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Limited Edition Assassin’s Creed Bloodlines PSP Entertainment Pack


On the Officical PlayStation Blog, Sony has revealed that they’re going to release a Limited Edition Assassin’s Creed Bloodlines bundle for an MSRP of $199.99. The pack will be available in November and will include the following:

  • White PSP-3000 system
  • Assassin’s Creed Bloodlines PSP Game
  • UMD Movie (to be announced)
  • 2GB Memory Stick PRO Duo

Also on the same post is a Q&A with one of the producers, Frederic Lefrancois. When asked about how the game fits in with the Assassin’s Creed universe, he responded:

“Assassin’s Creed: Bloodlines” follows Altair’s story right after the events of Assassin’s Creed as he hunts down the ascending Templars in Cyprus. It’s the only game that explains the link between Assassin’s Creed and Assassin’s Creed 2. If you want to understand how Ezio is born and where the Codex comes from, you need this game.

Sounds like we’d have to check it out to understand what the heck is going on in Assassin’s Creed 2 eh?

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Best Buy PS3 Bundle – Includes MGS4 and Killzone 2


Best Buy MGS4 KZ2 Bundle
Now this is how you bundle a system! Hopefully this will propel more sales for PS3, because this is one hell of a bundle! Includes the 80GB PS3 and sells for the base price of $399.99.

In any case, I’m sure some of our readers here currently do not have a PS3, but this bundle would be worth it! Two of PS3’s best exclusives? Come on! Kicks the crap out of the 360’s Lego Indiana Jones and Kung Fu Panda bundle! Only thing that has going for it is the 120GB HDD.

To view details and purchase, check out Best Buy’s Product Details page.

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Street Fighter Special Collectors Edition announced for Xbox 360 and PS3


final  fantasy 13 screenshot

Pre-Order Street Fighter IV on PS3Capcom has announced the Special Collector’s Edition version of Street Fighter IV for Xbox 360 and PS3. It will release alongside the normal game on February 20, 2009, although it’s so far only been announced for Europe.

Along with the game itself, everything from the Special Collector’s Edition is snugly housed in a classic Street Fighter scene outer case!

The Street Fighter IV – Special Collector’s Edition includes:

* Limited edition figurines of all time favorite character Ryu and the all new character Crimson Viper, positioned within the familiar settings of the ‘crowded Chinese downtown’.
* A bonus disc containing a feature length HD quality anime movie, created specially for the launch of Street Fighter IV and a selection of the best game trailers to date.
* A mini strategy guide created in the style of a comic art book detailing the moves and biographies of four of the new characters to the series; Viper, Abel, El Fuerte and Rufus
* Exclusive downloadable game content

Gamers in the United States will not get both character figurines at the same time as in Europe. Rather, the Xbox 360 version will come with the Crimson Viper figurine (as well as the anime on DVD disc) and PS3 gamers will get the Ryu figurine (with the anime on Blu-ray disc).

Additionally, you can pre-order the game to snag a replica of Ryu’s headband.

How to download the Wii Speak Channel to talk in Animal Crossing City Folk


Wii Speak Microphone for WiiOne of the coolest features of Animal Crossing: City Folk for Wii (the newest game in the Animal Crossing series) is the fact that the game supports Nintendo’s new microphone accessory, the Wii Speak, which allows for voice chat when playing City Folk online with friends.

The microphone can either be bought bundled with the game (at an American msrp of $70 or just the game for $50) or separately (just the microphone) for $30. And eventually other games should support voice chat while playing online, but right now it’s just City Folk.

City Folk with Wii Speak BundleWhen you buy the microphone, packed inside the box is a 16-digit “Wii Download Ticket” code that allows you to download the “Wii Speak Channel” to your Wii Channels menu. The channel allows you to simply chat with an unlimited amount of friends in one of four available chat rooms. Each user is represented by their Mii who will lip-synch what they are saying. In addition the Wii Speak Channel allows you to leave friends audio messages as well as attach audio clips to stored photos. You can also share photo slid shows and comment on them with the Wii Speak Channel.

Give a look at how the channel works and how to download it in this video.

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DS Lite gets Mario Red and Ice Blue colored limited-edition bundles for Black Friday


Mario Red Nintendo DS Lite bundle
The day after Thanksgiving might be known to holiday shoppers as “Black Friday,” but this year Nintendo is rewarding eager consumers with two brilliant splashes of color. On November 28, Nintendo will release a duo of limited-edition Nintendo DS bundles, each pairing a Nintendo DS game title with a hand-held system in a new color. The Mario Red Nintendo DS Lite bundle includes a red system emblazoned with a familiar M for Mario, and a copy of New Super Mario Bros. The Ice Blue Nintendo DS Lite bundle comes with a custom carrying case and the popular Brain Age: Train Your Brain in Minutes a Day. Each bundle sells at an MSRP of $149.99. To celebrate the new release on Black Friday, Amazon has lowered the price of both these bundles to $134.95.

Ice Blue Nintendo DS Lite bundle
Expected to rank high on holiday wish lists among first-time gamers and veteran players alike, the Mario Red and Ice Blue systems are the latest (limited-edition) additions to Nintendo’s rich palette of distinctive Nintendo DS Lite colors.

“Nintendo DS is both the most affordable and the most popular video game system in this generation,” said Cammie Dunaway, Nintendo of America’s executive vice president of Sales & Marketing. “These limited-edition bundles make great gifts for first-time Nintendo DS players and collectors alike.”

The Mario Red and Ice Blue DS bundles won’t be the only stocking stuffers this season. Nintendo also aims to brighten the season for core and new gamers with its growing selection of Nintendo DS games. Pokémon Ranger: Shadows of Almia and Kirby Super Star Ultra are already in demand among casual gamers and younger players. The new Personal Trainer: Cooking helps people become masterful chefs. And Mystery Case Files: MillionHeir keeps friends and families enthralled with a series of unique seek-and-solve puzzles.

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The winner of our PlayStation 2 Buzz competition


Slim PS2 pictureThe past month we’ve given you the chance to win in our Slim PS2 and Buzz HollyWood Quiz Bundle competition. The task was a matter of naming the maximum number of players in a game of Buzz HollyWood Quiz, that being eight. We heartily thank all gamers who participated, but of course out of all the right answers only one winner could be chosen…

Beth Marie wins and gets a free PlayStation 2 Slim console with Buzz HollyWood Quiz game bundle! Congratulations to the winner! You’ll be contacted via email shortly.

If you didn’t win: Don’t forget to join our other competitions for games like SoulCalibur IV, Top Spin 3, Don King Presents: Prizefighter, Major League Baseball 2K8, NBA 2K8, Alone in the Dark and an Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit.

Guitar Hero DS Lite bundle includes a silver-black color DS and the On Tour game


On Tour DS Lite bundle
Available on June 22, 2008, at North American stores, is the Silver-Black colored Nintendo DS Lite bundle branded with the Guitar Hero logo will be available exclusively as part of a limited-time bundle with the Guitar Hero: On Tour music-rhythm game. For the first time, this smash-hit franchise is playable on a portable video game system using the Guitar Hero Guitar Grip peripheral and fully tapping into the distinctive abilities of the Nintendo DS hardware, meaning it also uses the DS touch screen and microphone.

Using the revolutionary Guitar Hero Guitar Grip peripheral and a custom-designed Guitar Hero pick-stylus, Guitar Hero: On Tour leverages the unique abilities of Nintendo DS to bring a new dimension to hand-held gaming. Guitar Hero: On Tour features a wide variety of music, including tracks from blink-182, No Doubt, Jet, Nirvana, Bloc Party and many others, players can rock out in career mode, join together in co-op or go head-to-head in a “Guitar Duel” using Battle Items unique to the DS platform.

Dusty Welch, Head of Publishing for the game’s developer RedOctane said: “With the Guitar Hero-branded Nintendo DS and our Guitar Hero: On Tour game and peripheral, this amazing bundle delivers gamers a complete Guitar Hero experience they can enjoy anytime, anywhere.”

Competition time: Win a Slim PS2 and Buzz HollyWood Quiz Bundle


Win this Slim PS2 and Buzz HollyWood Quiz Bundle
Welcome to our “Slim PS2 and Buzz HollyWood Quiz Bundle” competition! Sony’s popular Slim PlayStation 2 system has sold 127 million times, which means that not everyone on Earth has one yet. That’s why thanks to Sony we’re giving away the following: the fun Buzz! Hollywood Quiz game with 4 Buzz controllers and a Slimline PlayStation 2 system with DualShock 2 controller and everything you need to get you started playing!

What do you need to do to win? Answer this question: “Up to how many players does Buzz HollyWood Quiz support?” The question is linked to our review of the game, which might provide a hint.

What are the rules? Winners must be located in the USA. All you have to do is leave a comment on this page with your answer before the 4th of July (Independence Day) is over. Fill out your real email so we can contact you if you win (your email will be invisible to other readers, only the site staff can see it). The winner will be announced the next day. Good luck!

PS: Give the game a try here:

Metallic Blue color PSP Madden NFL 09 bundle announced for August 12th


Blue color PSP Madden NFL 09 bundle
The blue color PSP has escaped from Japan. Sony Computer Entertainment America announced the Madden NFL 09 PSP Entertainment Pack — a limited-edition bundle launching on August 12th, 2008, for fans of the Madden NFL football franchise. This bundle is priced at $199.99 and will feature: a limited-edition “Metallic Blue” PSP system with the upcoming Madden NFL 09 sports game, “NFL: In Just One Play” on UMD Video, a PlayStation Network voucher to download Beats from the PlayStation Store (accessible via a PC), and a 1GB Memory Stick Pro Duo, for storing photos, music, video and more. If purchased separately, it would cost you more than $260 altogether.

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Star Wars: The Force Unleashed gameplay wrapped into one bundle of joy


Inside of me the hype I feel for Star Wars: The Force Unleashed is slowly reaching a boiling point which hopefully will explode this summer. After so many subpar Star Wars games could this new title be a wonderful next-gen experience wrapped in Star Wars lore?

The only thing that could possibly worry me is could levitating enemies get a bit boring once the novelty has worn off?

-Michael “Thrills Killa” Pacheco-

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