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Valkyria Chronicles began life on Xbox 360


Many Sega Nerds without PlayStation 3s have gnashed their teeth over Sega’s decision to develop Valkyria Chronicles exclusively on Sony’s newest console. However, according to a former Valkyria Chronicles developer, the game was originally developed for the Xbox 360.

Actually, I was involved in the early days of the game’s development … back before I quit to draw erotic manga … Originally, the game was planned for the Xbox 360, but then later changed for the PS3.

Yeah, you read that right – he’s doing hentai now. Anyway, it’s no secret many multi-platform games are developed on the 360, then ported to the PS3, so we’re not sure why Sega chose to completely abandon its work and shift focus to Sony’s machine.

One possible reason is that the game was originally planned to only be released in Japan, and considering the Xbox 360’s lackluster sales in that region, Sega made the safe decision to develop the game on the PS3 exclusively. It might have been the near unanimous positive reception Western gamers gave Valkyria Chronicles that forced Sega to bring it our way.

[Via Kotaku and Yusaku at the forums]

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Sega Deals: Huge Sega sale at GameCrazy


GameCrazy has been known to offer some pretty sweet deals from time to time, but this has to be one of the best deals its ever given to Sega Nerds. If you have a store close to you, you better get going right now, cause these deals are just too good for the games to last very long.

Xbox 360 New/Used
Condemned 2: Bloodshot $34.99/$29.99
Sega Superstar Tennis $29.99/$19.99
Viking: Battle for Asgard $34.99/$29.99

PlayStation 3 New/Used
Condemned 2: Bloodshot $34.99/$29.99
Sega Superstar Tennis $29.99/$19.99
Viking: Battle for Asgard $34.99/$29.99

House of the Dead 2/3 $19.99/$14.99
Mario and Sonic Olympic $29.99/$19.99
Sega Superstar Tennis $29.99/$19.99

Mario and Sonic Olympic $24.99/$19.99
Sega Superstar Tennis $19.99

[Via CAG]

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Sega Deals: Alien Syndrome PSP $10 at


If you’ve recently played Mystery Dungeon: Shiren the Wanderer and have been yanking your hair out in frustration, you might think about trying a much easier, albeit equally bad game instead. EBGames is currently selling Alien Syndrome for the PSP for only $10.

I actually had the displeasure in reviewing the title, and I can honestly say it’s not very good. However, for only $10, it might interest a few Sega Nerds out there who just don’t have a lot to play right now.

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Sega Nerdcast 16: We Are Not Alone


I’m baaaaaaaack! After having to ride the bench last week due to my bratty newborns (just kidding, I love the kiddos), I’m back in action.

This week’s Nerdcast covers all the exciting Sega news that took place throughout the week, including Sega’s official announcement for Sonic Unleashed. We also talk about what we’ve been playing this week and even touch on a rather disturbing topic during the “It Came From the Forums” segment. Oh yeah, we also reveal who won the super grand prize of Mystery Dungeon: Shiren the Wanderer. But you’ll have to listen to find out who the winner is!

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Let’s go behind the scenes at Secret Level


In this fascinating behind-the-scenes video, Reeve Thompson, the vice president at Secret Level, and the rest of his team reveal some pretty interesting tidbits behind its newest title – Iron Man.

Thompson talks about Sega’s initial intentions when it purchased the once-independent company and several gameplay and design choices, most notably the fine tuning it has to do to get the flight, melee and ranged fighting down perfectly.

The more we see and hear about this game, the more I’m beginning to believe it might be one of the best licensed games to date.

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Check out this new Sonic Unleashed trailer


So now that Sega’s finally officially acknowledged Sonic Unleashed, they’ve also been kind enough to throw us a new gameplay trailer along with two new screens from the game.

While it shows much of the same scenery that was shown in the leaked trailer, there are some new pieces like the stucco houses with thatched roofs. One noticeable difference between this trailer and the leaked one is that Sega removed the HUD entirely.

We reckon that’s because there are features contained in the HUD that Sega doesn’t want to talk about just yet like the Speed and Ring Energy gauges.

Either way, all we know is that we’re very excited for this new installment in the Sonic franchise, and at this point, we’ve take a cautionary optimistic approach to the game. It has the potential to be what we’ve been waiting for, but we’ve been burned before. Consider our fingers crossed.

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First Happy Tree Friends footage released


While we’ve been busy playing all our great new Sega titles the past few months, Mondo Media has been hard at work developing one of Sega’s first licensed games for 2008 in Happy Tree Friends: False Alarm for the PC and Xbox Live Arcade. Up until now, there hasn’t been a lot to show for it, but Sega’s just sent us two new videos and promises more are on the way.

The game, which will be released April 24, is an adaptation of the popular and extremely violent cartoon found on G4’s Midnight Spank.

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Sega’s April Fools’: Empire Total War ‘naval’ screens


Who said Sega didn’t have a good sense of humor? Well, we’re willing to bet Kotaku and Destructoid don’t think so after the Sonic Unleashed fiasco, but they proved they like jokes when they sent us these new Empire Total War screens featuring some hot and sexy “naval” action. Well, a couple of these screens are hot and sexy, the other two are chubby and hairy.

Nice April Fools’ joke, Sega.

We actually thought about doing one ourselves, but the rest of the staff convinced me not to play any mean pranks on our readers. Be sure to listen to this weekend’s episode of the Sega Nerdcast where I’ll unveil some of our diabolical ideas.



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Drool over new Iron Man trailers


After getting so many great original games and sequels the past couple months, the licensed games are now on the horizon. We’ll be seeing Happy Tree Friends, Iron Man and The Incredible Hulk in the not-too distant future.

From what we’ve seen of the three games, Iron Man looks like it will be the best yet, and these two new trailers lend credence to my completely baseless claim. Check them out - they’re super sexy.

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Happy Tree Friends coming April 21



It’s been a crazy couple months, and with Viking: Battle for Asgard just shipping, it looks like we’ll finally have time to breathe until the next round of Sega titles head our way. It looks like the next game we’ll be getting is Happy Tree Friends: False Alarm as Mondo Chick announced the game should be released on April 21 on the PC and Xbox Live Arcade, pending Sega’s approval.

We are waiting on final confirmation from Sega and should have the exact date within the next week. The game has gotten great pre-reviews and we think you’ll really enjoy navigating all the characters through the various levels. It’s no easy task… but you even have fun if you lose… isn’t it great to see all the crazy, bloody deaths???

I feel a little bad because we haven’t given much attention to the Sega published title. But I don’t think many of us have had time to think about very much else with the March Madness Sega unleashed on us in the form of Condemned 2, The House of the Dead 2 & 3 Return, Sega Superstars Tennis and Viking: Battle for Asgard.

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