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Sega boss: Wii games will be more ‘original’ than other consoles


Wii Create

In a recent talk with MCV, Sega’s North American president, Simon Jeffrey, gave a (very) broad prediction of things to come with the current generation of games.

Simon suggests that due to the Wii’s cheaper development costs and innovative control system, that the console will be more likely to encourage developers to manufacture original content.

“There is no doubt that we will see more risks, and therefore more creativity on both the Wii and the DS in the next couple of years. Just look at what EA is already doing on the Wii – EA doesn’t usually do that kind of game.

“We will probably see a fair bit of standardisation for a while from third party publishers in the games that they develop for 360 and PS3, as the huge development costs are ‘rationalised’.”

While many Wii fans won’t find this too shocking as we already knew that the Wii could help to offer developers the chance to be more creative with their titles, some of you (who aren’t so keen on the Wii) may be a little shocked to hear this coming from the boss of one of the largest developers in the world.

If you are wondering, the comments made came shortly after Sega won an award at the Leipzig convention in Germany for Mario and Sonic at the Olympics.

But not to worry, as Simon isn’t as insane as some of you may be thinking. He does go on to give the Xbox 360 and PS3 some praise as well:

“Sega also sees the same trend emerging on Xbox Live Arcade and on PlayStation Network,” he said.“We hope that we will see little creative sparks of genius popping up around the industry as game designers can afford to be wildly creative once again.“The industry will be looking to Sony and Microsoft to bring as much new IP as possible.”

So what do you guys think? Will the Wii be the console to turn for developers hoping to create cheap, original software? Or is this all just jibba jabba?

[Source: MCV]

Kokoro whore finder!


Remember the Kokoro Scan trailer with the catchy song, crazy guitar-playing bear, nipple zooming, banana riding and all the rest of that insanity? Well, here’s one of the things you can do with the game: Catch a cheating whore!

It’s simple. The girl says a bunch of relationship related words, such as:

mikkai: secret meeting
uwaki: cheating
dousei: living together
kekkon: marriage
rikon: divorce

The game then picks out the word with the most stress in her voice (or something like that) and it turned out to be “CHEATING.”

Check the guy’s face! It’s priceless! The girl nervously laughs it off, but you know there’s going to be hell to pay when they get home tonight! Thank you, Sega!

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Valkyria screenshots!



Yesterday we brought you some scans of “Valkyria” or Valkyrie of the Battle Field. I’m still not completely sure what to call it. Either way, today we have the screenshots from that scan in their full-size glory.

The game is described as an Action RPG with tactical gameplay, and it uses a new graphics style Sega is calling “canvas’” that makes the picture look like a water color painting with pencil marks, it seems. This game is being made by former members of Overworks, also known as the team that worked on Skies of Arcadia and the Sakura Taisen games.

I think it looks pretty awesome already but I feel that we won’t get a full blast of the awesomeness until we see it in motion.

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Ghost Squad, now even better!



Ghost Squad, the hit lightgun game that’s going to make use of Nintendo’s new “Wii Zapper,” had some new Wii exclusive play modes revealed today on its official Japanese web site. First, up to 4 players can cooperate in the original game instead of 2 players in the arcade version. The second is Training Mode, which features challenges such as quick draw.

This is a game I’m looking forward to a lot and the new modes are very welcome. It would also be great if they would add at least one new mission. Is that too much to ask?

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Reviews: Heavenly Sword + Lair + Warhawk


Ratings Graph

The first three hotly anticipated Sony published PS3 exclusives of the season haven’t been received too well.


I’ve never played this game and it always seemed like a wildcard, but I never would have thought it would have bombed this bad. Sometimes reviewers are known for becoming overly-emotional and giving an unfair irrational review. Unfortunately, it seems like that isn’t the case; Lair just seems like a genuinely failed game. IGN actually used the sub-title, “a sixaxis suckfest”. Ouch!

Does anyone else feel bad for the developers? Hey, if a game is bad, it’s the obligation of the reviewers to score it as such, and fans such as myself definitely don’t want to buy it. But, those developers put so much work into that title it’s hard not to wince for them.

Heavenly Sword

This looks like an OK title with very mixed reviews rather than the spectacular game we were hoping for. I expected this title to turn out this way, but I’m sure it will make an awesome rental.


The best received game of the bunch. Those scores are very hot and cold. Some people love it, others hate it. Plenty of people are clearly ecstatic about this title and are getting their money’s worth several times over, while others, such as myself feel that the multi-player shooter genre is very crowded and competitive, and there are better alternatives.


I’m really disappointed with Lair, but this is a small disappointment at the start of the season. All the big releases are still ahead of us. September is looking to be a very strong month, but October and November are the peak months with the real AAA titles!

UPDATE: Fixed 1UP Warhawk Score.

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Haze Goes PS3 Exclusive


No matter what some people argue, I believe that exclusive titles can only help a platform. That’s why I was glad to hear that the previously timed-exclusive game (as far as we knew), Haze, is now a real exclusive. Haze is a shooter that’ll be coming out this fall exclusively for the PLAYSTATION 3, and no PC or 360 versions are currently in development or planned.

Haze currently has 17% of the fall shooter vote, according to our informal poll. I’ll definitely be renting it myself, and if it impresses, I might even pick it up. They seem to be giving us everything we want in a shooter, especially some good multiplayer options.

Haze PC and 360 drop off the map

[Thanks Jason and Glitch.]

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NCSoft Interview and Developer Liberties


NCSoft doesn’t reveal much new product information, but it’s worth a read because you can see that NCSoft is clearly committed to PS3 development.

I get the impression that NCSoft appreciates the freedom and control that the PS3 platform provides. Sony seems much more liberal and PC-like than it’s competitors in that they provide third party studios with more freedoms.


  • Studios can handle their own subscription systems and customer billing directly.
  • Studios can do their own customer relations directly without having to go through Sony or some other middle-man.
  • Maximum freedom in choosing from various middleware tools such as XFire and alternatives
  • Minimum mandated feature sets. While some fans wish that Sony would force studios to implement certain features such as an achievement point type system, I would much rather these content decisions left in the hands of the artists. Let them choose which features will provide the most value to gamers rather than force some marketing buzzword feature list on them.

I’m glad to see such enthusiasm from developers, and I hope these freedoms lead to increased quality and originality in upcoming titles.

NCSoft Interview

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NiGHTS Japanese site opens with new trailer


The Japanese site for NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams opened its doors today. As a gift they have posted a brand new trailer. The new site also has a great display of sparkles.

You can be cool and go to the site at school and pretend to know Japanese. Maybe even impress some members of the same sex. Sparkles, purple, and non-gender-specific heroes do that you know.

Half the site says “coming soon” in English, oddly enough. So keep checking back.

[Thanks Shadiwulf]

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SEGA boss: Most innovative games will be on the Wii


Sega NintendoEven today, after so many years have passed since Nintendo and SEGA battled for the living room, it still strikes me as a little odd to hear SEGA execs heaping praise on their once bitter rival. It’s almost as weird as when I think about Mario and Sonic competing in the Olympic Games later this winter. *shudder*

Today, SEGA’s North American president — who is not actually Dr. Robotnik, I was surprised to learn — Simon Jeffrey told MCV that “Wii’s low development costs will mean that third-party output on the system will be noticeably more original than that on Xbox 360 and PS3 for the next two years.”

“There is no doubt that we will see more risks, and therefore more creativity on both the Wii and the DS in the next couple of years. Just look at what EA is already doing on the Wii – EA doesn’t usually do that kind of game.

“We will probably see a fair bit of standardisation for a while from third party publishers in the games that they develop for 360 and PS3, as the huge development costs are ‘rationalised’.”

Jeffry also praised XBOX Live Arcade and the PS3’s online marketplace services, saying they “offered Sega a route to get novel content onto the systems (read: new ways to sell content and microtransactions).”

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Come see the softer side of game store clerks


Surly not all game store clerks are douche bags? That’s right (as told by one Infendo reader) and don’t call me Shirley!

clerks.jpgSeth tells the tale: I left work and headed to my local Game Stop… I immediately went up to the clerk and asked if there was any Metroid games left. His response: “Reservation?” So I was out of luck, but I got to talking to him and he was nice enough to actually check the shipping schedule to see when the next shipment might be. No avail there either.

He then mentioned that the Wii kiosk was actually playing the full game. I finished the first objective and went to give the wii-mote back to the clerk when I noticed a copy of MP3 on the counter. I was like “What is this?” He says “Metroid.” I say, “I know that but I thought you were all sold out.”

“It’s my pre-order,” the clerk said. “You can have it. I won’t be able to play it much this weekend and you will definitely enjoy it more than anyone else who has come in and played it.”

I was absolutely stunned by his generosity. I let him know that I normally post here and would let people know that good deeds do not go unnoticed.

Got a positive game store clerk experience to share? Leave it in the comments.

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