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Street Fighter Legends: Chun-Li comic book spin-off coming in January 2009


Chun-Li comic book cover
Having appeared in dozens of Street Fighter video games, and landing her own live action feature film next year in Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li, Chun-Li is undeniably among the most recognizable and popular girls of gaming. Beginning in January 2009 UDON will explore the roots of this high-kicking martial artist in Street Fighter Legends: Chun-Li, a 4-issue miniseries by the Street Fighter Legends: Sakura team of Ken Siu-Chong and Omar Dogan. Featuring covers by Omar Dogan and Kevin Lau, as you can see above.

The series focuses on a younger Chun-Li and one of her earliest assignments for the Hong Kong police. Along for the ride will be her partner Po-lin, a young woman who has a very personal score to settle with the terrorist Shadaloo organization. Expect this pair of lovely ladies to get into car chases, shoot outs, and plenty of fisticuffs as they fight their way to the truth about Shadaloo’s latest scheme.

But the cast isn’t made up exclusively of sexy female law officers! Fans will also get their first real looks at the lives of rarely-explored characters like Dorai, (Chun-Li’s father and fellow police officer) and Go Hibiki (the surprisingly competent father of everyone’s favorite walking joke, Dan). And, as always when dealing with Shadaloo, some well known boss characters will likely turn up to cause trouble!

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Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix review video


Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix artwork
The Capcom arcade classic receives a whole new look with Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix for the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade. Capcom maintains the integrity of the popular game by utilizing the original game code while upgrading the graphics with new artwork and high resolution 1080p images — all of the art, from character animation to stage backgrounds, will be completely redrawn by Udon Entertainment, the company responsible for the official US Street Fighter series of comics. Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix includes both online and offline competition for one to two players.

Years of fine-tuning have led to another great Hadoken. Find out in this Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix video review.

To quote the IGN video review: “Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix doesn’t have any frills and its mechanics — while extremely well-tuned — are simple. This is a game very dissimilar to modern fighters because it doesn’t shower you with extra modes, art galleries or unlockables. It’s admirably precise and meant for hardcore players, despite its increased approachability. So HD Remix isn’t for everyone, but the gameplay represented in this download is extraordinarily balanced and deep. I spent hours learning the ways of the retooled Fei Long and just barely scratched the surface of it all. For such a reasonable price of $14.99, HD Remix is a very hard game to pass up.”

Presentation — 7.5
Graphics — 8.0
Sound — 8.5
Gameplay — 9.0
Lasting Appeal — 8.0
Overall — 8.7

Capcom takes Super Street Fighter 2 and gives it a face lift for PS3 and Xbox 360. How does Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix hold up in today’s standards? Check out this 1UP Show hands on video for an old-to-new movesets comparison:

Click on the bottom-right corner arrow to view it fullscreen.

Dead Rising Wii-make dated, priced in Japan


225_dr2-copy.jpgKotaku reports the Wii version of zombie-basher Dead Rising will be available Feb. 19 in Japan.

It will be priced at ¥7,340, which translates to approximately $75.

Critics have given denunciatory impressions of Dead Rising’s early Wii builds, mostly stemming from poor visuals and abhorrently low zombie totals on-screen.

Capcom built the Wii version, subtitled Chop Till You Drop, on the Resident Evil 4 engine, utilizing a similar over-the-shoulder camera view. The game utilizes motion controls for much of the combat.

Check out Sean’s hands-on impressions for more.

Capcom announced in July it expects to sell 500,000 copies of Dead Rising on Wii. It has yet to announce a North American release.

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Dead Rising 2 confirmed to be in development at Blue Castle


Dead Rising on Xbox 360As far back as January 2007 Capcom has been hinting at a sequel to the million-selling horror ‘em up Dead Rising. Today Dead Rising 2 was confirmed by a source in Canadian developer Blue Castle (of The Bigs fame).

The Eurogamer souce said: “Everyone’s really excited; the team has obviously seen the rumours and it’s been hard to keep quiet, but they can’t wait to show off the game.”

A spokesperson for Capcom Europe refused to comment on the matter. But with the game selling over a million on Xbox 360 alone and a Wii version subtitled “Chop Till You Drop” coming on February 27th next year, we’d expect the sequel to go multiplatform on PS3 as well.

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Viewtiful Joe returns in Tatsunoko vs. Capcom