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Heroes of the Pacific sequel Heroes over Europe coming to PC, Xbox 360 and PS3 in 2009


Heroes Over Europe dog-fighting Screenshot

Atari has announced Heroes Over Europe for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC. The game is the sequel to the air combat/dogfighting prequel, Heroes of the Pacific (released for PS2, Xbox, PC and PSP in 2005) and is being developed by Red Mile Entertainment and published by Atari.

Heroes of the Pacific on PS2The game will take aspiring combat pilots into the bullet-ridden heart of major World War II European air battles in glorious dogfight-friendly high definition. Heroes over Europe follows the Allied campaign from the attacks on London to the destruction of Berlin, with players under orders to strap themselves into the authentically rendered cockpits of the campaign’s iconic aircraft. Their mission: “to survive the most ferocious dogfights ever seen in a flight combat game.”

Here is the trailer for the new game.

Key Features for Heroes Over Europe include:
* Best tactical dogfights in HD: relive the best tactical dogfights in over 40 types of ultra-realistic iconic warplanes of the era, all presented in stunning high definition graphics with realistic localized damage on aircraft;
* Meticulously rendered environments: detailed landscapes and landmarks recreated in painstaking detail including faithful representations of London and Berlin to bring war-torn World War II to life;
* Legacy of ‘Heroes’ series: new installment in the Heroes series builds on its impressive legacy with highly detailed realistic visual presentation and more online options;
* Comprehensive online gameplay: fight for the skies with 4 modes of online multiplayer action for up to 16 players;
* Downloadable content: additional downloadable content will be available from launch.

Ghostbusters 3 game to be published by Atari in summer 2009


The Video Game ScreenshotGhostbusters 3: The Video Game, the video game sequel to the classic movies, has finally been picked up by a publisher; Atari will release the game in 2009.

The Video Game logoGhostbusters was highly anticipated before it’s release as it re-unites all the key players of the previous two Ghostbusters movies, including stars Harold Ramis, Dan Aykroyd, Ernie Hudson and Bill Murray who return to reprise their roles as Spenglar, Stantz, Zeddmore and Venkman. Also including the talents of Annie Potts, Brian Doyle Murray and William Antherton in everything from the storyline to the game’s setting, script and voice acting.

However the game was left in limbo when it’s original publisher, Sierra, was killed off by the Activision/Vivendi merger. Now Atari will publish the game “early next summer” to coincide with the first movie’s 25th anniversary!

Atari also picked up another game that was left in limbo, the new Riddick game, The Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena, which they will release next Spring.

Escape from Butcher Bay Director's Cut for PCAnd not only did they snag up the new Riddick game, they also signed a deal with Universal (who owns the rights to the Riddick franchise) to make further games based on the Riddick character (played by Vin Diesal). Which should make fans of the critically acclaimed first-person shooters very happy. To pay development on both titles (Ghostbusters and Riddick), Atari paid Activision a flat, undisclosed fee.

Sounds like a great move to me by Atari, both games should be big hits both sales-wise and critically, so kudos on Atari for not letting these games slip by unpublished.

The Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena published by Atari worldwide in spring 2009. Surprise! It’s a brand new game!


Assault on Dark Athena screenshot
Atari has announced that first person shooter The Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena is joining its 2009 line up. In conjunction with Universal Pictures Digital Platforms Group, Tigon Studios and acclaimed developer Starbreeze Studios, Atari is bringing the franchise to the new generation of consoles for the first time packed with thrilling new adventures. The highly anticipated title is scheduled for launch on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC in spring 2009.

The title features a brand new exhilarating adventure, a high-definition re-imagining of the classic Escape from Butcher Bay campaign and new multiplayer options, The Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena will thrill fans when it launches in spring 2009.

Previously announced as a remake of hit title The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay (PC, Xbox) with added content, Atari revealed that The Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena contains a brand new full-length campaign. This exciting announcement promises a title which will include the original game re-imagined for a whole new audience, an entirely new chapter in the Riddick saga and, for the first time, intense online multiplayer combat, making The Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena a must-have experience for any fan of intense action gaming.

In The Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena the player takes the role of Riddick, as played by Vin Diesel, using stealth and action to overcome the merciless crew of the predatory Merc-ship Dark Athena which awaits its prey in the dark reaches of space. Cheating death through a series of spectacular battles and events, Riddick will fight for his life amid a storm of malevolence and horror. The Chronicles of Riddick series of games takes the player deeper into the universe of Universal Pictures’ films The Chronicles of Riddick and cult classic Pitch Black, which first introduced Vin Diesel as enigmatic anti-hero Riddick.

“It’s very exciting to have Assault on Dark Athena as part of Atari’s 2009 publishing line-up,” said Phil Harrison, President of Infogrames Entertainment, the parent company of Atari. “The first game in the series was a landmark in action gaming and the outstanding team at Starbreeze are creating a feature-packed follow-up which will delight fans and new players alike.”

“The Riddick IP offers a rich universe from which to develop no-holds barred games, and we’ve believed that since the days of the Pitch Black film,” said Bill Kispert, Vice President and General Manager, Interactive, Universal Pictures Digital Platforms Group. “Assault on Dark Athena extends the franchise fiction; adds to the mythology with new storylines, characters and locations while remaining true to the original material; and gives fans an experience they haven’t seen before. As we introduce this new Riddick chapter, we are also excited to welcome Atari to the Riddick family.”

“We’re thrilled about this remake and expansion of Escape from Butcher Bay.” said Ian Stevens, Head of Game Production, Tigon Studios. “Assault on Dark Athena tells a new story in The Chronicles of Riddick, while at the same time sharing our original vision with a larger audience. We’re excited about the coming months and talking more in-depth about new features like the addition of Multiplayer!”

“Working with the Riddick franchise for us is an extraordinary experience,” said Johan Kristiansson, CEO, Starbreeze Studios. “We are deeply enthusiastic about the partnership with Atari that will bring this rich game experience to a new generation of consoles. With this release we’ve pushed the limits of the Starbreeze engine, delivering an extensive game package designed to thrill gamers worldwide. We can’t wait for it to hit the shelves.”

Aykroyd: Atari to publish Ghostbusters in 2009


Given the secretive nature of major game announcements, you can bet someone at Atari is shouting:

“What did you do, Ray?!”

Speaking to Dallas radio station 105.3 KLLI, Dan Aykroyd revealed Tuesday the Ghostbusters video game has been picked up by Atari.

According to Kotaku, Aykroyd said the game is about “a year away” from being released.

Though the high-profile game was originally to be published by Vivendi Games, Ghostbusters fell into limbo after the company’s $18.8 billion merger with Activision Blizzard in August. Several Vivendi titles were dropped in the merger, including the big-budget Ghostbusters.

Atari has yet to confirm Aykroyd’s comments.

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Dragon Ball Z: Infinite World coming to PS2 in November 2008


Infinite World screenshot
It’s time for one final mighty Kamehameha for the PlayStation 2 as Atari announced the upcoming launch of Namco Bandai Games’ Dragon Ball Z: Infinite World in North America in November 2008 and in Europe in December 2008. The Dragon Ball Z: Infinite World versus fighting game is being developed by Dimps and combines all the best elements of previous five Dragon Ball Z Budokai games, while also boasting new features such as “Dragon Missions”, new battle types and drama scenes for fans to delve deeper than ever before into the Dragon Ball Z universe.

The new “Dragon Missions” in Dragon Ball Z: Infinite World include many famous scenes from the Dragon Ball Z series never before seen in a video game. A range of missions from a time-attack with power-ups collecting without falling off Snake Way on the “Snake Road Mission” and a race-attack with Goku having to catch Bubbles in the “Dragon Mission” alongside other action, platformer and racing-style missions; puts players’ strategy and quick-thinking skills to the test beyond simply showing off their deadly fighting skills.

But no Dragon Ball Z game would be complete without its fair share of spectacular battles. Dragon Ball Z: Infinite World uses a simplified battle system taken from the recently released next-gen Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit for thrilling hand-to-hand fighting, aura dashing, dodging and weaving on the ground, or flying leaps and aerial combat in the skies. Defeat your opponent by blasting damaging Ki attacks from the sky or by diving into him and launching an explosive smash attack. On top of this you can customize the move set of your characters.

The game features over 40 unique characters, not counting the different forms that each character can transform into which multiplies the playing potential. So far confirmed characters include: Cell, Goku, Janemba, Pikkon, Super 17, Tien, and Vegeta. On top of characters, fighting techniques and battle stages, Dragon Ball Z: Infinite World also includes selected drama scenes from the previous games all presented using beautifully refined effects and shading techniques. I almost forgot to mention that the original Japanese voice actors, as well as the second-gen English voice actors are back.

Representing the last “Z” title for the PlayStation 2, Dragon Ball Z: Infinite World combines the many of the best elements from the previous Budokai and Shin-Budokai series, as well as the recently released next-gen Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit, to deliver the definitive DBZ experience.

The Making of Alone in the Dark Part 2: Story


Alone in the Dark Xbox 360 screenshot
Already out in Europe, Alone in the Dark has made its way onto store shelves in America today for Xbox 360, PC, Wii and PS2, with the PS3 version following later in 2008. In our Alone in the Dark preview, we showed the game’s features and the first “Making of” video.

Alone in the Dark for Xbox 360In The Making of Alone in the Dark: Part 2 the horror story’s history is explained. According to the creators the huge contrast between the darkness of Central Park and the lights in the streets just around the park was a great playground to set up a game.

Don’t forget we’re giving away the Alone in the Dark game and swag in our Alone in the Dark Competition. At least if you’re not afraid of sharing your scariest horror game moment on that page.

Watch the 2nd Making of Alone in the Dark:

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Alone in the Dark preview


Alone in the Dark for Xbox 360Making its return 14 years after the original, Alone in the Dark features a gripping story, design inspired by contemporary TV action dramas, and original gameplay based on real world rules physics. Atari’s action survival opus Alone in the Dark will launch across Europe on 20 June and in America on June 24th for Xbox 360, PC, Wii and PS2, with the PS3 version following later in 2008.

The following walkthrough of Alone in the Dark chapter 6 shows what you can do in Central Park. From the interactivity of objects (and vehicles) that are lying around towards your enemies, and combining inventory to make new weapons, to using the environment to your advantage.

An introduction to The Making of Alone in the Dark. Shocking to find out that their early build was…

The main Alone in the Dark features are:

* The game is constructed around a unique episodic format. Each episode will conclude with a cliffhanger ending and, once the player leaves the game, a teaser of the next episode will appear. Every episode will also have video summaries which retell the player about the previous episode when a saved game is loaded, allowing them to quickly remember what objectives they have to complete.

* The game is open-ended and expansive. One such feature is the hot-wiring mini game. In one dire moment, the character may need to commandeer a car by hot-wiring. This will initiate a mini game, where Edward will rip the wires out of the car and try to start the engine. He could either succeed and be able to drive the car, or blare the car horn loudly, alerting enemies to his presence.

* The player is also allowed to choose how they want to play the game. For example, instead of using a flashlight in dark areas, items can be lit with fire to traverse through the dark.

* The player can also heal their wounds to regain health. First they must use a disinfectant spray on the wound, then bandage it.

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Angry Video Game Nerd reviews the Indiana Jones Trilogy


Indiana Jones Greatest AdventuresThis is the forty-sixth in a series of bad video game reviews by the Angry Video Game Nerd. Watch as the Angry Nerd reviews three classic Indiana Jones games that encompass the entire movie-based Trilogy! From Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark on Atari 2600, and Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom on NES, to Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade on NES.

With the new Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull movie out this week, it’s time to take a look at some of the crap thrown down by Indy and his whip. As always, coarse language ahead.

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Video Games Live: The Wolf in Sheep’s clothing


Video Games LiveVideo Games Live is supposedly a concert of epic proportions bringing together video game music and symphony orchestras. This concert was started by Tommy Tallarico and Jack Wall, who are both composers in the world of game design. Since this show was stopping in New York City at the Beacon Theater, I just had to go out and see this, seeing as everyone is talking about it. This seemed to be the perfect Saturday evening activity, seeing as how much I enjoy listening to classic video game soundtracks. However, all was not well, as I was soon set up for disappointment. If you’re ready for my review and rant, hit the jump.

First off, let’s quickly start this off with a moment to think about what you would expect in a video game concert, and what you expect in a concert in general. I want you to hold onto that image as you read this article. Now, seeing as how it was a show based on the music of video games, you would obviously expect the classics to be featured. They were all basically there. We had the medleys of Super Mario Bros., Metroid, and of course, The Legend of Zelda.

Now that we know they are a part of the selections, let’s think about what we could add to supplement those games. How does Halo sound – not too good? How about some World of Warcraft? Maybe some Civilization IV? And for the heck of it, let’s throw in a game that’s not even released, StarCraft II. That sounds perfect, right?

Well, that’s apparently what Tommy Tallerico and Jack Wall consider the epitome of game music compositions. I mean, who would expect any of the classic songs from the Mega Man games to be there? Or perhaps even a medley of Butter Buildings and Fountain of Dreams from the Kirby series? Maybe even some games that most people know for their amazing music like Shadow of the Colossus, Katamari Damacy, or even any of the games from the Chrono Trigger Series.

However, the lackluster choice of music wasn’t the only thing that was bad about the show. Every time Tallerico came out on stage, he took the time to pitch the company responsible for sponsoring them. I don’t even know how many times I heard about Razer and their apparently amazing keyboards and mice. I’m sure all us hardcore computer gamers would love to get our hands on some of them.

The only real redeeming part of the show was YouTube star Martin Leung. He’s the guy who played the original Super Mario Bros. theme on the piano blindfolded. If it wasn’t for him coming on stage and actually playing his Final Fantasy and Super Mario World medleys I would have walked out of the theater, right then and there. Besides his performance, the only real notable parts of the show were the Metal Gear Solid, Ghost and Ghouls, and the Sonic the Hedgehog medley.

Overall this concert felt like a high school auditorium presentation, where the teacher who isn’t hip to the gaming community makes a selection and you end up sitting through it, thinking, “I could have got a better selection.” They also had two random segments where a person from the audience had a chance to win some Razer stuff. Also included were: a cosplay contest, playing Space Invaders through tracking your movements on stage, and two people who could get the high score on Frogger in one minute, 30 seconds. It all seemed very lackluster. If you have tickets, or still feel like attending, I beseech you to not waste your money, just get a refund, or if you’re going to go get the cheapest ones you can get, because in all honesty It’s really not worth it.

I leave you with this, If you had your pick, what would you want performed orchestrally or in a band?

Special Thanks to MuffinGal for the photos.
TheaterMario and LuigiThe Weakest LinkCosplay VGL
Show Starts

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Gaming’s first Easter Egg


Happy Easter everyone! The first Sunday after the first full moon on or after March 21st Christians celebrate the resurrection of Jesus, this festival is called Easter as you no doubt know. Non-religious Easter traditions include eating chicken or chocolate Easter Eggs as a popular sign of the holiday.

In gaming we also know the term Easter Egg as a hidden secret (message, feature or object) in a videogame. The first ever Easter Egg was put in 1979’s Atari 2600 action-adventure single player game “Adventure”. Find out how its creator, Warren Robinett, seeking credit led to the first in-game hidden secret.

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