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Who cares about Seaman, when you can have your own Ocean! » Prvate Ocean


Prvate Ocean

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Who cares about Seaman, when you can have your own Ocean! » Private Ocean


Private Ocean

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Who cares about Seaman, when you can have your own Ocean!


Private Ocean

Sega Toys are at it again.  With their recent releases of ‘iPets’, small robotic pets (dogs, fish… penguins… etc) that you can plug your iPod (or any musical device) into, and the robot-pet will light up and move around to the music, Sega Toys have upped the ante with a new musical gizmo.

Well now, how’s this for your office?  Rather than having a robot taking up your space on your desk, how would you prefer a clock?  Yes a clock.

But not just any clock, this clock features small images of, over 100, different sea creatures, that happily swim around and play on the clocks screen.  When you tap the top of the clock, the fishy critters will form up to write the current time and date, on the screen.  Tap the bottom and they will scatter.  Plus some buttons allow for ‘communication’ with your oceanic lifeforms, but it was not specified what this really meant.

Dubbed the ‘Private Ocean’, you have various different backgrounds and themes to choose from, plus different times of day, (i.e -Sunset or Sunrise), plus, just like iPets range, you can plug a music player into the clock and watch your aquatic ‘pets’ dance around on screen to the funky beats.

Prvate Ocean

Personally I think this sounds like the greatest invention, ever… or at least the best office ‘toy’ to come around in the last few years and really want to pick one up, when it is launched in October.


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Xbox live activity for the week



Xbox 360 Top Live Titles (UU’s)
1 Gears of War
2 Forza Motorsport 2
3 Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six® Vegas
4 Guitar Hero II
5 Call Of Duty 3
6 Oblivion
7 GRAW 2
8 Crackdown
9 Shadowrun Demo
10 Shadowrun

Top Arcade Titles (Full Versions)
1 Prince of Persia
2 Band of Bugs
4 Pac-Man C.E.
5 Carcassonne
6 Worms
7 Castlevania: SOTN
8 Mad Tracks
9 Soltrio Solitaire
10 TMNT 1989 Arcade

Original Xbox Top Live Games
1 Halo 2
2 Battlefield 2: MC
3 Counter-Strike
4 Star Wars: Battlfrnt 2
5 Call of Duty 3
6 Madden NFL 07
7 Splinter Cell Chaos
8 Rainbow Six 3 BA
9 FIFA 07
10 Forza Motorsport

I’m surprised to see that the Shadowrun demo is still more popular then the actual Shadowrun game. Then again I didn’t fall into their trap so I guess I’m not that surprised, all that hype and the game can’t hold people’s interest, tsk tsk. I’m a little disappointed to see Carcassonne at number 5 for its debut week. I bet the more mature audience bought the game which alienated a larger younger audience who would rather stick with Gears of War. With the news that the “Black Pack” for Rainbow Six Vegas is free you might see it jump to the number one spot since Gears first come out, we’ll see. I’m not holding my breath but I’m a big Rainbow fan and would like to see it hold the top spot. I’m interested to see what next week’s top ten will be.

[via : MajorNelson]

-Brandon “Hoosierdaddy812″ Petesch-

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“Hour of Victory” fails



Midway’s Hour of Victory was one of those games that just seemed destined to fail from the beginning. The demo was released on the Xbox live marketplace and most gamers agreed it was pretty horrible. After a couple of days on the Xbox live marketplace the DEMO was “Magically” pulled and later placed back. What happen Midway? Got scared? Did you feel the heat from the gamers? Did you feel the reputation for your game slowly decay?

Fast Forward to this past week Gamespot did a review for Hour of Victory. What score did it get?

2! Let me repeat a 2! Dos! Two! Hmm I wonder if Vampire Rain and Hour of Victory were friends in college….

Click the link below to read Gamespot’s review of Hour of Victory and let’s hope this game just slowly dies.

Gamespot’s Review of “Hour of Victory”[Gamespot]

-Michael “Thrills Killa” Pacheco-

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Canada Day 2007 Theme and Gamerpics!



Major Nelson sends word that a new Theme and Picture Pack have been released in celebration of Canada Day 2007. This Content is Free so don’t worry about paying some points. Have a great Canada Day to our friends from the Great White North.

Name: Canada Day 2007 Theme
Price: Free
Availability: Canada
Dash Details: Xbox Canada and 360 Prophecy bring you an exclusive theme just in time for Canada’s 140th birthday. Be sure to check out for more Canada Day content!

Name: Canada Day 2007 Picture Pack
Price: Free
Availability: Canada
Dash Details: Xbox Canada and 360 Prophecy bring you an exclusive picture pack just in time for Canada’s 140th birthday. Be sure to check out for more Canada Day content!

[Via Major Nelson]

-Michael “Thrills Killa” Pacheco-

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Medal of Honor:Airborne- “Go Anywhere” Trailer


EA is bringing it’s Medal of Honor series to Next-Gen Systems because well they’re EA! This new trailer of Medal of Honor:Airborne shows it’s “Drop Anywhere” feature. It’s a cool feature and at least EA  added a new feature than just doing the the same ole, same ole. Will I check out this game? I’m not sure since the last Medal of Honor I played was the first one back in 90’s but I could if it’s good.

Thanks to max4000max for uploading this.

-Michael “Thrills Killa” Pacheco-

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Hudson Entertainment shows it’s cool to be crazy


Hudson Entertainment just released a new Mockumentary showing off some of the behind the scenes work on Bomberman Live at their Headquarters and yeah it’s pretty much pure insanity. One part I liked was when Hudson pokes fun at themselves for making the much bashed Bomberman:Act Zero. Not many companies will do that so that’s something to admire.

Also if you somehow missed it check out my interview with Joel Breton(Lead Producer) on Bomberman Live Right Here.

-Michael “Thrills Killa” Pacheco-

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“Halo Wars” Sample teases but pleases



Oh yes you like that headline yes you do. Ensemble Games Moderator “Thunder” Posted a little story of just how exciting the battles of the Halo themed RTS “Halo Wars” can really be. No screenshots or renders were released but see this as a “Pig in a blanket” at a dinner event. It’s just an appetizer.

Picture this. I’m sitting on one side of our open playtest area with one of our programmers who goes by the name of Rob “Xemu” Fermier” having just cleaned my clock in a game of Halo Wars sitting on the other side. To be honest, he had completely mopped the floor with me. It was sad, and a number of people who had just witnessed the game were heckling me. We ended up having a rematch…To further set the scene, we had a new surround sound system hooked up to the TV that I was using and at this point, Producer Chris Rippy stepped in to crank the volume.

The game fired up and I had to weather some early raids by Rob’s Warthogs. I managed to survive that and then eventually managed to field a large force of units, the largest force I’ve seen in the game yet. The screen was almost full. As I wiped out Rob’s units, I just kept cranking out more guys. I was using a combination of land and air units that not only looked cool, but was very satisfying to use in Rob’s base with the sound of destruction and weapons fire ringing in my ears. I think I may have heard Rob’s units calling out for him to resign so they could be spared the onslaught. (This is where Rob stops reading and comes down to my office and challenges me to a game, and I tell him I have to wash my hair.)

Thanks for the game Rob, especially taking it easy on me during the rematch! In short, the game ended up not only really looking like a massive battle scene from Halo, but also sounding like a war from Halo. It won’t be too much longer before we’ll be comfortable to share more imagery with you all.

That was actually the first of two “Holy…cow” moments for me this month. The second came when… [CENSORED]

Thunder did go on to hint that some “Halo Wars” news will be coming on July 6th along with a new website redesign plus some other goodies.

Halo Wars Update 6.29.2007[]

-Michael “Thrills Killa” Pacheco-

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Call of Duty 4 Perk: Deep Impact



Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare has been on my radar lately. If you haven’t seen the multiplayer content interview, it talks about the different new features they are integrating into COD4. Each player can create their own class where “you get to design your classes the way you want to play. You can pick out of all the assortments of guns you want to use, attachments to put on the gun(grips, scopes and silencers), camo schemes(you can change the color of your gun. however you want)”. The person also mentions the new Perk system where you can have different skills that could improve your character in many different ways. You probably have already seen Last Stand, now another video is out, this time on the perk Deep Impact.

On the COD4 forums an admin talks a bit about the new Bullet Penetration system that works with Deep Impact.


This week week were showing off the multiplayer perk, Deep Impact. Before I jump into the details of what Deep Impact allows you to do, heres the low-down on Bullet Penetration in the game.

In Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, warfare we have introduced a new Bullet Penetration system to both Single-player and Multiplayer that allows you to shoot through certain objects in the game that would normally be used as cover (i.e. Walls, floors, ceilings).

That said, what you can shoot through depends on three main variables:

* The Ballistics of the weapon youre using.
* The relative thickness of the object youre shooting through.
* The distance between you and the object youre firing into.

These three things determine IF you can shoot through the object, and if you can, how strong the bullet will be once it passes through it.

It changes the entire way you play the game; suddenly its not just about getting to cover, but about getting to hard cover. In multiplayer, this can change your tactics dramatically. Rather than simply picking a weapon to take into a firefight, you can carefully craft your weapons load out to the environment youll be fighting in.

In the video, we made sure to take huge advantage of bullet penetration, showing off how the M249 SAW makes light work of thin plaster walls and wooden floor boards. Now how does the Deep Impact perk play into this?

Well, for a weapon like the M249 Saw (featured in the video), obviously it has the power to easily shoot through plaster walls, wooden floors, and even some fairly thick stone walls–but what about an M4 Carbine, or some other lower caliber rifle? Normally, weapons like these wouldnt be able to penetrate stone walls or thick surfaces like the M249 SAW.

However, if you have Deep Impact selected as a perk, you will have INCREASED bullet penetration on whatever weapon you use. This allows you to pierce thicker objects, and with increased strength as it passes through. Turn Deeper Impact on and your M4 Carbine that used to be stopped by thin walls now penetrates through them easily, taking out anyone attempting to use it as cover.

Keep in mind though; you are limited to only three perks per custom class. So in order to have Deep Impact, youre giving up something else, such as LAST STAND, or another perk. Choices¦. Choices!

[via COD4forums]

- Jerome “the360loop” Francisco -

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