Yakuza 3 tops Japanese sales charts

Source: seganerds.com


One half of Sega Nerds’ forum charts duo, Aki-at, sends us word that Yakuza 3 has just had a very, very successful opening week in Japan. In its opening day, it sold 113,000 copies and ended its first week on retail shelves selling 178,000 copies and placing it atop of this week’s sales charts, according to Famitsu.

Looking back at how the previous two games in the series faired in their opening weeks, puts Yakuza 3 smack dab in the middle. It sold right around 50,000 copies more than Yakuza but is still well under the 100,000 Yakuza 3 reached in its first week debut. However, that’s not a knock on Yakuza 3, though. You have to keep in mind the install base for the PlayStation 2 at the time was considerably larger than what the PlayStation 3 is currently at.

We just hope that with the overwhelming amount of positive press from Western media and the great reception from gamers, Sega will be forced to bring it our way, even with all the possible nonessential cursing.

[Thanks for the tip, Aki-At!]

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Published on March 13th, 2008 under , , ,

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Yakuza 3 tops Japanese sales charts

Source: seganerds.com

One half of Sega Nerds’ forum charts duo, Aki-at, sends us word that Yakuza 3 has just had a very, very successful opening week in Japan. In its opening day, it sold 113,000 copies and ended …

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