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PREY demo released.




It’s single player and Multiplayer.

(except for japan and germany) sorry.

FYI-This demo is HUUUUGEEE it weighs in at about 1.17 GB.

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OXM podcast #19



OXM talks about the GRAW content, PREY, reader mail, and contests.

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SC:Double Agent hands on.



IGN has a “hands-on” preview of Double Agent.

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Mutant Storm Empire announced for Xbox 360 Live Arcade


mutant storm empire xbox 360 arcade

Back in November 22nd 2005, Mutant Storm Reloaded was one of the first Xbox Live Arcade games. And while Geometry Wars got more attention, the developers at PomPom Games still must have been satisfied with the sales, since they are now working on a sequel (seen above) called “Mutant Storm Empire” exclusively for the Xbox 360. First screens at Xboxyde

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Developer blogs for exclusive games: Too Human 360, Red Steel Wii & MechAssault DS


Too Human for Xbox 360 is still in full development at Silicon Knights. So getting a peek into their daily life is a fun way to see the first diverse action game in the trilogy progress until it’s Q4 2006 US / Q1 2007 EU release. Development is shown with loads of concept art & in-game pictures, as well as having readers listen in on the game’s music!

Red Steel for Wii opened a blog yesterday to discuss the shooter action game’s progress as it reaches its final stages for Oct-Nov launch. Fine-tuning controls are obviously a big issue in this stage, so Ubisoft Producer Marie-Sol Beaudry speaks about wanting players to have fun and not “force people to become actual professional swordsmen.”

MechAssault: Phantom War for DS speaks about how Backbone Entertainment came to bring the MechAssault Xbox series onto the DS platform and the difficulties they run into during 3D development on the portable. They will even be answering reader questions during the making of the game, which should end at… well no one knows that yet.

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Metal Slug 3D trailer & impressions


PS2 Metal Slug 4 & 5SNK created a 3D spin-off to their popular Metal Slug series for the PS2, that was released yesterday for Japan only. Fans need not worry, because the very 2D Metal Slug 6 is still in development for arcades and PS2’s the world over.

Here’s the 3D incarnation’s trailer:

Here are some impressions from playing the game:

“Based on our short time spent with Metal Slug, it looks like the first 3D game in the series is a decent effort. It maintains the focus on firepower and over-the-top action, and the tone of the game is entirely Metal Slug.

There are no announced plans as of yet to release Metal Slug in the US, but if you’re a diehard fan and are curious to see what the game is like, this would make a decent import. All the dialogue and menus are in English, so even if you don’t know Japanese you can easily jump right in and figure out what’s going on.” Quote from the GS hands-on.

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Nintendo announced Wii Sports Tennis and Duck Hunt as separate games


wii gaming young

Nintendo announced 3 new Wii titles at the shareholders meeting in Japan on June 29th, which includes Made in Wario: Smooth Moves (WarioWare: Smooth Moves), Wii Sports Tennis (not Wii Sports?), and Duck Hunt (yay!)

Also mentioned is that Nintendo has registered a number of new patents in Japan between June 18 – 26, including: WiiCan, WiiClub, WiiCommunication, WiiDiary, WiiHappy, WiiHealth, WiiHome, WiiKids, WiiMap, WiiOnline, WiiSenior, WiiWords, WWWii, WiiActive24, WiiCountry, and WiiAlive24.

These can be added to a long list of previously registered Wii patents, most notable are: WiiPointer, WiiCulture, and !!M. The last one being Wii upside-down & reversed as a wink to the Wii’s online Instant Messaging service. Via Magicbox

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World of Warcraft: Burning Crusade flying mount “tutorial”


Comedic video explaining what you can do with a flying mount in the upcoming World of Warcraft expansion Burning Crusade. Blizzard expects it to arrive on October 15th, 2006.

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Wii launch in Europe 10 days after Japan and Zelda might come in a GameCube-Wii bundle pack!


Nintendo WiiNintendo of Spain’s director of marketing Nico Wegnez, revealed that he expects Europe will receive the Wii about 10 days after its Japanese launch, which is guessed to be at the end of October or early November. Although Mr. Wegnez understood Nintendo fans might not be happy with the wait, he was quick to compare the upcoming launch to previous console releases like the DS and GameCube that respectively took 3 and 5 months to get from Japan/America to Europe. He then assured that Wii will still hit European shelves before this Christmas.

While on the subject of Wii, he reiterated Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime’s comments about WiiConnect24 microtransaction possibilities. Although Wegnez expects Nintendo’s own downloadable content to be free, he states that a €5 or €10 pre-payment scheme is likely to be initiated, largely due to Europe’s aversion to using its credit cards online.

In other news, it seems that Zelda: Twilight Princess might arrive in Europe with both the Wii and GameCube games bundled in one package. Mr. Wegnez explains this may vary across European territories but in countries like Spain, where GameCube sales have been particularly weak, that’s assuming a dual bundle won’t increase the game’s price tag too much.

In theory it sure sounds great to have the Wii released globally in 2006. But the information is still useless without an official launch date for the Wii in Japan or the U.S. for that matter. We’re still looking at a October, November, or (doubtful) December release date now.
Interview by Vandal, translation by C&VG.

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Behind the scenes at Saints Row


Saints Row (Xbox 360)There are no idle threats in Stilwater. This once postcard-perfect city is now a criminal’s paradise where 4 rival gangs fight over control and every insult is an invitation to war. Under threat from rival gangs and corrupt officials, the 3rd Street Saints must conquer the city of Stilwater or face destruction.

Saint’s Row is described by developer Volition as a free-roaming, urban mayhem game. And while Grand Theft Auto only has a single-player mode on consoles, in Saint’s Row you can go online to recruit members into your own gang to earn money and challenge rival gangs. Release dates are: August 29th in the US and September 1st in Europe, with a demo coming to Xbox Live globally on August 1st.

Here’s a behind the scenes look at Saints Row:

Features and voice cast:
16:9 Support, 480p Support, 720p Support, Dolby Digital 5.1, Online, Memory Card, Downloadable Content.

The main voice cast is nothing to sneeze at either:
Michael Clarke Duncan as Benjamin King
Keith David as Julius
David Carradine as William Sharp
Tia Carrere as Lin
Freddy Rodríguez as Angelo
Daniel Dae Kim as Johnny Gat
Michael Rapaport as Troy
Joaquim de Almeida as Hector
Clancy Brown as Alderman Hughes
Mila Kunis as Tanya
Terrence ‘T.C.’ Carson as Anthony Green
J.A.Q. as Dex

The Xbox 360 exclusive Saint’s Row is “an evolution in open world game design and breaks the mould, pushing the genre in a new direction of choice and consequence,” according to Jack Sorensen, executive vice president of worldwide studios, of publisher THQ.

Well, at least with GTA 4 still well over a year away, this might be your best console bet to get some gang wars going.

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