Art 4

New Killzone Concept Art 7

New Killzone Concept Art 1

New Killzone Concept Art 6

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