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Top 10 greatest rhythm games of all-time


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The top 10 greatest rhythm games of all-time is a tough list to compile and will no doubt vary on personal tastes. This list focusses on games where a strict, rhythmic play style was enforced, and eliminating titles heavily influenced by music such as Rez, Lumines, or Everyday Shooter. The criteria also put a strong emphasis on music, quality of play, features, and longevity.

Check out the top 10 rhythm games list:
PaRappa The Rapper for PlayStation One10. Bust a Move: Dance & Rhythm Action (1998, Enix, PSone)
9. Pump It Up Extra (2001, Andamiro, Arcade)
8. PaRappa the Rapper (1997, NaNaOn-Sha, PSone) & Um Jammer Lammy (1999, NaNaOn-Sha, PSone)
7. Elite Beat Agents (2006, iNis, Nintendo DS)
6. Beatmania III: The Final (2002, Konami, Arcade)
5. Pop’n Music 9 (2002, Konami, Arcade)
4. Guitar Hero (2005, Harmonix, PlayStation 2)
3. Beatmania IIDX 6th Style (2001, Konami, Arcade)
2. Dance Dance Revolution 4th Mix Plus (2000, Konami, Arcade)
1. Rock Band (2007, Harmonix, Xbox 360/PlayStation 3/PlayStation 2)

Gitaroo Man for PlayStation 2While Gametap’s list had tough criteria to meet, honorable mentions include some other great titles that had to be cut since it’s a top 10 after all. If you have access to any of these titles, they come recommend.

* Samba De Amigo (Dreamcast)
* Karaoke Revolution With Motown (Xbox)
* DJ Max Portable (PSP)
* Gitaroo Man (PlayStation 2)
* Shakka to Tambourine: Power Up! (Arcade)

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