Sony Still Standing Firm on PS3 Price


Despite numerous rumors and developer backlash, Sony’s Howard Stringer is still supporting the current price tag of the PlayStation 3, saying “I (would) lose money on every PlayStation I make“. In my opinion, lowering the price would mean more product would be moved and a higher attach rate, which is good for everyone. From IGN.

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Published on July 8th, 2009 under , , , , , , ,

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PS3 Slim Shows up on Amazon


On Amazon’s German store they have this listed “PlayStation 3 Konsole slim“.

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Braid to PS3 Says USK


The German Rating Board (USK) has recently listed and rated “Braid” as coming to the PS3.
For those of you who have been drooling over this highly praised Xbox Live exclusive, keep your

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Sony Financial Results for April-June 2009 (Fiscal Q1 2009)


Full results here
Overall, company-wide (mostly non-gaming) results were bad. Compared with the same quarter last year, revenue was down 19.2%, and the company went from generating a ¥73.4 billion …

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PlayStation Home gets 2 new spaces and a upgraded movie theater


The US movie theater has just been one screen since the open Beta. Now it’s being expanded to 10 movie screens and a lobby. Some of the screening rooms may be giving stuff away too. Sony said …

Behold, the birth of Blu-ray


Ever wondered how a Blu-ray disc is born? Check out this step by step gallery.

StarOcean 4 for the PS3 unofficially revealed by GameFly


When Joystic spoke to a spokesperson at GameFly they replied:

We simply post information as it is supplied to us by the publishers.

SE hasn’t confirmed or denied this news but I have …

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Aliens vs. Predator trailer shows why it sucks to be human


When I played Aliens vs Predator 2 on the PC. I was usually a Predator sporting just a staff and net combo. Unless my prey was being difficult, then I resort to other means, Mwhahah. Hopefully …

Infamous Movie In the Works


Infamous has signed a 7 digital deal with screenwriter Sheldon Turner (The Longest Yard remake, Up in the Air). Avi Arad and Ari Arad (The Incredible Hulk, Ironman, Uncharted) will also be producing …

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Uncharted 2 Will NOT Have a Mandatory Install


For those of you who pre-ordered from Best Buy, apparently on the box, it says the game requires at least 1.7GB. Not to worry, though, as Naughty Dog has confirmed that the game will NOT require …

Comic-Con ‘09: White Knight Chronicles Preview


The guys at Kotaku got a chance to preview a little bit of Level 5’s PS3 exclusive White Knight Chronicles at this year’s Comic-Con.
 While they noted alot some may already know about what …

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Blu-ray Releases for the week of 7.27.09


Here are the Blu-ray titles for this week. Highlights are: Fast & Furious, Battlestar Galactica: The Complete Series, Green Lantern: First Flight, Torchwood: Children of Earth.

Marvel Costumes Coming to LittleBigPlanet


Apparently, this concept art had been spotted at Comic-Con, showing little Wolverine, Iron Man, and Captain America Sack Boys. No word on when it will be released or whether or not it’s just …

The Weekly Recap (July 19-25)


Well, this week seemed a little slow with the news, netting in 28 submissions. Nothing truly spectacular surfaced this week, so it’s just a little dry. We did manage to find a few things though! …

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TGS Sony Keynote Details


It seems that Sony is going to break their keynote for TGS into 2 parts.
The first part is a keynote from Kaz Hirai titles “Sony Computer Entertainment New Tactics 2009″. With a title …

Published on July 24th, 2009 under , , , , ,

Konami ID’s Going Away


Yes, Konami ID’s are going away. Starting with the release of Pro Evolution Soccer 2010. What about games that already use the ID? Konami has no plans to patch old games.
Most popular game …

LittleBigPlanet Reaches Over 1 Million Levels!


WOW is the word to use here (because your jaw hitting the floor and making a *thud* sound isn’t exactly a word). This is simply amazing! According to the developers:
Just think, this means …

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The ten year life plan, and competition.


To Sony, their “life” for consoles are about ten years. I’m not sure they stop production of that particular console on the exact ten year day or not. (Which in fact would be incredibly …

Published on July 22nd, 2009 under , , , , , , , , ,

PS3 games MIA.


Two years ago at Sony’s E3 conference, it was announced that Sony had secured an exclusive deal with the Korean MMO developer NCSoft to create games for the PS3. NCSoft is known for games …

Published on July 21st, 2009 under , , , , ,

Indie Game Challenge


If there are any indie / independent video game developers out there reading this blog, this may be your chance to make it big. Check out the video for some more info. The entry period is from …

Blu-ray Releases for the week of 7.20.09


Here are the Blu-ray titles for this week. Highlights are: Watchmen (2 different Director’s Cuts), Coraline in 3D, 300: The Complete Experience,
Echelon Conspiracy.

Published on July 20th, 2009 under , , , , , , ,

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